Family: Men Lifestyle
Date: Fall 2002

Navy / White

godsmack -
best shoe ever. i got all of them and love them. but cant find them any more.
Jake -
Good loking shoe, but it's pretty heavy and bulky for a real basketball shoe. Also noticed that like most Oakley footwear, the inside padding wears off fairly quickly.

Not great for practicality, but still a good looking shoe.
a64tbird -
great shoe a little heavy for basketballl--- great with jeans -- but they are so comf--to bad they stop making them ---gus
oogie -
Color: Black & White/Blue

Very comfortable. Nice leather and one of the best fitting shoes. The first pair I got seemed to wear uneven on the soles, but haven't had that problem on my second pair.
LEX7 -

I have the low version of this shoe, it is a great looking shoe with the black rubber and the bright metal icons all over the shoe.
I have a size 13 but find it fits more like a 12-12.5 so I suggest you get the size up if your thinking about this shoe.
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