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Wookieman -
Eye Jacket Redux
A cool throwback to classic Oakley. The first pair of Oakley's I every noticed was a pair of eye jackets. These are a worthy successor, but I still prefer the original. I prefer the smoothness of the original to to angles on this new frame. However, they are comfortable and durable with flawless optics. Everything we expect from Oakley
AFR Solution
DBNInc -
Be careful with the removable blockers, the pins can break fairly easily if you’re rough. The parts can be squeezed a little to permit easy removal and installation. On the plus side, replacements are cheap from Lux. The ink and translucent frames let in more light than I expected, so keep that in mind if you’re planning to use them for snow sports or climbing.

Aside from those warnings, the previous reviews explain it all. The coverage is great and the leash makes them very practical for all sorts of sports and hobbies. They look awesome with the blockers out as well. One of my favorite recent releases for sure.
Sanclas -
Alguém com esse modelo a venda?
roy-r -
Flesh... I had on pair on blue (and other TEETH) and no more to say, WE NEED THEM BACK!
Plutchem -
Big Square Wire
I have the Pewter Bronze Orvis. Love it, love the way it fits and how it looks on my face.
Funky-Trixtar -
Eye Jacket 2.0
I wanted to add, there's also an Electric Mustard - Black Iridium pair which, it's believed were given to Reps. Supposed amounts suggested being 7-8 pairs.
vinicius -
X-Metal Logos
Mark -
I would like to ask one question, estimated price of PLATE if anyone have to sell?
Dimitri -
Flat Money Clip Wallet
Big Al -
RadarLock Path Straight Stem
This is not a straight stem. It is a standard radarlock. Also, it doesn't come with a VR28 as the 2nd lens, it comes with a clear lens. I have this pair directly from Oakley.
flak2.0 -
Flak 2.0 XL Array
Matheus011 -
Sabot High 2.0
Top boot.
04-149 -
X-Metal Collectors Set
55 21
Reinaldo da Costa Freitas -
Flak 2.0 XL
Could you confirm that you have the model OO9188-B559?
juanitolomas58 -
Dopp Kit 2.0
Hello....I'm looking to buy one of this bags....I live in San Diego...I'll pay for shipping..if price is right...I'll get two of them...
Racing Jacket (Asian Fit), New
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