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Mar 24, 2024 2:10 AM
I want to buy a clean pair of Pitboss Ducati with box and all, if you have n one to let go of please msg me! If it’s an outrageous price forget it! - Oakedout

You might want to define what your willing to spend to lessen the chance of possible aggravation on both party's behalf. An outrageous price to one collector may be a Friday nights dinner to another and not a big deal.
Mar 20, 2024 1:27 AM
Mar 19, 2024 10:53 PM
Hi-I’m new to the forum and I’m trying to find the name of my favorite pair of Holbrook XL’s. My son bought them for me and I have since lost them. They were all plastic but half of the frame was matte black and half the frame was polished black. I believe they did a whole series this way. Anyone have an idea of the name? All my google image searches returned nothing. Thanks. - Ydna

Take a look through this list and see if anything looks close. Providing a lens color could also help to narrow your search. How long ago did you receive these glasses?
Mar 19, 2024 12:57 AM

Mar 18, 2024 10:17 PM
If not already aware, the classic X-Men cartoon from early 90's has been on Disney+ for awhile. This week (Wed) Marvel/Disney is rebooting the series with X-Men '97.

Mar 18, 2024 8:38 PM
So did they change their timeline for the release of these? They are posted on a retailers site and when I asked about their availability they gave me a 2-4 week time frame. Was this just a generic response and still a fall release?

Mar 13, 2024 10:34 PM
For the golfers (footwear).
Mar 13, 2024 6:23 PM
Those arms are sharp. Which collection is it? - JP

Looks like the Coalesce Collection.

I hate these new "ballistic" cases they have now.
Mar 12, 2024 7:57 PM
I was working at KOP O store this weekend. They just received the new HSTN Metal Sepia/24K model. The lenses look more Rose Gold than 24K. I already have two HSTN and 1 HSTN Metal, but contemplating this pair just because the lens is so different than other 24K lenses. - thespencerdean

Did you look at more than one pair to see if it was common or perhaps a fluke pair?
Feb 29, 2024 3:00 AM

- MicahS

That bag is rad - Chattabox23

- MicahS

That bag is rad - Chattabox23

Agreed. Glad someone made bags a priority again at HQ.
Feb 27, 2024 11:39 PM
I have that sutro coming. I'd get the Hydra too, but only the arms are dark Galaxy which doesn't really appeal to me. - MicahS

Why would they stop at the arms. Very odd - JP

Since there is no ear socks of any kind on the hydra probably afraid its going to rub off.. Surprised they even bothered with this frame given it's biomatter.
Feb 27, 2024 6:33 AM
That crystal orange Sutro is great - Dann

I wonder how close it will resemble the original radar crystal orange in person. :fingerscrossed:
Feb 27, 2024 6:21 AM
Is that trail torch hydra? - Suchi

I believe it is, and that Clifden and BXTR are prizm bronze.
Feb 26, 2024 7:45 PM
They all appear to be the low bridge fit. They are located in NY, so you can find the same models from trusted sellers much cheaper ordering in the US. It's a bit skeptical they say "Special Order (2-3 weeks for production)." Personally I would look elsewhere.
Feb 25, 2024 11:27 PM
Also, if you understand the structure, you can easily remove the frame from the lens. So if everyone can change lenses, the Encoder will be a good item that sells more. - O_taj1242

Can you please show me how to remove the lens from the frame of encoder? I have many encoders, I want to do some customisation.
- Suchi

If you go to his instagram by the same username, he posted a video back in January of this year.
Feb 21, 2024 3:23 AM
Must figure out a way to wear the visor without the helmet as well.
Feb 16, 2024 12:37 AM
I hope they do these style of boxes and a bag with as much thought as this one when they release the new batch of Sub Zero's and Eyeshades.
Feb 15, 2024 9:51 PM
More colors available and finally popping up in the new releases. Oakley finally started putting glasses on faces on their pages now instead of the renders. Still a bit funky with their color grading but it's an improvement.

Feb 11, 2024 9:48 PM
Josh Kerr sets new world record in 2 mile indoor (8:00.67).
Oakley Encoder low light.

Feb 11, 2024 9:13 AM
$177 to $227.
Feb 11, 2024 9:09 AM
$194-$244, not bad but not great pricing.
Feb 10, 2024 1:17 AM
A pair of Hydra for cheap.
But you get what you pay for...
Frame is not so great, with poor finish.

I ll see mine this week. I ordered the Tenis ball.
- cmunozh

I hope you don't have set your expectations too high :)
They look very nice, but finish is below Oakley standard... maybe below gaz station sunglasses - BiGCoB

Well, they arrived yesterday, and well... I was expecting a more sporty stuff. I miss some rubber at the stems and as I thought (despite some mates claim you can use the Jawbone rubbers), the lens is too "flat" despite the frame isnt...

... I will use them on the bike at some point, I hope I don't see flying hydras like I did with flying Sutros (the standard, not the S version that I like a lot) while going downhill or mountain pass.

- cmunozh

I went running with them and felt the stems sliding on my head.
Also, there are some sharp edges on the frame, probably where front and back molds meet.
Pretty disappointing.
Luckily, they look good. Otherwise, that would have been an immediate return.
- BiGCoB

They good for at least 5k. At least the Coconut Grove Running Club thinks so lol.

Feb 9, 2024 11:49 PM

Scored a set of Prizm Gaming lenses for my Frogskins! - hexesonxs

I am curious, what do you think? I have used the low light lens before in this capacity when sitting in front of the computer for long periods.
Feb 6, 2024 8:28 PM

- O_taj1242

Posted this morning on their SI channel.

Feb 3, 2024 8:43 PM
It can be done as far as refinishing and custom finishes. If you look at Bonz-1's stickied thread in the modding section over on the other forum, he did this exact combo. I am not sure if he is a member here or not. Here are couple of the pics he posted.

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