I@n M0rr15
Jan 28, 2015 6:38 PM
I think I have to change my vote. When I started this thread many years ago, I really did dig the Soviet Gascan, and I still do. At the time, it was the only olive-drab colorway that Oakley had released. I like the olive cerakote Gascan better than the Soviet, as I'm not afraid that I'll destroy a limited release.

However, my new favorite, and my go-to for the past 8 months has been the New Canteen, in polished black with black iridium polarized lenses. Dann, in His infinite wisdom and goodness, saw fit to bless my poor soul with one of his pre-release review pairs. It is a solid piece that has amazing coverage, large lenses, is both conservative in appearance and radical in design. It could easily have been called the New Topcoat, and I wouldn't have thought twice about the name.

The only issues that the New Canteen has are that it was/is a Sunglass Hut exclusive, and that is only has 5 arguably boring colorways. These issues spell doom for the model, as it will probably never have a cult following like the Zero, M-Frame, etc lines, but it's easily as wearable as both a daily-use model and as an eye-catching piece, specifically the Ferrari colorway.

If you haven't had the privilege of trying them out, do yourself the favor. I tried them based on Dann's insistence, and they have eclipsed the rest of my collection as a good, solid sunglass.
M1ch@3l Elf5+r0m
Jan 28, 2015 7:55 PM
Almost the same for me Michael, Juliets plasma, VR28 Black Irdium Polarized, with brown socks and shocks. Wife loves them!
These are the best lenses ive ever bought, look forward to the prizm dailys, maybe one day they can bring out prizm juliet lenses! Yeah right!!!! - timoak33

In the beginning of next week I will get a pair of Badman with prizm lenses. I will definitely try them outside and see if they are as good as they say!
Kyl3 G@6l3
Feb 2, 2015 11:08 PM
My all-time favorite oakley's I think are the m frame. They have great fit with the unobtanium which makes them versatile; along with many lens colors to adapt to any lighting condition. Many lens styles so they fit practically any face shape. The field of view is practically unobstructed being a shield lens.

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