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Dwcfastrice -
Good for contrast, but not my favorite tint. I'm not a fan of the "G" tint's and the rose/pink base lenses.

They do work well in cloudy conditions, but I do prefer the persimmon and yellow tints much better.
Raymond Karlsson -
This was a comment on another quite negative review that seems to have been removed since. What I want to say is that the pink coloured lenses (G 40 , 30 and 20) is a medium lot. They brighten up the view on grey days, give some sun protection and sharpens details. Try them if you think that Persimmon is too sharp in daylight.
Raymond Karlsson -
Dark enough for what? I would say that as a contrast lens first and as an eyeshade second it fills its function. If you live where it isn't sunshine every day this can be something. Among non-iridium contrast lenses it falls somewhere between Persimmon and VR28. I use it when I train on my roadbike and the sky is grey.
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