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pastor.elfstrom -
Just got the Dark Carbon frame w Prizm Daily Polarized and the Plasma frame w Sapphire Iridium Polarized.
The coverage is excellent! As good as the X Squared or the X Metal XX, if comparing to these good models.
They don't sit too tight on the nose, so a thinner nose must get a pair of larger nose bombs.
The wrap aroundn the head is good. I get the feeling that they could fall off a lot easier than the X Metals though.
They are light! A lot lighter than X Squared.
They fit my face well, and my face is a bit towards the larger frame, not full round though.
The lenses are of course great!
I would really recommend these to everyone!
The lack of the fifth star is due to the fact that i think these could fall off easier than other models.
Slow -
These are great sunglasses. Extremely comfortable to wear due to extreme lightness and a loose grip on the skull. The Sapphire lenses are beautiful, provide excellent coverage and are bright with great contrast.

These are total lifestyle frames. They have a pretty loose fit on my head, and I have a large head. The spring hinges allow for a gentle pinch, but I wouldn't want to run around tossing a football in these things. These are for chilling and looking dapper. I have no doubt that they would suffer some damage if stepped on, so they're not like the old X-metals in that regard.

I don't know how well these will age, because it is a very large lens style that makes the X-squared look small in comparison. But if you can pull it off they're a sweet pair of shades in their own merit. There's not a whole like else like them out there, despite being crafted from "generic" materials like aluminum and plastic.
Dullisc -
Frame: Dark Carbon
Lens: Ruby Iridium Polarized

X-metal lines continues. Yes not a popular saying but one that we are left with these days. These are extremely comfortable more so than the original X-metal Line. There are features that remind me of the Romeo's, Juliets etc.. such as the screws being featured at the top of the frame. And the lenses and profile remind me greatly of the X-Squared.

If you can get past the fact that they are not full metal, titanium frames and appreciate them for what they are, a mix of old and new with a blending of O-matter and metal then you will enjoy these glasses.
Comfortable, easy to wear stylish everyday glasses that will still get the attention from others on the street.

I will defiantly be looking to get more in the future.
supersharp -
Frame: Plasma
Lens: Sapphire iridium Polarized

I was fortunate to be able to get these a few days before the actual global launch. I was excited as everyone was to know that the X-Metal line was coming back.

While these are not anything like the original X-Metals they do have good points to them. They are light weight, and there is no flex coupler to get loose, as is the case on the originals. The Sapphire iridium lenses are new and the first one I saw was on the Badman. It's a spectacular lens. The design is characteristic of the X-Metal heritage and the look is aggressive, like what we are used to from an X-Metal. The packaging was also quite different from the cardboard boxes we have become accustomed to. They come in a plastic felt lined container that is a big improvement over a cardboard box. They give great coverage and wrap around the head quite nicely. They are very lightweight and could potentially be used all day without much discomfort.

The downside to these is that they are made of aluminum and O-matter, something we were not used to seeing. They have spring hinges and feel somewhat loose when compared to the originals.

If you are looking for original X-Metals, then you should get the originals. These are not them. If you are looking for something that is original in its own right, and aggressive in its design, then you have found it. Give the Badman a try.
Shadic Rexx -
I recently bought the Carbon/Black Iridium, and I must say that I will be showing these off for a while.

The fit is fairly similar to the Juliet, with the perfect lens sizing of the Inmate. The dual coloring of both the Titanium and O-Matter caught my eye with the other colors, but I decided on these so I could wear them daily.

I'd love to give these a fifth star, but the addition of the O-Matter threw off my original feelings of the design.
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