Joe Sumney
Aug 7, 2014 11:09 PM
Having a kid and getting married. Selling most of my collection because every bit helps. Prices are negotiable, but be reasonable. I have photos of everything, but having trouble uploading... trying to rectify.

Mars - $1000

X-Metal/Ruby Iridium
Serial #M012243
Mint Condition with box, coin, all unobtainium and paperwork. Production Date: 4/22/05
X-Metal Vault included
My pride and joy

Fluoro Camo Pack - September (Navy / Pink / Blue) - $300

Original Dark Grey Lens, Small nick on Left
Extra Set of Titanium Lenses
Shoe Size 11 - Tried on, but never worn, both sets of laces
Never used finger bands or wrist bands
Missing Shirt

Pro Racing Jacket - $200

Dark Grey/Vented G30 Iridium, Small nick on Left
Original Box, Paperwork and all unobtainium. Production Date: 8/18/05

Why 2 - $100

Black/Black Iridium, numerous scratches on left (vision not affected)
Silver Unobtainium
Rx Torpedo Case included

New M-Frame Baseball Array + Clear Lens - $120

Strike Shape
VR28 Slight frame insertion scratches
Grey lens light insertion and case scratching
Extra Clear lens
Extra Pro M-Frame Slash Strap Kit

Eye Jacket 2.0 - $60 SOLD

Midnight/24K Gold Iridium
Minor nick, left lens

Chip Foose Jupiter - $120

Matte Black/Bronze
Original Box, Bag and Paperwork
Right lens has corner scratching from arm rubbing
Left lens has two light scratches
Box open tab is slightly torn

Shaun White Montefrio - $100

Polished Black Pinstripe/Grey
Original Box and Paperwork
Minor scratch in corner of right lens
Minor frame scuffing, corner below left lens

MPH Nanowire 1.0 - $200

Brown Chrome/Brown Polarized
Mint Condition
Original Carbon Fiber Case

Four S - $60

Black/Fire Iridium
Original Box and paperwork
Minor scratch, corner of left lens

Assorted Bags and Accessories

- Radar Case
- Large Carbon Fiber Case
- Half-X Coin SOLD
- Updated Juliet Coin SOLD
- Tactical Keychain and Bottle Opener SOLD
- 2 Icon Keychains
- Carabiner Keychain
- 1-Unit Display

- Pro M-Frame Microbag (31)
- Black Microbag Large (4)
- Black Microbag Small (2)
- Pink Frogskin Microbag (13)
- Jawbone Microbag (3)
- Fast Jacket/Style Switch Microbag (13)
- Batwolf Microbag (14)
- Brown Corrugated Microbag (4)
- SI Microbag (1) SOLD
- Snow Camo Microbag (1) SOLD
- White Microbag Small (1)
- Livestrong Microbag (4)
- TACA Microbag + Pin (1)
- Bruce Irons Microbag (1)
- MotoGP Microbag (1)
- Caia Koopman Microbag (1)
- Valentino Rossi Microbag (3)
- YSC Microbag (2) + Pin (1)
- Julian Wilson Microbag (1)
- Deuce Coupe Microbag (1)
- Team USA Microbag (4)
- Rose Skull Women's Microbag (1)
- White Women's Microbag (1)
- Floral Women's Microbag (2)
- Lens Microbag (4)
- Unidentified Design (2)
Rich "MPH" Barrios
Aug 6, 2014 4:39 AM
I'd like to buy the Eye Jacket 2.0 if still available. That was the first pair of OAKLEY's I bought after starting my "new" job at SWA in May of 2000! I hadn't bought a pair of OAKLEY's in over 5 years and my old M-Frames were absolute toast. I was sooo stoked to get them. I remember the SGH where I bought them had a FMJ Emerald OTT on display next to it for like $200. I thought that was the sikkest thing I'd ever seen. Spending $105 on the EJ 2.0 was A LOT to us back then. I was the only bread winner while putting my wife through college. Great memories! Please let me know.

Joe Sumney
Aug 6, 2014 4:47 AM
Eye Jackets are definitely available, I'll message you. I miss my Emerald OTT. Sold them and a bunch of other pieces a few years back when I went back to school.
Ruben Suarez
Aug 6, 2014 4:50 AM
PM sent.
paul jewiss
Aug 6, 2014 7:48 AM
Sorry your selling up
I'm in a dilemma about the same but I decided to keep my collection and just trim things down a bit.

I hope they all go for you :)
Aug 6, 2014 11:46 AM
I'll take Tactical Keychain......PM'd
lord oakman
Jonathan Oakman
Aug 11, 2014 12:47 PM

How much are the lens bags posted to the UK mate
Bruce !
Aug 18, 2014 4:23 PM
PM sent

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