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Gunmetal (50mm)
Gunmetal (52mm)
Rust (50mm)
Rust (52mm)
Steel Blue (50mm)
Steel Blue (52mm)

Theoriginalshogunguard -
Frame:Steel blue
Lens:Rx blued
They really are a good pair, i put a
pair of blued lenses and they look stunning, i'm a really huge fan and i started collecting since last year i'm in love with old designs.
Miss Meliss -
Frame: Rust
Lens: Rx clear

Loved these frames since I first got them. The nose pad became discolored and the ear socks were sliding off. At that point I didn't replace them, which I should have. I get bored easily and wanted a different look, so I retired the frames. Unfortunately Oakley doesn't make quality frames in styles like these anymore.

A few weeks ago I was cleaning & found my old glasses. Boy have I missed them. I will somehow try to replace the nose pads and ear socks if they still make the parts. And I plan I putting my current lens Rx.

Ahh..the revival of my O-Wires...
Frame: Gunmetal 52
Lens: Clear A/R
This was my first set of Oakley RX and boy I was impressed as I wore them 5 ears before retiring them. I have stepped on these dropped them off a bridge and rolled over them numerous times never really showing any damage or even bent!!! The finish started to wear off so I sanded it off and repainted it but will need another set of lenses/Earsocks before I put them back in service. they felt very rigid on my face but they replaced a set of glasses that blew off my face while I was in the bed of a truck. I have been in the back of trucks since then and haven't had this problem :). Also while riding roller coasters these never did feel like they were going to fly off. I don't like taking my glasses off because I feel blind and whats the point of flying if you can't see.

The biggest issue I have with Oakley RX is a lot of their glasses have flimsy ear socks. These lasted one year and then started to split. My O-wires where worse, only lasting about a year but if you talk to Oakley Customer Service they will send you your first replacement free otherwise its 6$. Not bad but I would figure I can full on stomp on these and not break the frame why put such flimsy Earsocks/Temple covers on them? I ordered another set of covers but they are generic and do not have the hole for the O. I can see why as this was the first spot it would deteriorate at.
SonnyinMiami -
Frame: Gunmetal-52mm
Lens: Clear

Today is August 14th, 2009..., bought these in 2002 !!! Over 7 years & Still going strong, intact, only replacement parts are Earsocks, about 4-5 pairs. These are definately The Strongest Frames that I have ever bought !!! Have been through numerous bumps & abrasions & do not easily chip or scratch, extremely durable color that doesn't fade, even in the South Florida sun, which can be very brutal year round, nosepads still intact, look brand new with no discoloration or wear & I have very oily skin. Have had 2-3 RX replacements, like these frames very much & considering the longevity of the frames, especially that they look pratically about a year old or less, peolple are amazed when I tell them that I bought them over 7 years ago !!! ..., They are well worth the $225-USD I paid for them MANY times over !!!
trego33 -
Frame: O wire Rust
Lens: VR 28 Prescription
These frames definitely stand out from the other normal crappy oakley prescription frames. These rock. Simple as that. 5 stars - forgot to add that.
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