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Radar Path (Asian Fit)
Lk.moura -
Zero 0.4 Squared
Meme -
A simple yet effective sunglass style! Love it! Its lightweight and doesnt squeeze my temples.
Extremely light and comfortable, the only downside is there appears to be far more coverage at the bottom of the lens and it leaves quite a bit more light in at the top than I'm used to.

I love the Kato-like nose shape though it doesnt seem to work as well in Ruby, due to the angle it bounces light off the lens it looks permanently yellow which looks like that part of the lens is discoloured, the effect works better with the Sapphire lens though.
Newfie -
Urban Explorer Mid
Junk on any bit of a hike/walk that’s longer than 30min, makes blisters on back of your heel, also tried with medical soles still junk
DBNInc -
Tron Pit Boss & Hardshell Backpack
This set is probably one of my favorite collection pieces. The Hardshell Pack and Pit Boss both match the Tron aesthetic perfectly! Take care with the plates on the pack, they can get scraped up fairly easily. The artwork and finish on the glasses seems pretty durable, but the sku can wear off with use.
DBNInc -
While the customer service and purchase experience both put a damper on this release, the actual pair and their presentation is pretty cool. The model of Tokyo is awesome, but I can’t fathom why they didn’t include a special microfiber bag. The three different sets of nose pads is an interesting inclusion, I was expecting the typical two sets. The glasses themselves are very light and comfortable. The upper crossmember style is polarizing, but I think time will bring an appreciation of the radical design. I personally love these.
Wookieman -
Eye Jacket Redux
A cool throwback to classic Oakley. The first pair of Oakley's I every noticed was a pair of eye jackets. These are a worthy successor, but I still prefer the original. I prefer the smoothness of the original to to angles on this new frame. However, they are comfortable and durable with flawless optics. Everything we expect from Oakley
DBNInc -
Be careful with the removable blockers, the pins can break fairly easily if you’re rough. The parts can be squeezed a little to permit easy removal and installation. On the plus side, replacements are cheap from Lux. The ink and translucent frames let in more light than I expected, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to use them for snow sports or climbing.

Aside from those warnings, the previous reviews explain it all. The coverage is great and the leash makes them very practical for all sorts of sports and hobbies. They look awesome with the blockers out as well. One of my favorite recent releases for sure.
roy-r -
Flesh... I had on pair on blue (and other TEETH) and no more to say, WE NEED THEM BACK!
Plutchem -
Big Square Wire
I have the Pewter Bronze Orvis. Love it, love the way it fits and how it looks on my face.
Funky-Trixtar -
Eye Jacket 2.0
I wanted to add, there's also an Electric Mustard - Black Iridium pair which, it's believed were given to Reps. Supposed amounts suggested being 7-8 pairs.
Big Al -
RadarLock Path Straight Stem
This is not a straight stem. It is a standard radarlock. Also, it doesn't come with a VR28 as the 2nd lens, it comes with a clear lens. I have this pair directly from Oakley.
Meme -
Great mix of sport and Lifestyle!
kayakergraham -
Two things, A, I was excited for these, but they’re just... okay at best... 2, it’s Plazma, not Plasma.
Ju-To-Rak -
Airbrake Snow
Way better quality than their alter ego XL
Southernsunlex -
Chain Saw
The chain Saw™ Oakley men's casual shoes feature a breathable mesh upper with leather in the abrasion zones for durability. The durable lightweight vulcanized outsole is wrapped and bonded over the midsole for protection and has an aggressive tread design, contoured for full camber traction. A torsion flex arch is incorporated for unrestrained movement, while the molded heel cup helps minimize Achilles slippage..
inkkoonce -
Sutro Lite
The originals Sutros are an instant Classic and even though most people love the old pre-Lux Oakley one can’t deny how popular the original Sutro has become. With that said, the Sutro Lite improves on the original Sutro in every way to stake its claim as the new standard by which Lux Oakley can aspire to. The Sutro Lite has Unobtainium on the ear stems which was sorely missing from the Sutros and by removing the bottom of the frame the Sutro Lite has unparalleled vision when looking downwards. The look is totally classic Oakley and reminds one of yesteryears of the Razorblades. No matter what you think of the design, when placing these sunglasses on your head, you will be astonished at how comfortable they are and how good you will look. With a big shield comes big vision and with Prizm technology you will look at the world through a different prospective. So take a chance on these bad boys and see for yourself what the hype is all about.
Monster Pup
Theoriginalshogunguard -
O Wire
Frame:Steel blue
Lens:Rx blued
They really are a good pair, i put a
pair of blued lenses and they look stunning, i'm a really huge fan and i started collecting since last year i'm in love with old designs.
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