Family: MX
Date: 1996

It's all about roots, and with more than twenty years of motocross experience, few can match Oakley's berm-encrusted, whoop-loving lineage. Our MX Goggle flash freezes that experience into a face-hugging, conical frame that maximizes peripheral and downward vision. Wipe away the indignities of lapped riders with our rapid-fire tearoff system. Gaze at the oncoming blur of the checkered flag through virtually distortion-free lenses that eliminate the harmful UV light of the track.

BrianJ1888 -
Note: Bubba Stewart is a Supercross rider. These are motocross goggles, not ski goggles. They're meant to be worn with a MX helmet and they are definately not for the snow. The 255 on the strap is his number for races.
LEX7 -
Frame: Bubba Camo
Lens: Clear

I love Oakley's As you can see from my collection but I'm sad to say that I hate the goggles. I've tried on all the pairs that they make and none of them are comfortable.
I love all the colour lenses and frames they do but I cant put up with the discomfort so I have to ski in Smith Goggles.
I bought these for night skiing but they fog up really quickly so I don't recommend them for skiing unless you wear a helmet. The frame colour is damn cool though so that's why I have kept them, hopefully I will get to use them again one day.
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