RhettOMano: Rhett Mano
Salt Lake City, Utah
March 23rd, 2009 - 10 years ago (7 logins)Last Login10 years ago
I am one of 50 Oakley Co-Pilots, and I did not find out about this website until the day the party started, to tell you the truth I was upset that I have missed it for so long. I am full Japanese and I was actually born in Lincoln, Nebraska, GO HUSKERS! but I was raised in Utah, where I still remain with my wife Amy as of 2.5 years. We have no kids, and to tell you the truth I like to keep it that way, which means more Oakley stuff for me. I have loved Oakley forever, okay really I bought my first pair in 1997. I work in the automotive industry as a Auto Body Technicion. And I currentlly have around 20 pairs of sunglasses, everything from an original pair of frogskins, to my favorite flying tigers (matte sand). My wife thinks I am crazy for how obsessed I am about Oakley, but again she is grateful I am not like a lot of you (Paul, Rick, Nike, etc. you know who you are) But I am excited to keep in contact with you all.
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