Family: Sport
Date: January 2013

Polished Black
Ice Iridium Vented, VR28 Vented

This is not a straight stem. It is a standard radarlock. Also, it doesn't come with a VR28 as the 2nd lens, it comes with a clear lens. I have this pair directly from Oakley.
Chay -
I was definitely surprised at seeing this classified as straight stem. I could be wrong though.

This is my first pair of Oakley's and I love wearing them when I join running events. Great clarity and coverage provided.

They tend to fog up when I've already worked up a sweat and I slow down. Although I don't see this as a bad thing. I think of it as a built in warning mechanism to tell me to keep going.

Holding it you think the frame is a bit flimsy but when you wear it, you definitely notice the 3 point fit on your head. You won't even notice it weight wise when you are in motion.

Bottom line the Radarlock line is good for runners like me.
The Game -
Frame : Polished Black
Lens: Black Iridium/G40

I have the Fathom version that is pictured but it's not straight stem and it also doesn't come with VR28 vented but Clear vented. I do have the polished black frame with pink accents that is straight stem and originally came with the edge lenses but I switched those out to path lenses. Honestly I don't feel a difference between the two. They are a little tighter but they fit great and the coverage is there.
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