Family: Lanyards
Date: 2005

100% Nylon. Import.
Dark Red
Sheet Metal

Derpitty -
A great idea from Oakley, but mine is twisted/tangled. Not sure what the correct term is to describe a lanyard that doesn't "sit" properly. I'm constantly trying to turn it inside out so that it looks normal. Oh well.
Farlius -
Color: Black, Red

I went through a lot of lanyards working as an RN and had two or three of these. I actually modified them with the clasp from my worn out Skull lanyards so I could keep it as a breakaway for work requrements. Nothing super fancy about them, but they were certainly comfortable. I thihnk they are still available and in more color schemes nowadays.
Sam -
Yeah i guess this is good for holding keys, but i thought it was a sunglass lanyard to hang your shades from, bad mistake! Now why dont Oakley, the masters of glasses, make sunglass lanyards??? Seems a bit of a joke to me!
flippj -
nice quality, to the disgust to the boss at work, use it to hang my police id onto....
Je_Suis_Oakley -
Again it is a lanyard but this is my second one and it holds all the keys that I need it to hold. Looks great the color scheme is cool, one stretched oakley is a different color than all of the others.
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