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May 31, 2024 2:22 AM
Can anyone share the weight of the Deadbolt Rx in Grams? Also, how is the Deadbolt Rx holding up/what is the quality/longevity of this frame? Thanks for your time.
Apr 26, 2024 3:19 AM
Thanks so much @Patient_Cero.
Apr 25, 2024 9:03 PM
Can any one share the Weight of these Sunglasses in Grams?
Mar 28, 2024 5:47 PM
Hello O-Review Community,

I am looking to purchase the Rx version of the T-Wire 2.0 (SKU #11-503). Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Have a blessed day.
Mar 27, 2024 9:31 PM
Hello O-Review! Does anyone have any details about the T-Wire 2.0 Rx • SKU #11-503 model? Looking mainly for Sizing Details including Lenses, Bridge, Frame Width and Ear Stem Length, plus differences between the Rx and non-Rx versions. As I have not been able to find any information on the Rx model, any help would be appreciated.
Jun 20, 2018 7:07 PM
I'm brand new to the Forums and have some questions about Oakley Sunglasses stamped with the word "Sample": Can any type of Warranty be claimed on Samples? Down the road, if the Samples were to become damaged, are they able to be sent off to Oakley for Repair/Tune-Up (at owners expense)? Thanks so much for your time and help.
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