Family: Active
Date: October 2020


inkkoonce -
The originals Sutros are an instant Classic and even though most people love the old pre-Lux Oakley one can’t deny how popular the original Sutro has become. With that said, the Sutro Lite improves on the original Sutro in every way to stake its claim as the new standard by which Lux Oakley can aspire to. The Sutro Lite has Unobtainium on the ear stems which was sorely missing from the Sutros and by removing the bottom of the frame the Sutro Lite has unparalleled vision when looking downwards. The look is totally classic Oakley and reminds one of yesteryears of the Razorblades. No matter what you think of the design, when placing these sunglasses on your head, you will be astonished at how comfortable they are and how good you will look. With a big shield comes big vision and with Prizm technology you will look at the world through a different prospective. So take a chance on these bad boys and see for yourself what the hype is all about.
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