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Granada351 -
Dartboard L
Precisa atualizar a lista, já tive outra frame com outra lente e não está aqui...
inkkoonce -
Sutro Lite
The originals Sutros are an instant Classic and even though most people love the old pre-Lux Oakley one can’t deny how popular the original Sutro has become. With that said, the Sutro Lite improves on the original Sutro in every way to stake its claim as the new standard by which Lux Oakley can aspire to. The Sutro Lite has Unobtainium on the ear stems which was sorely missing from the Sutros and by removing the bottom of the frame the Sutro Lite has unparalleled vision when looking downwards. The look is totally classic Oakley and reminds one of yesteryears of the Razorblades. No matter what you think of the design, when placing these sunglasses on your head, you will be astonished at how comfortable they are and how good you will look. With a big shield comes big vision and with Prizm technology you will look at the world through a different prospective. So take a chance on these bad boys and see for yourself what the hype is all about.
Monster Pup
Oakley -
X-Metal Logos
Theoriginalshogunguard -
O Wire
Frame:Steel blue
Lens:Rx blued
They really are a good pair, i put a
pair of blued lenses and they look stunning, i'm a really huge fan and i started collecting since last year i'm in love with old designs.
Memeking -
The crossrange is an excellent blend of a lifestyle and sporty sunglass. The crossrange has interchangeable stems allowing one to switch between a lifestyle look or adding the stems with unobtanium for exercise and workouts. Wish they made more colors for such an awesome frame and concept.
Butt Face -
Half Wire XL
Oakley have the nicest styles in sunglasses, but build quality leaves a lot to be desired. Within a few weeks of using my Half Wire XLs, the hinge catch/stop had worn on one side. The result is lop-sided sunglasses. The metal used is exceptionally poor. I've had build quality issues with my other Oakleys (the coating on all three sets of lenses on the Half Jackets flaked away at the edges). The styling is great, but I can't recommend Oakleys to anyone.
Eric -
Square Wire II, New
I purchased a pair of Oakley Square Wire Tungsten W/ PRIZM Polarized (OO4075-14) and was really disappointed. The lenses did do a good job of highlighting colors and the polarization was great. The problem was that the curvature of the lense made sure I had eye reflection with nearly any sun angle. With the sun overhead or behind, bright or overcast, it didn't matter, I would see my eye reflection. I noticed I was squinting a lot and getting headaches. I replaced the lenses with Fuse+. The lenses have anti-reflection coating. It helps tremendously plus the lenses are flatter than the orginals so I think less is reflected toward the eyes. I do notice the colors don't 'pop' as much as the prizm lense but I am not squinting as much. I think the prizm lense in more of wrap around frame would be great. On the square wire however, it is horrible.
flyer -
C Wire
Platinum/Tungsten polarized custom cut.
Silver/Black polarized.
Ti Pewter/VR28 Blue polarized.
Bang on PaulT00.
Especially re: nosebridge positioning for proper fit and coverage.
Very comfortable spring-hinge fit.
The tiny orbitals mean these are style over function.
flippj -
M Frame Hybrid (Gen 2)
I have two pairs of the Gen 2 Cobalt frame. One with red heater lenses and one with red hybrid lenses.
The colour combo is epic. The frame is similar to a gold mine. very cool. The particular colour way on the frame can also be found on a sub zero if you ar rally lucky.
Great as a set with minutes and eye jackets with the same frame.
flippj -
I have the black powder/red iridium. The lenses are more a purple, so deep and incredible colour. Remind me of the plus red lenses on the sub zero. Picked up a MIB pair for the collection. Id definitely get another pair if I could find one in a different colour way boxed.
fivesguy -
Sliver F
Frame: Olive Ink, Gray Ink, Black Ink
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polar, Black Polar, Fire Iridium Polar

They're super thin, the frames are slimmer than the non folding sliver.
They have spring loaded arms that fold in the middle so they fit in your pockets and into the custom fitted magnetic case, which is, honestly, one of the coolest features of the pair. While I wear a non folding Sliver as my everyday pair, the Sliver F has the same look, lighter frame and cooler case (that only fit Sliver F).

They were probably overlooked in their time like a lot of Oakley frames, but hold their own with many of the more popular models that sell better today. A really cool frame/case bundle to have in your collection.
fivesguy -
Latch SQ
Frame: Matte Sepia, Matte Black
Lens: Prizm Daily, Violet, Prizm Tungstan Polar, Ruby Iridium Polar

Latch Square is a medium sized square lens with slim arms that is really light, comfy and understated. To me, its a little more upscale than my everyday go-to, the Sliver.

Its main feature is the latch that opens when the arm is closed about half way and allows you to (kind of) attach them to the collar of your shirt. I hardly every actually use it for that purpose, I don't usually like my shades stretching out my collar, but it was a neat design idea.

For a frame with no socks or nose pads, it stays in place pretty well. I wouldn't go out and skate with them on but I have worn them in weddings, to work, and other places where I want to look a little more pulled together than my usual out-there kind of skater/Oakley look. Basically, anytime I want to look good but not stand out.
fivesguy -
Frames: Persimmon, Algae, Crystal Black
Lenses: Persimmon, Gold Iridium, Black Iridium

Even though my Fives collection is old and fragile, they're still probably my favorite shape of the active line. Ive been lucky enough to scoop several Fives at pretty decent prices on the Bay and really enjoy wearing them (some more than others)

The full Persimmon pair is probably my favorite of the few that I've found just because of how weird and different they are. Every time I wear them, people compliment them and ask if they can wear them. It happens more with those than any other pair in my collection. They're just badass.

All four of the original Fives in my collection are on the brittle side. So far, it seems like Crystal Black is holding up a little better, although they all have small cracks in the orbitals. I try not to wear the Algae frame as much as I can but the Gold Iri. lens is still in good shape so its hard not to rock them.

I love them and wish there was a modern version with the new O Matter. (and no, I don't mean the Fives Squared)
fivesguy -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Prizm Jade Polar

Coldfuse is cold. Like "damn, those are cold!"

As a part of the Iris collection, theres more going on than it may seem upon first glance. The main components of the frame are held together in the Os on the temples. There are several pieces held together in that circle that with no other fasteners. The crossbar gives the frame rigidity and a modern look that fits with todays style.

Made of lightweight metal and O Matter, they're tough and flexible so wearing them all day isn't a problem.
The lenses aren' huge, fitting well on men and women.

Of the Iris collection, I think Coldfuse has the best look. I would really love to add the Prizm Peach version to my collection one of these days. We'll see.
fivesguy -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Prizm Black Polar

The Forager is different. Like most things Oakley, different is good.

The lenses are huge. They're double torqued. They provide total field of view without frame intrusion. This frame utilizes ONLY Prizm lenses. From Low Light to Black Polar, theres a lens option for any situation.

The well placed nose pads hold these large lenses off of your face, making them comfortable and less likely to get dunked up by facial oil.

The straight arms don't have Unobtainium socks. They have horizontal indentations which help grip your head, and they work surprisingly well. Paired with the large Unobtainium nose pads, the frame stays in place firmly.

The vent in the center of the frame helps the large lenses to defog and keep your brow and nose cool when you're hauling ass on your bike.

They look different because they are. The Sutro is more popular but the Forager is better. Like many Oakley products, you won't know how good they are until you try them out.
fivesguy -
Frame: Woodgrain
Lens: Prizm Daily

The Catalyst is, in my opinion, an active version of the Holbrook/Garagerock style of large, square frames. With Unobtanium earsocks and straight arms that fit well under or over a hat, the Catalyst has a more secure fit than other frames with no socks. The lens covers a lot so I never had an issue with the frame being in my field of view. However, the frame is not contoured which lets light come in thru the sides slightly.

The Catalyst is a good choice for everyday wear; not too heavy, not too fragile and a cool modern look. If socks were still available in stores, I'd wear them a lot more.
fivesguy -
Fives 3.0
Frame: Crystal Black
Lens: BIP

This was the first pair of Oakleys I ever purchased. I got them new in 2006 at a local SGH and was very happy with the them (as a 16 year old, any Oakley is a good Oakley).

A medium sized frame with a pretty good wrap, the Fives 3.0 were a solid modern looking update to the Fives family. Being constructed of the newer blend of O Matter made the frames very light and durable. I was always the envy of my friends who loved the sleek look and HDO optics built into the lenses. They were perfect for driving, snowboarding that one time I went, wearing to the beach and working outside.

Unfortunately my pair came to an untimely end when I left them on a table at a party. They weren’t stolen; even worse. Someone bent the frames inside out and held them in that position for long enough to basically flatten them. Kids can be dicks.

I was lucky to find the same pair about 12 years later! I helped a lady pick out a new pair of shades and she gifted me her old pair. I purchased a new Five Squared and popped the new BIP lens into the old frame and can happily say that they’re back in my collection.

A great frame for everyday use, the Five 3.0 is a great choice for your intro to the Obsession.
fivesguy -
Carbon Blade
Frame: matte black
Lens: Prizm Daily

The top tier of Oakley wire frames at this time, the Carbon Blade frame is light weight, strong and flexible. With replaceable Air Tech nose pads and the Three Point Fit, the frame is very comfortable and can be worn all day with little discomfort.

The main area for damage that I’ve seen is in the outer corner of the lens where it attaches to the frame via a small screw. With excessive force, the lens can sheer away from the frame, leaving the lens basically unusable. For the price and with no replacement parts available, you might want to wear them sparingly.

I wouldn’t recommend these for everyday use and abuse. If you’re like me, you might break them out every once in a while to make your friends jealous, then put them back safely in the case to wait for the next special occasion.
fivesguy -
Frogskins, New
Frame: Crystal Black
Lens: Black

I’ll start by saying that they’re probably too big for my face. They’re big. The orbitals are larger than the modern Cohort (a sporty ladies frame). On my medium sized face, they sit on my cheeks when I smile or talk.

Even with the size issue, (a personal problem) I really like the look of the frame. They’re pretty much a bigger version of the Fives, which are one of my favorite shapes and fit me like a glove.

I picked up my CB pair in 2020, nearly 15 years after the frames were discontinued. At this age, there is some fine cracking in the top and bottoms of the orbitals. When compared to some older Fives, they aren’t quite as brittle as the old O Matter so they can still be worn... just with some care when taking them off and cleaning lenses.

Since they’re a little big on my face, they’ll probably hang out in my case.
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