Family: Wire
Date: Spring 2003

Mass: 34g
The largest member of the Wire® family, it turns up the volume on lens amplitude to maximize your visual field. Patented XYZ Optics® achieves performance clarity, even at the peripheral edge of raked-back contours that optimize side vision and protection. The lightweight frame of durable C-5 alloy includes custom-engineered spring hinges and soft Unobtainium® earsocks to maintain a secure, comfortable fit. Prescription ready.
Ice Iridium Polarized
Titanium Clear
Chrome w/TTL telescope
Black Iridium
Black Iridium
Black Iridium Polarized
Bronze Polarized
Grey Polarized
Ice Iridium Polarized
VR28 Blue Iridium Polarized
VR28 Polarized
Gold Iridium Polarized
VR50 Gold Iridium

bong -
Frame: Pewter/Pewter/Chrome/Chrome
Lens: Transitions RX lenses/Black Iridium/Black Iridium/Titanium Clear

I have four of these... guess you can tell I really like them! These frames are big, bold, and beautifully designed. The lenses are substantially larger than regular Square Wire 2.0's, and are great for peripheral vision. The regular Square Wire 2.0's looked ridiculous on my large face, so when the Big Square Wires came out, I had to get a pair. As much as I liked the Square Wire 2.0's styling, I love the Big Square Wires even more. It has nice touches like the slight flare on the ear stems, the "True Metal Icons" on the hinges (looks even better with the contrast on the Pewter frames), and the slightly tapered look of the lens shape. The fit is perfect for those with larger heads, and the spring hinges are really comfortable. The first pair I bought were Pewter frames with Black Iridium lenses, which are great for really sunny days with razor sharp detail, a neutral tint to keep truer colors, and dark enough to stop me from squinting. The frames and fit were so great, I bought another pair of Pewter/Black Iridium and converted them with Transition RX lenses for those days I don't want to wear contacts. The Big Square Wire look great as eyeglasses. My third pair is the Chrome/Titanium Clear combo for darker days or indoor conditions. I loved the Chrome finish so much I bought another pair and transplanted them with the Black Iridium lenses left over from the Transition RX pair. I don't know why Oakley doesn't release the Chrome frames with Black Iridium lenses, but this combo looks great! I love the shiny chrome and how it interplays with the mirror coating on the Black iridium lenses. My favourite pair of sunglasses!
Plutchem -
I have the Pewter Bronze Orvis. Love it, love the way it fits and how it looks on my face.
ZinTX -
Frame: Chrome
Lens: Titanium clear
Had these since 2003. Been to Mexico with me. Even fell off in a lake once, and I went down and found them. Finally my lenses got scratched, so I just sent my frames to be fitted with top of the line Ziess Rx Transitions. Waiting to get them back. My first Rx glasses.
Scott -
Frame: Pewter
Lens:Gold Iridium Polarized and Black Iridium Polarized

I love these glasses, and now that they are discontinued, I have an issue. I actually got new lenses for them for a steal, but then the arm broke off a month after getting the lenses. Anyone have a clue where I could get a replacement arm, including the hinge?
Timc24 -
Frame: Platinum
Lens: Gold Iridium Polarized

Superb and chic Eyewear! These fit my face much better than the same color (platinum gold combo) in Square Wire 2.0. They name these : "BIG" Square Wire, which is quite untrue actually. The Sunglasses are definately not big, which is a good thing in my opinion, as big fly sunglasses tend to hide good looking faces. The sunglasses are actually more in the small medium category, but not MICRO sized like the Square wire 2.0 which looks a bit silly on my largish face. The size of SQW 2.0 should be classed as in the MICRO tiny category! These Big square wires look so great for formal or casual sports to everyday workwear! These are better in my opinion than the latest generation Square Wire 3.0 which is a tab too large and sharply rectangular , these are a softer edge rectangle orbitals! They are great for golfing on cloudy days (aka the brown base lens)!better long distance contrast. They still perform well even in sunny weather, as long as the sunlight is not desert like intense! Then you would need a Black Iridium. I am very happy with these and they are now ultra rare and polarized too! I got mine on ebay very recently April 2010 Brand New from a US seller with a are brand new pair! I love them and will keep them for a long as they live.
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