Family: Men Lifestyle
Date: 2006

This blend of genuine leather, suede and microfiber optimizes comfort and fit with structural engineering that keeps the heel in place and maintains room in the toe area. The anatomically sculptured footbed provides arch support and moisture control, plus the shock absorption of resilient EVA. Padding at the collar and tongue helps cushion the foot while textile layering improves breathability.
Genuine leather, suede and synthetic microfiber
Anatomical footbed with arch support and shock absorbing EVA
Moisture wicking material for the comfort of climate control
Traction of high NBS vulcanized rubber with engineered sole flex area
Brown / Sand
Charcoal / Black
Grey / Blue

john -

Wow, I'm first.

I really like these -- they're light and comfortable and they look nice for casual wear. I'm replacing my old ratty pair of sneakers with them, and these look a lot nicer. They're awesome for driving, too.

My one complaint is that they look a little funny to the wearer. From the right side or the left side they look fine, but from above (wearer's point of view) the leather (charcoal on mine) looks lopsided on the toe. That's a minor complaint though, and only matters to the wearer.
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