Family: Men Sandals


Rick -
Carved my feet up nicely within minutes of wearing them. No comfort at all. In fact, I wonder if they really used a human foot as a model when designing these. The price is a joke. I am not a fan. In fact, I threw them away after wearing them only twice. I would have sold them or given them away but the blood stains were too embarrassing.
oogie -
By price, materials, design and the sweet little sandal bags that come with this - you would expect these to be among some of the comfiest snadals ever! Well, I would say they are close - but not a feat of excellence. My wife has a pair, and she loves them to death from day one. I also have a pair, and they started off a bit stiff, and have only been getting better. Easy break in time, just looking forward to them becoming more and more the daily wear shoe.
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