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turbo4banger4g63 -
Time Bomb Limited Edition
back when Oakley was so cool and innovative, they pushed the boundaries of design and innovation. unfortunately now it seems like all they care is about the $$
Matte Black & Matte Black
Prizm 24k Gold Polarized Iridium & Prizm snow Black

I agree with Dullisc, the frame is quite reminiscent of Subzero/Zero series. It’s a comfortable build with the blinders attached, which for my preferences I’ll be leaving attached, fortunately if you do want to remove them, then snap out, and in respectively. I may attach the leash that comes with the frame.

It’s worth noting that the 24k is also polarized too, and at 11% VLT this make for good use in numerous conditions. Lux/Oakley were very creative with the Clifden. Additionally the blinders themselves are made from unobtanium.

It is worth noting and being mindful that the lenses can fog up while you have the blinders attached, if this happens I recommend not wearing the frame flush against one’s face and space it out a millimeter or two out. Or one could remove the unobtanium bridge blocker the wraps around the back of the nose bridge, to allow for some ventilation; though it’s worth noting that with the removal of the blocker, it will allow for light/sunlight in.

At 6% vlt, which designates the snow black as class 4 uv protection lenses.
Dullisc -
Matte Black
Prizm Snow Black Iridium

Funky and functional. Great fit and amazing coverage. The lens shape reminds me of the Zero 0.1 only bigger. The blinders are snug fit to the face which they should be and keep wind and light from entering. Having the pieces removable too is a great feature that allows you to change the look of the glasses.
Definitely a piece to take seriously if you're out hiking or on the snow. Even with the dark lens because of the prizm technology everything just pops out to you.
Highly recommend
Dullisc -
Factory Glove 2.0
Jet Black

Light weight and breathable. I use these for Mountain Bike riding and they have done a remarkable job keeping my hands dry to grip the bar. Very comfortable and easy to use my phone while they are on. Great for everyday use highly recomended
JordOZ -
Gearbox Automatic

Oakley has discontinued production of all watches. In the South Pacific, we have a sole watchmaker authorized to/able to MAYBE obtain parts for watches still owned by customers. Unfortunately, I believe since production has ceased, he has been run dry of near all parts & can now only offer servicing & battery swaps. Message me if you happen to be in the south pacific (AU/NZ) and I can put you in touch, otherwise I think its an uphill battle and its outside my area I have the contacts for.
Aviator MN -
Warden (Square O)
I simply love these sunglasses! Mine are the polarized black chrome style and I paid only $50 for them off Craigslist. I wear these whenever I go flying and they are perfectly comfortable and sturdy because of the metal construction. Plus, these are actually real Oakleys, not modern day cheap Luxoticca crap.
Dullisc -
Monster Dog
Frame: Cinder Red / Crystal Black / Matte Black
Lens: Black Iridium / Black Iridium / Ruby Iridium

Great looking frames, aggressive lines, stands out as an Iconic frame from Oakley. Light weight perfect fit for large to medium heads.

Great coverage and the fit of the frames are perfect even without the unobtainium.

flyer -
Split Thump
Radically opposite the original Thump, the ST has a smooth and conservative style.
The orbitals are "just right" sized, between "too small" Gascan and "too big" Fuel Cell.
Sound quality is fine, even with 128kb files, so 512mb gives you plenty of music.
The removeable earpieces are a nice touch.
The icon controls are stealthy, but lack of tactile feedback makes them frustrating in use.
Abel -
Limit Switch
Idk what possessed me to get these, as I'm used to the standard ear wrap glasses. I saw them when getting new glasses, tried them on, and after 15 minutes of looking and feeling them on my face, decided to get them.

Boy was that a mistake, as soon into the week of getting my new glasses, I started getting headaches, and after tweaking the temples way out of their factory bow shape and almost straight, they are still giving me mild headaches. This is month 4 of having them, and they are so damn expensive, so It's not like I can just go get a new pair and be done with it, though that's what I might do, as having a headache 4x/hr isn't very great when you drive for 12hrs a day.
Jammer -
Have just chanced on a frame for the O3's SKU 11-624 with no lenses, earsocks or nosepads, sold as Why 3's.
Bought them as I had another pair of Why 3's and thought I would make a good pair out of the two....
Reallised they were totally different when I got them both side by side to sort out what I could use.
Managed to get lenses made, earsocks and nosepads, had to do some work on shortening the screws and find some little clear plastic washers so that they would go together nice and tight but have them sorted now!
These are my favourites of my collection, have never known a pair of shades so light or comfortable, been looking for more ever since, does anyone else have these? Can't find another pair anywhere?!
Tyrant Rex -
Its 2019 and I still wear my brushed chrome/ dark bronze Probation shades. The folks at the Oakley store always say something about them when I have them on me. Even when they were new I always got questions about them at different sun glass stores. They really wrap around the face and give complete coverage. They are a bit heavy, but still comfortable. Near impossible to find now. I would love another pair.
Speedy007 -
Half Wire 2.0
Only writing this because I see so many people talking shit on oakley saying that there products suck as well as customer service.first off people do some research about things before you leave anything negative.oakley sold to a company called luxottica I believe in the mid having said that luxottica not only makes oakleys now but they also produce pretty much every name brand glasses on the market from Oakley to Ray Ban to Cartier so no matter what brand you buy these days your going to deal with the same customer service for all brands whether you like it or not.luxottica pretty much has created a monopoly in the sunglass as well as prescription glasses department being that not only do they make about 99% of the worlds name brands they also own sunglasses hut,pearl vison,lens crafters as well as pretty much every other well known eyeglass stores.ive owned everything from Gargoyles to Cartier to Gucci and even today oakley sunglasses even though they're made by a different company still offer the best bang for you buck.aould you rather pay 170 for a pair that should last basically forever if dont abuse them(I've owned oakleys for 25yrs now and never had a pair break from normal use)or would you rather pay $400 or $500 for a pair of gucci's that are made by the same company?believe me when I say any problem you have with oakley and they're customer service you'll have with any other major brand out there being that luxottica makes them all?besides that regardless of who's making them now oakley still has by far the best optical clarity as well as best lenses on the market imo.i can wear Oakleys 24/7 and never worry about getting a headache whereas any other brand I've even tried gives me a headache within 1 to 2 hrs after putting them on.stop hating and do some research before you start talking shit.
The_Collector -
Owned: All but the SI

The Straightback could be a Turbine rotor with different temples. they fit well and have good coverage. the price point makes them a little more affordable to get the prize lenses. also. The Scenic Blue is the only real frame color spinoff with the blue glitter frame which is really cool in the sunlight. My choice for these was because I'm a nut for shield lenses and the 24k more specifically. You honestly won't be dissapointed in a purchase, they fit well and don't pressure the head too much. The rating is based on my opinion Lux is just throwing ideas at the wall to see what sticks.
flyer -
Style Switch
Frame: Matte Black Alpha Decay w/Dark Grey and Grey.
Polished Black, Gold Ghost Text, Tungsten.
Matte Green, Dark Grey, VR50.

Out of place in the Pro peloton, Switchlock tech now has style.
Fits close to my face without my eyelashes brushing the lenses. Minimal inside cleaning=good thing! Decent wrap, and peripheral vision, they work well under a full-face or modular helmet.
Beware: Switchlock technology has been “improved” to the point that the locking nose-bombs are now thinner, lighter, failure prone, and will bail out on you. A lost nose-bomb is irreplaceable.
flyer -
Wiretap Rx
Titanium Matte Black, Custom cut Light +Red iridium.
Titanium Pewter, Custom cut Emerald.
Rx Pewter, VR28.
Silver, Fuze Chrome mirror polarized.
Light, Ti strong, fits w-i-d-e.
Artful rendering of Ti/C5 alloy.
Gets noticed, so, no hiding...
Ian -
12 Gauge
I finally pulled the trigger on the carbon fiber yellow version. It's on par with other Oakley watches in terms of quality. The face is about the same size as the Hollow Point. It weighs about the same, as well. It's bigger than the Time Tank/Minute Machine, and smaller than the Double Tap.

My only complaint is that the alarm is not intuitive. It has a separate dial that one would think would be the time of the alarm, but it seems as though it is to set the alarm however many hours and minutes ahead of the current time. As it stands, the alarm is not so much of an alarm as it is a count-down timer. Also, the alarm cannot be adjusted or set when the chronograph is being used.
M -
Crosshair, New
love the fit, so nice and lightweight, coverage is great.
rhyd3n -
Great for small faces. Short enough flexible arms that it doesn't jam against helmets. Unobtanium material on arms ensure the glasses don't fall off during violent movements.
Janos -
I like the big lens and it is confortable. Rubber stalk destroyed in 2 years
Blackbeard -
1 Eye-Con
Great for pirates
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