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Jan 12, 2019 12:06 PM

Wavecloud did these 3 customs for me! Amazing stuff.

Freakin’ freak mad crazy pieces I got yesterday from @Wavecloud Customs, complete with display boxes and uniquely numbered custom cards that authenticate each piece.

And also Dave is an absolute delight to deal with. He listens carefully to what you want, makes great suggestions but then executes it better than you imagine. I spoke to him a few times to discuss these projects and I couldn’t be happier with the result.

Undeniably, he must take his rightful place amongst the Greatest of the Great Customisers.

First up, the beautiful splatter style on a jawbone that put Wavecloud on the map initially here, but this time in Aussie Olympic colours!!!

The camo split jacket with slight accents of burnt orange (my favourite colour)

Then lastly the classic Waveblend (not hydrodipped). Just so beautifully detailed. This reptilian custom is just superb. My only beef is, that so many other people here recognise it’s beauty and now own pairs with a similar design!!!
Oct 21, 2018 1:27 PM
Stuff I got recently.

Custom Wavecloud "Aussie" splatter

With Wavecloud Waveblend #2

Wavecloud Camo

Mars with custom cut Marien matte lenses

C-six (2nd pair - Box got destroyed by rain due to postman leaving them outside)


Gift from a fellow Oakley lover, Trucker360 - Olympic frog-skins

Aug 13, 2018 7:03 PM
Got a haul of rubbers and frames and a mars (and had made custom matte red lenses from a Mariener pair of sunglasses)

Apr 9, 2018 9:26 PM
Apr 9, 2018 9:26 PM
Updated by cacatman on 9th April, 2018

Comments welcome, but please share your wisdom if you see something is missing.

If you read nothing else, please read the next 4 paragraphs.

Grateful Thanks!
I'm relatively new to the Oakley game (compared to some of you guys). I need to acknowledge the incredible contribution that the people tagged below, have made to this community over not just days or weeks, but years. Thank you so much for all the hours of hard work, lenses destroyed and money lost. I'm am grateful for your sacrifice and wisdom!

I've found this to be truer each time I've tracked down more information over these past few days.

We are "standing on the shoulders of giants". It's true what 12th Century theologian and author, John of Salisbury wrote,

"We are like dwarfs sitting on the shoulders of giants. We see more, and things that are more distant, than they did, not because our sight is superior or because we are taller than they, but because they raise us up, and by their great stature add to ours."

This is a quick reference (and hopefully), up to date guide on what donor lenses work with which Oakley sunglasses (I've mainly concentrated on the X-metals).

I've compiled information from another forum and acknowledged the members who contributed.

Flak 2.0 (Asia Fit), Flak Draft (Asia Fit), and M2 (Asia Fit) are all slightly larger than their normal counterpart. Unless specified, all lenses listed below are standard lenses. For more info, click here (thanks to @DKO).

BC = Base Curvature. The lenses are curved to match the shape of a normal eyeball (BC 8.75). Anything less, and there will be extremely mild distortion to optics or more importantly, irritating contact of eyelashes with lens!

Yes - Yes, it works for cutting. You're good to go!
Yes, but barely - Yes it works, but there's not much margin for error. Don't try this at home.
Yes, but - Yes, it works for cutting, but you may have to accept some slight imperfections which may include vents or the wrong BC. In the words of @GRFMotorsports, "Just because it fits, doesn't mean its right."
No - No it won't work as it has been confirmed that someone has definitely tried it before.

So Here It Is!


Half X
Yes - Big Taco (@illumination), Split Jacket (@Manish)

Yes, but - Goggle lenses (wrong BC, but because they are so thin, are flexible enough) (@InfiniteHero), Radar XL (wrong BC) (@Infinite Hero), Dispatch (wrong BC), Half Jacket 2.0 (will have modded lower curve) (@xmetalmaniac)

No - Fives Squared (@salj838)

Yes - Dillon Bucket, Dillon Budd (discontinued version of Dillon Colt), Dillon Colt, Dillon Drake, Dillon PHX
Big Taco (@illumination), Canteen (@Chris A Hardaway), Commit Sq/AV (@Chris A Hardaway), Crosshair, Fast Jacket (@Ryan_C), Fast Jacket XL (@BriP), Flak Jacket (@salj838), Flak Jacket XLJ (@salj838), Flak 2.0 XL (@Chris A Hardaway), Gauge 8/8L (@Chris A Hardaway), Half Jacket 2.0 (@Chris A Hardaway), Half Jacket (original)(@Brip,@xmetalmaniac), Half Jacket XLJ (real tight) (@Brip,@xmetalmaniac), Half X, Jawbone (vented or non-vented - "yes, but" below), Monster Dog (@BriP), Monster Doggle (@BriP), New Racing Jacket (see "yes, but" below), Pit Boss, Pit Bull (@marc2040), Plaintiff, Romeo, Romeo 2.0, Scalpel (@salj838), Speed Jacket (@Chris A Hardaway, @Leggo My Eggo ), Split Jacket (can save etchings) (@Chris A Hardaway), Split Jacket vented, (New) Square Wire 4075 (@John cooper) Straight Jacket (can save etching) (@Oakley-olic), Straight Jacket 2, Straightlink (@Chris A Hardaway), Taper (@Chris A Hardaway, @Xformr), Ten X, Triggerman (@illumination, @Dieseltech), Valve (@Chris A Hardaway), Whisker (@kayana photography bali), X-Squared (@MJLSr), XX (@Chris A Hardaway).

Yes, but - Goggle lenses (wrong BC, but because they are so thin, are flexible enough) (@InfiniteHero), Dispatch (wrong BC), Holbrook (wrong BC) (@hotley10), Jawbone (if has large oversize etching e.g. 30 year anniversary or Tour de France, some etching will show on finished product) (@Hitech Vojtech), New Racing Jacket (if has large oversize etching e.g. 30 year anniversary or Tour de France, some etching will show on finished product) (@Hitech Vojtech), Turbine (wrong BC) (@jdd32), Radar XL (wrong BC) (@Infinite Hero)

No – Fuel Cell (@InfiniteHero), R1 (@Chris A Hardaway), Tincan (@Chris A Hardaway), Tinfoil (@Chris A Hardaway)

P.S. Transition-photochromic lenses (e.g. G40) from Half Jacket 2.0 can be cut for Juliets (@Carrera1963)

Yes - Big Taco (@Chris A Hardaway, although some say there will be a flat spot), Crosshair, M-Frame Heater (@Funky-Trixtar), Moon (@Wally Taylor), Plaintiff, Plaintiff Squared, Split Jacket (@Manish)

Yes, but - Melange Marnier (BC 6) - Can purchase from @Marien (@Serhat), Dispatch (wrong BC), Holbrook (wrong BC), M-Frame Strike (wrong BC) (@hotley10)

No - Jawbone (@Chris A Hardaway), New Racing Jacket (@Chris A Hardaway)

Yes - See "Juliet" - ALL Lenses that can be used for Juliet can be used for Penny as well as -
non-polarized Flak 2.0 (standard) (@Chris A Hardaway), Gascan (@Chris A Hardaway), Juliet (@BriP), Plaintiff Square, Scalpel polarized (etching preserved) (@SEAN WAYNE), Splice (@Chris A Hardaway), Turbine (@kronin323), XX twenty (etching preserved) (@SEAN WAYNE).

Yes, but - Goggle lenses (wrong BC, but because they are so thin, are flexible enough) (@InfiniteHero), Radar XL (wrong BC) (@Infinite Hero), Dispatch (wrong BC), polarized Flak 2.0 (standard) (partial etching will be seen) (@Chris A Hardaway)

No - Tincan (@Chris A Hardaway), Tinfoil (@Chris A Hardaway).

Romeo 1
Yes - Dillon Budd (discontinued version of Dillon Colt), Dillon Colt, Dillon Eloy (@DeepWaterVortex), Dillon PHX
Big Taco (@illumination), Commit Square/AV (@Chris A Hardaway), Crosshair 2012 (@Chris A Hardaway), Fast Jacket XL (@SiRacer420), Jawbone (non vented) (@qtrain23), Gauge 8L (@Chris A Hardaway), Monster Doggle, Plaintiff non (polarized) (@xmetalx, @Chris A Hardaway), Plaintiff Squared (@Chris A Hardaway), Split Jacket (@qtrain23), Ten X (@dragonvoi)

Yes, but not recommended - RPM Edge (had flat spots) (@Chris A Hardaway), Fast Jacket XL (worked 1/3 times)(@Chris A Hardaway). @BriP and @SiRacer420 did one with no problems. Here's proof of concept. Use these lenses at your own risk.

Yes, but - Goggle lenses (wrong BC, but because they are so thin, are flexible enough) (@InfiniteHero), Dispatch (wrong BC), vented Jawbones (will have vents), Double Edge (toric lens, but fits) (@DeepWaterVortex), M-Frame Strike (wrong BC) (@hotley10), New Racing Jacket (will have vents), Radar XL (wrong BC) (@Infinite Hero), Split Jacket (can work, but small gap) (@qtrain23), Turbine (7.25 base ellipsoid) (@Chris A Hardaway)

No - Crosshair 2012 (@Chris A Hardaway), Gauge 8 (@lacampbell2005 , @Chris A Hardaway), Holbrook, Speed Jacket (@Chris A Hardaway), Triggerman (@illumination), Unknown (@marc2040)

Romeo 2
Yes - Goggle lenses (wrong BC, but because they are so thin, are flexible enough) (@InfiniteHero), Radar XL (wrong BC) (@Infinite Hero), non-polarised Big Taco (@dragonvoi, @illumination), Half Jacket XLJ, non-vented Split Jacket (@Manish)

Yes, but - Half Jacket (pointy tip bit is lost, and need to remove donut shaped washer from Romeo 2 so lens rests on T5 torx screw) (@BriP, @dann)

Yes - Dillon Budd (discontinued version of Dillon Colt), Dillon Colt, Dillon PHX, Dillon George
Badman (@Chris A Hardaway), Big Taco (@illumination), Commit Squared/AV, Fast Jacket XL, Gauge 8/8L (@Chris A Hardaway), Holbrook, non-vented Jawbone, Monster Doggle, non-vented Split Jacket (non-vented. Etching will be preserved) (@qtrain23), Straightlink (polarized etching will be saved) (@Chris A Hardaway), New Valve (@Chris A Hardaway)

Yes, barely - Dillon Drake (may be very very tight), Triggerman (@Chris A Hardaway, @illumination)

Yes, but - Goggle lenses (wrong BC, but because they are so thin, are flexible enough) (@InfiniteHero), Radar XL (wrong BC) (@Infinite Hero), Batwolf (wrong curvature) (@Chris A Hardaway), Dispatch (wrong BC), Eyepatch 1 (wrong BC) (@hotley10), Fuel Cell (wrong BC), vented Jawbone (vents will be visible), vented New Racing Jacket (vents will be visible), vented Split Jacket (vents visible), Turbine (7.25 base ellipsoid) (@Chris A Hardaway) - Can preserve etching c.f. Ferrari XS (@Chris A Hardaway cut for @Chris515000)

X-Metal XX
Yes - Dillon Budd (discontinued version of Dillon Colt) (@Litos) , Dillon Colt, Dillon Drake (@Amanoramonkey), Dillon Eloy (@DeepWaterVortex), Dillon PHX
Any donor for X-Squared will work for an XX (@Chris A Hardaway), Badman (@Chris A Hardaway), Big Taco (@lithiumus), Commit Squared/AV (@Chris A Hardaway), Crosshair 2012 (@Chris A Hardaway), Fast Jacket XL (non-polarised) (@Chris A Hardaway), Gauge 8/8L (@Chris A Hardaway), Jawbone (vented and non-vented) (@BriP), Monster Doggle, New Racing Jacket (vented), Plaintiff (polarized and non-polarized) (@Kuztomized, @salj838), Scalpel (Asia fit and regular work) (@dragonvoi), Split Jacket (non-vented) (@Dyeraudio), Straightlink (if polarized, may see etching at edge) (@Chris A Hardaway), Triggerman (@SiRacer420, @gbear)

Yes, but - Goggle lenses (wrong BC, but because they are so thin, are flexible enough) (@InfiniteHero), Canteen (partial thing left) (@Chris A Hardaway, @X-Metal Beast), Double Edge (toric lens, but works) (@DeepWaterVortex), Flak XLJ (but very tight) (@saulsaul), Half Jacket XLJ (partial etching left, little margin for error) (@NoFair), polarized Half Jacket 2.0 XL (partial etching left) (@Chris A Hardaway), Radar XL (wrong BC) (@Infinite Hero), Turbine (7.25 base ellipsoid) (@Chris A Hardaway), New Valve (can be done, but very very narrow margins) (@gbear, @illumination, @kitcostantino, @NoFair. As per @Xformr)

No - Crankcase (@thisguy), Flak 2.0 (@Chris A Hardaway), Flak 2.0 XLJ (@Chris A Hardaway), Half X (@xmetalmaniac), Monster Dog

Alleged X-Metals

Yes - Big Taco (@qtrain23)

Yes, but - Turbine Rotors (BC different), but etching is preserved (@Chris A Hardaway)

Yes - Big Taco (@MJLSr)


Yes, but - Eyepatch (wrong BC) (@flyer)

No - Batwolf (@Lars)

Yes - Split Jacket (@salj838)

Carbon Prime (toric lens)
Yes - Double Edge (also toric lens) (@Oakleynerd, @Chris A Hardaway)

C-Wire (Gen 1)
Yes - Square Wire, New 60 mm (@flyer)

Yes, but - Turbine Rotors (BC different) (@MJLSr, @supersharp), Zeiss Prism Compensated Polycarbonate (will set you back at least $300 and not OEM) (@InfiniteHero)

Yes - Gascan AF (@flyer), New Valve (@cyclerdoug, @Chris A Hardaway), Straightlink (@cyclerdoug, @Chris A Hardaway)

Eye Jackets
Yes - Romeo 1 (saves etching) (@mjt42 here with pictures!!)

Yes - Turbine (@Chris A Hardaway, @Cutch22), Twoface (@Chris A Hardaway, @Cutch22)

Fives 1.0
Yes - Jawbone (@BriP)

Fives Squared/Fives 3.0
Yes - Flak Jacket XL, Split Jacket (@salj838)

Yes - Eyepatch (@hotley10)

Yes, but - Pitch (wrong BC)

No - Batwolf (@Rustpot), Jawbreaker (@Chris A Hardaway), Jupiter (@copilot), Ten (@Rustpot)

Frogskins, New
No - Batwolf (@Rustpot), Eyepatch (@Rustpot), Jawbreaker (@Chris A Hardaway), Jupiter (@copilot), Ten (@Rustp

Yes - Eyepatch 1 & 2

Gascan S
Yes - Eyepatch 1 & 2, Fuel Cell (@Chris A Hardaway), Gascan

Yes, but - Batwolf (wrong BC)

Yes - Jawbone, Monster Doggle

Yes, but - Dispatch (wrong BC)

No - Jawbreaker (@Chris A Hardaway)

Yes - Plaintiff (@salj838)

Yes - Eyepatch (@hotley10)

Jupiter Factory Lite
Yes - Frogskins, Holbrook (@copilot), Jupiter Squared

Minute 1.0
Yes - Big Taco, Commit Squared/AV, Fast Jacket XL, Jawbone, Juliet (@xmetalmaniac), Monster Doggle, Ten X

Monster Dog
Yes - Fast Jacket XL (@"TRUMP"), Jawbone, Split Jacket (@"TRUMP"), Double Edge (@DeepWaterVortex), New Racing Jacket (non-vented) (@"TRUMP"), Turbine (@DeepWaterVortex)

Yes, but - Turbine (wrong BC) (@DeepWaterVortex), Turbine Rotors (wrong BC) (@DeepWaterVortex), Radar Path (wrong BC) (@DeepWaterVortex), Radar Pitch (wrong BC) (@DeepWaterVortex)

Monster Doggle
Yes - Big Taco (@JDubs), Turbine Rotor (@DeepWaterVortex)

Oil Rig
Yes - Offshoot (@salj838)

OTT (Over the Top)
Yes - Plaintiff, Plaintiff Squared

Yes, but - Big Taco (short on vertical dimension of OTT. Get flat spots at the top and bottom of lens cut) (@CarGuy), Holbrook (wrong BC)

PitBoss 1
Special Note - PitBoss 1 and PitBoss 2 lenses are different. PitBoss 1 is more bulged out on the bottom and the upper outer corner of the lens is more rounded off on PitBoss 2. The PitBoss 1 lens is slightly wider than the PitBoss 2. So you can't cut a PitBoss 1 lens from PitBoss 2 or vice versa (@zwc0442)

Yes - Dillon PHX
Big Taco (@tavers), non-vented Jawbone (can even save the etching) (@this guy), Gauge 8L (etching not saved) (@Chris A Hardaway, @PitBoss)Monster Doggle, non-vented Split Jacket (etching is preserved) (@hotley10), Pit Bull (@hotley10), Split Jacket (@Lupetto, @Chris A Hardaway, @zwc0442 - Need to shave maybe a mm off the bottom half of the lens and nasal area), Tens (@Dennis Panlilio), Straight Jacket (preserves etching) (@hotley10)

Yes, but - Batwolf (wrong BC, etching not saved) (@Chris A Hardaway, @PitBoss), Dispatch (wrong BC), Vented Jawbone (will have vents) (@X-Metal Beast), Jawbreaker (wrong BC) (@Chris A Hardaway), Vented New Racing Jacket (will have vents) (@X-Metal Beast), Radar Pitch (wrong BC) (@Chris A Hardaway), Turbine (wrong BC) (@PitBoss)

No - non-vented Split Jacket doesn't fit PitBoss 2 (@zwc0442), Valve (@Chris A Hardaway)

PitBoss 2
Special Note - PitBoss 1 and PitBoss 2 lenses are different. PitBoss 1 is more bulged out on the bottom and the upper outer corner of the lens is more rounded off on PitBoss 2. The PitBoss 1 lens is slightly wider than the PitBoss 2. So you can't cut a PitBoss 1 lens from PitBoss 2 or vice versa (@zwc0442)

Yes - Dillon PHX
Big Taco (@tavers), non-vented Jawbone (can even save the etching) (@this guy), Gauge 8L (etching not saved) (@Chris A Hardaway, @PitBoss)Monster Doggle, non-vented Split Jacket (etching is preserved) (@hotley10), Pit Bull (@hotley10), Split Jacket (@Lupetto, @Chris A Hardaway, Tens (@Dennis Panlilio), Straight Jacket (preserves etching) (@hotley10)

Yes, but - Batwolf (wrong BC, etching not saved) (@Chris A Hardaway, @PitBoss), Dispatch (wrong BC), Vented Jawbone (will have vents) (@X-Metal Beast), Jawbreaker (wrong BC) (@Chris A Hardaway), Vented New Racing Jacket (will have vents) (@X-Metal Beast), Radar Pitch (wrong BC) (@Chris A Hardaway), Turbine (wrong BC) (@PitBoss)

No - non-vented Split Jacket (@zwc0442), Valve (@Chris A Hardaway)

Yes - Quarter jacket (@zwc0442, @Jimbabwe), Straightlink (including prizm, but etching not preserved) (@OakleyPlateGuy, @Chris A Hardaway)

Racing Jacket Pro (Original - the Monocoque Version) Gen 2 & the slightly larger lens of Gen 1 (see lens size chart below)
Yes - Big Taco (@jdd32, @X-Metal Beast), Offshoot (@X-Metal Beast), Pit bull (@Chris A Hardaway, @Manish), Radarlock (@X-Metal Beast), Turbine (@X-Metal Beast)

No - Split Jacket (@Chris A Hardaway)

Need confirmation - Jawbone (vented or non-vented) (@Hitech Vojtech), New Racing Jacket (vented or non-vented) (@Hitech Vojtech)

Yes - Gauge 8/8L (@Chris A Hardaway)

Yes, but - Batwolf (wrong BC) (@Tidezealot), Radar Path (wrong BC) (@flyer)

Shock Tube
Yes - Big Taco (@Chris A Hardaway)

Yes - Fast Jacket XLJ (@Chris A Hardaway), Flak XLJ (@dragonvoi), Gauge 8/8L (@Chris A Hardaway), Half Jacket (@copilot), Half Jacket XLJ (@copilot), Half Jacket 2.0 XL (@Chris A Hardaway), Jawbone, Monster Dog (@BriP), Monster Doggle, New Straight Jacket (@marc2040), Straightlink (@Chris A Hardaway), Straight Jacket (@marc2040), Straightjacket 2 (@marc2040), Taper (@Xformr), Twenty XX (O Matter) (@marc2040), Unknown (almost exactly the same size, but are marginally smaller) (@iamFLIP, @Chris515000 uses a drop of hot glue to secure a loose lens in his Mars. Will work for splice!!@SiRacer420 uses vinyl or electrical tape), Valve (@Chris A Hardaway)

Split Jackets
Yes - Big Taco (@no fair), Jawbone, Shocktube (@NoFair, @Chris A Hardaway)

Yes, but - New Racing Jacket (will have vents) (@Lexkempo), Radars (but different BC) (@no fair), Straightlink (@DeepWaterVortex), Turbine (7.25 base ellipsoid) (@Chris A Hardaway)

Square Wire 2.0
Yes - Fives Squared (@Chris A Hardaway)

Straight Jacket (New)
Yes - Big Taco, Crosshair, Straight Jacket 2, Ten X (@marc2040)

Yes, but - Eyepatch (wrong BC) (@flyer)

Yes - Hijinx (@naokfreek)

Yes - Big Taco (@jdd32)

Yes - Two Face (@Chris A Hardaway)

Twenty XX 2012 O-Matter
Yes - Big Taco, Straight Jacket 2, Ten X

Twitch Stretchline
Yes - Eyepatch (@hotley10), Gascan

Yes, but - Eyepatch 1 (wrong BC)

Refer to Splice lenses - They are marginally smaller than the Splice lens (@BriP here) and can be cut from the same lenses suitable for Splice.

Valve Gen 1
Yes - Flak 2.0 (@Dyeraudio), Flak XL (@Dyeraudio)

Yes - Fuel Cell (@flyer)

Yes, but - Radarlock Pitch (wrong BC) (@flyer)
Yes, but - Radarlock Pitch (wrong BC) (@flyer)


Cutting lenses yourself?
Use a dremel with a fine rotery diamond bit then 1400 grit sandpaper for the edges (@SouLFuLFrog)
- Use an X-Acto knife to trace the old lens and cut a clean break on Iridium to lessen any chances of Iridium peeling. I don't use tape usually although I probably should. especially after cutting the G30s for this (M Frame to XS). I had a slight mishap and would have not happened had it been taped. But it's pretty minor (@VolcanOG)

Don't Know How?
Here's the short version of what you need courtesy of @ColdShotxx.
The tools used:
• dremel with a cutting disk, 80 sanding wheel, and 120 sanding wheel
• Fresh exacto blade
• Ultra fine permanent marker(very important to be this small!)
• Masking tape
• ENTIRE DAY FREE - it took me 2.5 hours to complete, but I had the mind frame it would take 10

New Turbine
BC is rated at 6, but measures in at 7.05 (@InfiniteHero)

Style Switch
Is a pollaric ellipsoid lens (@jdd32)

Other Lenses
Ikon are good, but slightly harder to clean than OEM. Their 24k lens is very good, +red and black have a slight greenish tint, but are otherwise very good. They seem durable, I've had mine in a couple of beater frames with no issues. (@NoFair)
Apr 9, 2018 9:01 PM
And you got the complete set with all the cards and everything! Sweet!
Mar 15, 2018 5:22 PM
Here's a List I compiled thanks to numerous sources (of Non-Frogskins) from rarest to least rare:-

I know there are other threads about what people think are the rarest. I've created this new one because it has the alleged numbers and they are in order.

Super Sports Pro M Frame - Red with Black Rubber - Grey. Prototype unreleased model - 1 known pair
Hijinx Polished Art Chantry - 1 made
Donnie's OTT - 1 made
Blue Juliet - 1 OEM made (@Dyeraudio has one)
Green OTT (from first Raimi Spiderman movie) - 1 made
Jawbone - Sulphur Yellow/Orange - Ruby to G30 Photochromic Jawbone, with only one pair made for Shade Station for the 2012 Olympics. Additionally rare as it is the only example of this unreleased lens (@romeovanfrogstein)
Sliver Andy Jenkins Wilshire (with skateboard deck) - 1 made (@SoulFulFrog)
Sliver Zegel Pink Motel - 1 made (@SoulFulFrog)
Sliver Chris Waycott Santa Monica Triple set (with skateboard deck) - 1 made (@SoulFulFrog)
Sliver Andy Mueller Hollywood High School - 1 made (@SoulFulFrog)
M Frame - 18K - Gold. Lance Armstrong. 2 pairs produced. In July 2007 a pair sold on auction for $19,200. As per @OakleyG, One is with Oakley and the other pair is held by an owner of a financial trading company located in northeast US.
Kozik (+red polarized) - 2 pairs made (Kozik has one)
New Straight Jacket Jet black with blue flames 2 Pairs (@GRFMotorsports)
Purple Juliet 3 pairs (@Dyeraudio has one)
Romeo 1 Copper/Black lenses. Factory produced, suggested quantity ranges from one to around 5 pairs.
C-Six Carbone Livestrong Tungsten Polarized - 5 numbered pairs. In July 2010 a pair sold on auction for $6,605.05
New Straight Jacket Jet black pink flames 5* pairs (@GRFMotorsports)
Matte Clear Thumps - 1-6 pairs
Neon Green Camo Monsterdogs. Mostly associated with Cedric Garcia - 1-6 pairs
Romeo 2 Joker Racing Team (now defunct) (Oak, - 6 pairs (Oak,
Straight Jackets Snow Camo/Black Iridium - 8-12 pairs (as per @Funky-Trixtar)
Rapha Jawbone 10 pairs*
Eastern Border Dispatch - 12 pairs (@mercbezerk)
Juliet Corvette Racing Team Edition (Ruby lens with Corvette etching) 20 pairs
Gascan White JPM 20 pairs (@GRFMotorsports)
Freeman Transport Jawbone 30 pairs - VR50 transition lens + black icons
Jawbone Fairends 30 pairs (Oakley Trival Pursuit - They have replaceable icons which means they should be called Racing Jackets! Thanks to @Nortika for the information)
M Frame Bobby Labonte 30 pairs (@GRFMotorsports)
oki-ni Exclusive Eyeshade 35 pairs
Juan Pelota Jawbones 50 pairs
Atmos Jawbones glows in the dark 50 pairs (50 also of Frogskins)
White Text Gascan with Grey lens 50 pairs
Gascans Boot Camp etched on lens - given to employees only 70 pairs
B1-B Jawbone 75 pairs
Mash Radar Path 90 pairs
New Straight Jacket Flying Mater 50-100 pairs (@GRFMotorsports is looking for these as of 15th May, 2017. Contact him if you have a pair for sale!)
Indy 500 Pit Boss 100 pairs
Thump 2 Blumentopf Edition 100 pairs
Stussy Hijinx Buffalo Soldier 100 pairs
David Flores Gascan Brown with orange icon or gunmetal icon 100 pairs
David Flores Gascan Blue around 100 pairs
Penny Carbon/+Red - 100 pairs
MotoGP Sliver XL + Spielberg etching - 100 pairs
Garage Rock Osheaga 100+ pairs (as per @Lexkempo here)
MotoGP Carbon Prime (100 pairs USA, 5 Australia) (@Oakleynerd/@jdd32)
Glow in the Dark Radar 100-150 pairs? (as per @Nortika here)
MotoGP Carbon Prime - 105 pairs (100 USA + 5 Australia)
Madman Raw 150 pairs
Staple RazorBlades - 150 pairs
Eyeshades (red/fire iridium) with clear box - 150 pairs (@Wavecloud)
Matt Kenseth Splices 200 pairs
Elite C-Six Carbon Fiber/Tungsten Iridium Polarized OO4047-02 £3450 original UK sale price - 250 made
Who is this kid Hijinx 300 pairs
Over The Top Blade II 300 pairs (apparently may be less in circulation due to recall as per @Romeo Van Frogskinstein here)
Murasaki Holbrooks 400 pairs
Gascan KTM 400 pairs
Juliet Brown 400 (1000?)pairs
London Police Pack - 500 boxed sets
Jamiroquai Thumps 500 pairs $1000 - 2008
C100 Gascans 500 pairs 12-759
Thump 2 Pascha Edition 500 pairs
Radarlock Path Hiroshima Toyo Carp 500 pairs (@Chattabox23)
Romeo 2.0 Gary Scelzi - 500+ pairs (according to @GRFMotorsports there were more)
Racing Jacket Cape Epic 600 pairs (@Raptor)
Juliet 24K 750 pairs
X-Squared 24K/Titanium Iridium Polarized 750 pairs
Infinite Hero Juliet Plasma/Violet Iridium 800 pairs*???
Juliet Finito Edition - 1000 pairs
Juliet Ichiro Carbon Polished - 1000 pairs
Canvas Fuel Cell 1000 pairs
Ichiro Radars 4 different combinations 1000 pairs
Ichiro Juliets different colors 1000 pairs
Shaun White Holbrook FMJ Gold/24K Polarized 1000 pairs $470
Holiday Oil Rigs frost blue w silver history text 1000 pairs
Holiday Oil Rigs matte clear 1000 pairs
Holiday Oil Rigs matte clear w black history text 1000 pairs
Rust Decay Fuel Cell 1000 pairs (allegedly)
Rust Decay Breadbox 1000 pairs (allegedly)
Elite C-Six Aluminum/Grey Polarized £1295 original UK retail price - 1500 numbered pairs
Troy Lee Fuel Cell (Love&Hate) 1500 pairs
Soviet Red Shift Gascans 3000 pairs 12-777
Soviet Red Shift Gascans 3000 pairs
Soviet Red Shift Hijinx 3000 pairs
Troy Lee Gascan 3000 pairs
Penny x-metal ruby lenses 5000 pairs
Romeo 1 Michael Jordan. Identified with a 4 digit serial number on the nose piece - 5000 pairs
First gen Juliet with Ruby with serials - 5000 pairs

Honourable Mentions (unknown quantities, but known to be rare):-
Romeo Jordan Rep Sales Sample in oversized aluminum vault
Romeo 1 w/ persimmon (2000 Olympics)
Crankcase Five
Multicam Twenty
Distressed Breadbox
SAB Miller Hijinx
2015 Osheaga Sliver (3 x colour ways - polished black, matte black & sepia)
Emerald Polarized C-Wire

Mar 15, 2018 5:21 PM
I don't know about rarity, but I do know I had a heck of a time tracking down an Emerald Polarized C-Wire. Did they release production numbers back in 2000? - B3

If you get any info on this, please tag me. I can't really put it on unless I know numbers.
Mar 15, 2018 12:19 AM

- bomb oakley

That is beautiful! Can I steal that picture for Oakley Forum? - cacatman

YES .You can use the photo for sure.
I'm very happy that you chose this photo.
Thank you. - bomb oakley

No. Thank YOU!!! I've been dying to get an x-metal Ducati version. Hard to find!! and expensive!
Mar 15, 2018 12:08 AM

- bomb oakley

That is beautiful! Can I steal that picture for Oakley Forum?
Mar 14, 2018 11:04 PM
Thanks for this. Do you mind if I merge this into the other thread I had. When they stopped using the same half dozen icons for most models, I stopped updating it since I didn't have the current frames on hand. I'd keep all the credits intact of course. - Dann

Not at all Dann! I got most of the information from here, too!!
Mar 14, 2018 10:27 PM
If you're interested in an Excel Spreadsheet of (as many as I could find) Oakley lenses, VLT%, colours including Prizm etc, then you can download it from my dropbox from here...
Mar 14, 2018 9:59 PM
Mar 14, 2018 9:55 PM
Mar 14, 2018 9:55 PM
Last updated by cacatman 16th October, 2017

List of Sunglasses with NO Rubber parts:-
Big Taco
Bottlecap (@Wavecloud)
Daisy Chain
Dispatch 1 & 2
Drop In
Drop Point
Eyepatch 1 & 2
Five Gen 1-3
Fives Squared
Four S
Monster Doggle
Monster Dogs
Monster Pups
Oilrig 1 & 2
PitBoss 1
She's Unstoppable
Sliver F
Stringer Metals
XS Fives

Special thanks to @Mich, @The_Darkone, @PitBoss, @Blondie1976, @MicahS, @dragonvoi[/USER, @iamFLIP, @SiRacer420 & @P226

Mar 14, 2018 9:52 PM
Updated by cacatman on 4th October, 2017

If you have interesting information about Ducati versions or notice one I've missed, please leave a comment! Thanks!

Ducati partnered with Oakley in 2003 - 2013.

List of Ducati Models:-
Crosshair 1.0 12-690 (2005)
Crosshair New 004060-09 (2013)
Dispatch 2 009150-13
Fives 3.0 12-714
Fives Squared 24-089
Fives Squared 24-191
Fives Squared New 009238-03
Fuel Cell - 9096-09 Polished Black/warm grey Matte black/grey polarized
Fuel Cell - 9096-44 Matte black/grey polarized
Garage Rock 009175-12
Gascan - Black frame with Ducati badge 12-744
Gascan - Grey frame with Ducati badge
Gascan - Sete15 12-713
Half Jacket 12-640
Hatchet Wire 12-691
Hatchet Wire (Asia Fit) 12-691J
Hijinx 12-789
Holbrook - Nicky Hayden 009102-14
Inmate 24-081
Juliet - Carbon/BI 12-673 (2004-2009)
Juliet - Carbon/BI 04-159 (March 2009-April 2011)
Juliet - X-metal frame/BI 12-636 (2003-2004)
Jupiter 24-196
Jupiter 24-094
Minute (Gen 2) 12-639
Monster Dog 12-672
Oil Drum 12-743
Oil Drum - Loris Capirossi "Public Relations" - Hardest one to get.
Pit Boss 1 24-247
Pit Bull 009127-15
Pit Bull (Asia Fit) 009161-10
Plaintiff 004057-08
Riddle 12-715
Riddle (Asia Fit) 12-715J
Scalpel 009095-14
Scalpel - Casey Stoner 00905-08
Scalpel (Asia Fit) OO9134-08
Scalpel (Asia Fit) 009134-10
Split Thump 001-0029
Square Whisker 24-197
Square Wire New 12-742
Square Wire II New 004075-07
Straight Jacket 2007 24-002
Straight Jacket New 12-637
Straight Jacket II New (Casey Stoner) 12-790
Thump 1 Gb - unsure
Valve 12-638
Wind Jacket 009142-03
X-Squared 006011-09
Zero, New 12-664
Zero, New (Asia Fit) 12-664J
P.S. The Garage Rock and the Fuel Cell models are the only models in the Oakley range that have BOTH a Ducati AND Ferrari limited edition model. See pictures here.

And the while the Oil Drum has 2 special edition Ducati versions, the Gascan has 3 special editions!

See a few pictures here.

List of RX Models:-
Chamfer OX8045-03?
Currency OX8026-0954
Deringer OX5066-0652
Deringer OX5066-0654
Metal Plate Light 22-240
Transistor 22-233
Transister 22-236
Wingspan 0X5040-0653
Mar 14, 2018 9:51 PM
Updated by cacatman on 14th March, 2018

For pictures of actual cabinets, search here on or

Can be helpful for shipping.

If you have a Display case and can be bothered measuring it's height, width and depth, please post below.

Optical Cabinet
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - 651205d1286375650-oalkey-display-case-f-s-cab.jpg

Stretchline Cube (@Medusa50)
21 inches (53.34 cm) height
16 1/16 (40.8 cm) width
12 1/16 (30.64 cm) depth
25 lbs (11.33 kg) weight
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - B1F0E39E-E2CE-493B-AEDD-E75D3DE027A8.jpeg

Stretchline Single Wide (@xmetal40, @Medusa50)
72 1/16 inches (183.04 cm) height
16 1/16 inches (40.8 cm) width
12 1/16 inches (30.64 cm) depth
Weight 80 lbs (36.28 kg) weight
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - 1823F4AC-AA19-46DA-986E-55096C83FF62-1.jpeg

Single Wide Aluminium
71.65 inches (182 cm) height
19.69 inches (50 cm wide)
20.47 inches (52 cm) deep
about 40 kg
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - $_1.jpg

Double Wide Aluminium
71.65 inches (182 cm) height
39.37 inches (100 cm) width
20.47 inches (52 cm) depth
About 60 kg
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - e3012b6cc006cf4cab5cd66b9e45db24.jpg

Triple Wide Aluminium
Only 60 of these were made (@Dallas O Hog)
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - screenshot_189.png

Brown Square O Tower
23 inches (58.4 cm) width at top
23 inches (58.4 cm) breadth at top
25 inches (63.5 cm) width at base
25 inches (63.5 cm) breadth at base
73 inches (185.4 cm) height
18 3/16 inches (46.2 cm) width of door
About 40 kg
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - screenshot_190.png

Black Megatower 3.0/3.1
23.5 inches (59.7 cm) Width at top
23.5 inches (59.7 cm) Breadth at top
25.5 inches (64.8 cm) Width at base
25.5 inches (64.8 cm) Breadth at base
73 inches (185.4 cm) Height
18 3/16 inches (46.2 cm) Door width
About 40 kg
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - e07109aeaa5b2bc3a5ea6ac43c12e2fc-jpg.jpg

Double Wide 3.0/3.1
35 inches (88.9 cm) width (at widest point)
21 inches (53.3 cm) (narrowest point)/25 inches (63.5 cm) deep (at widest point)
74 inches (188 cm) high
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - a7f3c31eb9fc409aa705aadd6c018349.jpg

Premium Tower (Spine/Spline Case)
45.5 inches (115.6 cm) width
21 inches (53.3 cm) depth
76 inches (193 cm) height
114.8 cm door height
35.1 cm wide
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - oakley-spline-display-case-mars_1_c588c1e59c4ee0cb95f5c2b3ad741fac.jpg

Double Sided Slim Tower (32 piece)
18.5 inches (47 cm) width
24.8 inches (63 cm) breadth
77.95 inches (198 cm) height
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - image.php?family_path=nobuy&image=Double-Sided32PieceSlimTower.jpg

Small Cube Pedestal 3.0 (@Spenc)
14.56 inches (37 cm) width
14.56 inches (37 cm) breadth
16.14 inches (41 cm) height
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - 10ABC98E-4681-48F4-A0B5-B705314C1CD1.jpeg

Pedestal 3.0
18 inches (45.7 cm) width
18 inches (45.7 cm) breadth
41.5 inches (105.4 cm) height
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - image.php?family_path=nobuy&image=Pedistal3_Black.jpg

Counter Top (@PapioXmetal)
16 inches (40.6 cm) width
16 inches (40.6 cm) breadth
28 inches (71.1 cm) height
Door 12.75 inches (32.4 cm) door width
19.75 inches (50.2 cm) door height
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - mv-u0xEvvSHJbCDj0l4UtQg.jpg

Counter Top 3.0 (@Carrera1963)
14.75 inches (37.5 cm) width
14.75 inches (37.5 cm) breadth
16 inches (40.64 cm) height
Display Case Dimensions/Sizes - img_1031-jpg.jpg
Mar 14, 2018 9:51 PM
Double Wide 4.0 (@ChaseU)
31.3 inches (79.5 cm) width
20.8 inches (53.0 cm) breadth
78.6 inches (199.8 cm) height
Mar 14, 2018 9:47 PM
Updated 14/3/18
Mar 14, 2018 9:47 PM
Updated by cacatman 26th February, 2018.

If you have any additional information about lens sizes (or dimensions of Oakleys), please leave a comment

This page was initially created as a resource to accommodate those who needed dimensions of lens donors for existing Oakleys (see here), but has been expanded to include other information which may be useful for you!

Where possible, I've acknowledged sources.

Dillon Frame and Lens Dimensions (with Oakleys they can be a donor lens for)

Please note that some measurements directly from Dillon’s own website are wrong!!! (@Aggie07)

Note to self - Update here and here.

Before buying Dillon lenses, check out @htrap2294's Dillon Lens Review.

Dillon Benny (@cacatman)
BC 8
63 mm X 34 mm

Dillon Bucket (@cacatman) - Juliet, Penny,
BC 8
64 mm X 34 mm

Dillon Budd (@cacatman) - Juliet, Penny, XX
62 mm

Dillon Cobra (@cacatman)
BC 8
65 mm X 48 mm

Dillon Colt (@cacatman)
BC 8
64 mm X 40 mm

Dillon Dexter (@cacatman)
BC 8
48 mm X 42 mm

Dillon Drake (@cacatman) - Juliet, Penny, XS, XX (@Amanoramonkey)
BC 8
61 mm X 44 mm

Dillon Eloy (@cacatman) - Romeo 1, XX
BC 8
62 mm X 43 mm

Dillon George (@cacatman)
BC 8
62 mm X 47 mm

Dillon Greasewood (@cacatman)
BC 8
62 mm X 48 mm

Dillon Holly (@cacatman)
BC 8
56 mm X 48 mm

Dillon Kyle (@cacatman)
BC 8
63 mm X 48 mm

Dillon Logan (@cacatman)
BC 8
61 mm X 36 mm
Dillon website is wrong!! Says 61 mm X 41 mm (@Chris A Hardaway, @Aggie07)

Dillon Miller (@cacatman)
BC 8
61 mm X 42 mm

Dillon Mikel (@cacatman)
BC 8
62 mm X 49 mm

Dillon Nelson (@cacatman)
BC 8
57 mm X 39 mm

Dillon Patton (@cacatman)
BC 8
57 mm X 48 mm

Dillon PHX (@cacatman) - Juliet, Penny, Romeo 1, XS, XX
BC 8
65 mm X 42 mm

Dillon Raven (@cacatman)
BC 8
63 mm X 43 mm

Dillon Reed (@cacatman)
BC 8
57 mm X 44 mm

Dillon Smoke (@cacatman)
BC 8
64 mm X 38 mm

Oakley Frame and Lens Dimensions

Antix (@marc2040)
38 mm
Width 142 mm
Arms 140 mm

Badman (@joscejrod )
60 mm X 40 mm
Bridge 21 mm
Temple 135 mm

Big Taco (@Oontz)
62 mm

Conductor 6 (@demitri.prometheus )
58 mm X 38.3 mm

56 X 36 mm

Commit SQ (@Chris A Hardaway) (Romeo 1, Juliet, XX, Penny)
62 mm X 39 mm
BC 8

Crosshair 1.0 (@Sun & Sand)
63 mm
Bridge 16 mm

Crosshair 2012 (@Chris A Hardaway)
61 mm X 46 mm

Crosshair S (@Chris A Hardaway)
59 mm

Crosshair Ti (@Chris A Hardaway)
61 mm X 46.5 mm

Crosshair Ti 2012 (@Chris A Hardaway)
61 mm X 46.5 mm

Crosslinks (@demitri.prometheus)
53 mm (some were 55 mm)

Crossrange R (@Oakster)
BC 6
57 mm size
17 mm bridge
137 mm temple arms

Crossrange XL (@cacatman)
58 mm width
46 mm height
17 mm nosebridge
137 mm temple arms

Dispatch (@marc2040)
62 mm X 45 mm

Dispatch 2 (@marc2040)
61 mm X 48 mm

Double Edge (@grimm, @Oakster)
BC "Twin toric"
66 mm X 43 mm
17 mm bridge
126 mm temple arms

Drop Point (@Oakster)
BC "twin toric"
60 mm size
18 mm bridge
132 mm temple arms

Eyepatch (@Rustpot )
42.25 mm high

Fast Jacket (@Chris A Hardaway )
64 mm+ X 35 mm+

Fast Jacket (@Chris A Hardaway )
60 mm X 33 mm usable

Fives Squared/3.0 (@marc2040)
54 X 33 mm

Flak 2.0 (@Zax)
59 mm X 38 mm

Flak 2.0 XL (Asia Fit) (@Toy4x)
61 mm X 39 mm
12 mm bridge
133 temple arms

Flak 2.0 XL (Normal) (@Toy4x)
59 mm X 38 mm
12 mm bridge
133 mm temple arms

Flak Beta (@Oakster)
BC 8.75
64 mm size
8 mm bridge
131 mm temple arms

Flak Draft (@Oakster)
BC 8.75
67 mm size
6 mm bridge
114 mm temple arms

Frogskins (@Ryan_C)
54.55 mm X 43.56 mm

Frogskins, New (@Rustpot)
60 mm X 42.85 mm

Gascans (@michael.saklad, @jdd32)
BC 5
55 mm size
18 mm bridge

Gauge 8 (medium) (@Oakster)
BC 8.75
57 mm size
17 mm bridge
136 mm temple arms

Gauge 8 (large) (@Oakster)
BC 8.75
62 mm size
17 mm bridge
136 mm temple arms

Half Jacket 2.0 XL (@Chris A Hardaway)
60 mm X 37 mm usable

Hijinx (@marc2040)
42 mm
Width 145 mm
Arms 135 mm

Hold Out (@Oakster)
BC 4
55 mm size
17 mm bridge
148 mm temple arms

Holbrook (@marc2040@MJLSr)
55 mm X 43 mm
Bridge 18 mm
Temple 137 mm

Jawbone (@marc2040, @Oontz)
62 mm X 39.3 mm high

Jawbreakers (Normal/Asia Fit) (@Ventruck)
53 mm X 131 mm
Bridge 0 mm
Temple Arm length 121 mm

Juliet (@BHarry, @Ryan_C)
55.21 mm X 32.44 mm
BC 8.75
55 mm size
21 mm bridge

Mars (@hotley10)
BC 8.75
44.64 mm X 40.52 mm

Monster Dogs (@cacatman)
BC 8.75
145 mm width
19 mm bridge
34 mm X 62 mm

Penny (@Linegear Japan)
BC 8.75
53 mm X 29 mm

Pitboss I (@Chris A Hardaway)
BC 8.75
61 mm X 36 mm

Pitboss II (@MJLSr)
BC 8.75
60 mm
Bridge 19 mm
Temple 138 mm

Pitbull (@iamFLIP)
BC 8.75
61 mm X 39 mm

Plaintiff (@Kuztomized)
61.26 mm wide (@ top, widest part)
49.90 mm tall (@ far side, tallest part)
51.18 mm diagonal (nose area to top outside corner)

Racing Jacket, New (@Oontz)
62 mm X 39.3 mm

Racing Jacket Gen 1 (@Oontz)
65 mm

Racing Jacket Gen 2 (@Oontz)
62 mm

Romeo 1 (@marc2040)
59.2 mm X 37.6 mm

Romeo 2 (@Linegear Japan)
64 mm X 38 mm

Scalpel (@hotley10)
58.34 mm X 38.25 mm

Shocktube (@Ventruck)
Eye - 62
Bridge - 17
Temple - 132

Sliver XL (@cacatman)
57 mm width
44 mm height
18 mm nosebridge
133 mm temple arms

Spike (@Ryan_C)
64.50 mm X 40.60 mm

Splice (@Zax)
56 mm X 31 mm

Split Jacket (@cacatman)
60 mm X 37 mm
Bridge - 17 mm

Square Wire (@Ryan_C)
51.09 mm X 29.70 mm

Straightlink (@Chris A Hardaway, @theDisruptive_One)
BC 8.75
61 mm X 38 mm

Sweep (@theafroman)
55 mm X 30 mm
Bridge 18 mm
Arm 140 mm

Switch (@theafroman)
53 mm X 30.5 mm

Targetline (@Juliemac07)
BC 6

Ten X (@marc2040)
61 mm X 40.5 mm high

Tincan (@demitri.prometheus)
58 mm X 39.9 mm
Bridge 15 mm
Temple 131 mm

Tinfoil (@demitri.prometheus )
58 mm X 38.8 mm

Valve 1.0 (@Zax)
Valve 1.0
54 mm X 33 mm

Valve, New (@cacatman)
Lens Width 60 mm
Lens Height 38 mm
Bridge Width 16 mm
Temple Arm Length 133 mm

Whisker (@Ryan_C)
59.23 mm X 34.35 mm

X-Squared (@Funky-Trixtar)
58 mm X 20 mm
Length 157 mm
Width 115 mm
Temple Length 34 mm

XX X-Metal (@Ryan_C)
54.55 mm X 36.65 mm]
Mar 14, 2018 9:46 PM
Updated by cacatman on 13th March, 2018.

Use the control-F/apple-F key to find the pair you're looking for. There should only be one listing for each model.

Most information was from O-Review.

All searched threads in Oakley Forum for current icon compatibility are locked and linked files don't work.

The last remaining thread here is a mixed thread.

Icon Compatibility
Antix = Hijinx
P.S. Batwolf fits if tabs are cut (@OakleyGuru379)

Badman = triggerman (@kitconstantino)
Batwolf (Batwolf icon) (@Juliemac07)

Carbon Prime = Carbon shift (@SoulFulFrog

Crankshaft (Hijinx 21 icon) (@Juliemac07)

Dispatch 2 = Square Turbine (older) (@Juliemac07)

Eye Jacket (New), Fives 3.0, Four, Four S, Minute, XX, (possibly compatible with Half Jacket)

EV zero (Icon Fast 14) = Mainlink (@juliemac)

C-Six = Pit Boss 1 (@zwc0442)

Canteen (Twitch icon) = Eye Patch, Fives Squared, Garage rock (@SoulFulFrog), Gascan S, Holbrook (@Juliemac07), Jupiter Squared (@Juliemac07), Montefrio, sliver non ellipse (@SoulFulFrog), Twitch (@Juliemac07)

Crankcase = Eyepatch 2 (@zwc0442)

Crosshair = Crosshair S, Fives 2.0, Flak 2.0 (@Juliemac07), Half X (@lazafari), Hatchet Wire, Jawbone (@Eks), M2 (@Juliemac07), Mag Switch, Monster Pup, Quarter Jacket (@Juliemac07), Rachet (@Juliemac07), Radar (@Lexkempo), Radar EV (@Juliemac07), Scar, Spike, Splice, Split Jacket (@Eks), Switch (@Juliemac07), Unknown, Valve, Zero, Zero S, Zero L

Eye Jacket (New), Fives 3.0, Four, Four S, Minute, XX

Eye Jacket 2 = Monster Dog, Monster Doggle

Flak 2.0 (Rachet icon) = Quarter Jacket (@Juliemac07), Radar EV (@Juliemac07)

Gascan (Gascan icon) (@Juliemac07) = O ROKR, Oil Drum, Oil Rig, Thump 2.0

Half Jacket 2.0 (Half Jacket 2.0 icon) (@Juliemac07)

Jawbreaker (Jawbreaker ring icon) (@Juliemac07)

M Frame (New) = Riddle, Straight Jacket, New

Oil Drum II = Oil Rig II

Pitboss 2 = Scalpel (@EUPHORIIICK)

Pit Bull = Ten X (@marc2040), Straight Jacket II (@marc2040)

Radarlock (Radarlock icon) = Straightlink (@Juliemac07)

Rotor = Turbine (@Juliemac07), Turbine Rotor (@Juliemac07)

Sliver (14mm Flat Icon) = Sliver R (@Juliemac07), Sliver XL (@Juliemac07)

P.S. Racing Jacket Icons are larger than the Jawbone Icons
Radarlock Icons are larger than Radar Icons
Mar 14, 2018 9:45 PM
You can reduce the risk of micro scratches from rubbing microfibre cloths on lenses by washing the lenses under running water first to get rid of easily removable dirt.

Try to clean the lenses sparingly. Avoid perching glasses on heads if you still have hair. Oils are a downright nuisance on the lenses, unless you have custom cut Dillon lenses.

Don't rub too hard when cleaning old iridium coated lenses (e.g. Romeo 1) because the iridium can "flake" off!!

To avoid spider cracks in Romeo 1 lenses, wear the sunglasses like you are putting on a hat. You will look like a dork, but you'll wish you were laughed at when you look cool putting them on, only to find a spider crack in the upper field of vision.

Don't use the outside of the microfibre bags to clean your lenses if you routinely use the bag outside of a case. It tends to pick up environmental dust and particles and has the potential to scratch your lenses.

Avoid using the clear Oakley stands for some models of Oakleys. They can literally scratch both lenses on the inside due to the sharp pointy poorly designed edge of the stand.

If sending an O-matter frame to be custom painted, send the lenses as well, to be mounted, because incorrect mounting can cause frame chips in the worst place possible, the orbital rims (as requested by @SoulFulFrog).

If a custom cut lens is loose in the frame, use hot glue to secure it (@Chris515000), electrical tape (@SiRacer420).

When sending lenses to be custom cut to @Chris A Hardaway, make sure you send the frames to be fitted (if possible), because it is well known that x-metal frames especially vary slightly in sizes, even if they are the same model. Also the case with wires (@flyer aka "Wire King").
Mar 14, 2018 9:45 PM
Last updated 1st March, 2018
Constructive criticism is appreciated. I'd appreciate tips on pricing (or other things to include/consider) and if your argument is sound, I'll adjust the value with acknowledgement.

I wish there was a consolidated thread as a guideline for ROUGHLY what X-metals that are overall rated 9/10 without box shipped CONUSA relative to an equivalent pair of normal Juliets are worth from the perspective of those who have been around long enough to know (taking into account trends and recent falls in prices).

So I decided to TRY to put one together to help people who are just starting out in the Oakley collecting game, and who, like me, really have no idea about what things are worth. If you don't find this information helpful because you've been around for ages and intuitively know what something is worth, then I'm jealous of you. Please share your thoughts here so we can all benefit.

You may even feel that this thread may “create even more drama for discussion and debate” or that it is “asinine”.

@kronin323 makes the cynical, but astute observation that x-metal pricing is the product of "mutually agreed on delusions"!! I completely agree with him, after all the real cost of any x-metal's sum of parts is possibly $3 tops! But what are those "mutually agreed on delusions"?

@X-Metal Beast describes the dynamic dance between buyer and seller. Well worth the read here!

@MJLSr described it mathematically this way -> Value = [(demand/preference)*subjectivity].

@Medusa50 has a different (and absolutely hilarious) post on paying for Oakleys here. His paragraph is well worth the read, even if it's too long to post here, but to what you have to, regardless of the cost or expense to those you hold dear!!! It's just gold. Pure gold.

I wish this guide was here when I started, so I knew I wasn’t getting totally ripped off (as did happen) or so that I didn’t insult a seller (with my stupidly low and insulting offers) or get mocked for posting unreasonable pricing for stuff.

I did this with the help of quite few others (as I am not a super experienced collector). Thank you for the help.

For those of you who are interested in the history of Oakley trading here at OF, check out @kronin323 's widely acclaimed and brilliantly explained philosophical reflection on how the market evolved and cane to be (incidentally, it also explains many of the comments in this thread!!)

There are many other variables that come into the equation (overall trends, how much you want it, how many were produced (rare frogskin list), forced firesales, fickle colour-way preferences, availability in your part of the world, box and coin, presence of unique microfibre, serials/no serial, and even climactic seasons)! There will be ALWAYS be both extreme prices as well as absolute bargains to be had. Check this one out! This guideline is NOT “prescriptive”. There will be differences in pricing, based on how YOU value an item. "Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder". Arguably, this is the MOST important determination of the value of a pair of X-metals, because X-metals, more than anything are purchases of the “heart” and not just a mere stock or share.

For specific items, you can always ask at the Value Thread.

Don't know what the difference is between the different X-metal orbital sizes are? No problemo! Check out @supersharp's excellent size comparison pictures.

You won't need it here, but there's a truckload of abbreviations used by OF veterans to describe lenses, each other and the condition of their sunglasses. If you're lost, check out @mercbezerk's exhaustive and definitive list of Abbreviations .

How to Use This Guide:-
Range for each pair is given relative to a normal pair of Juliets (which is the most commonly available X-metal). @Kronin has documented that relative values remain the same, but the actual dollar values will change based on seasons etc.

So, if you think a Juliet is worth $100, then a copper Penny is worth about $400 (which is 4.0 X $100) etc.

The lower price would be what I think is a reasonable buying price that favours the buyer. The upper price, a reasonable selling price that favours the seller.

Some items USUALLY have the box. If this is the case, price will be specified WITH box.

See footnotes for suggested “adjustments” to price.

If you feel that something else significantly would affect pricing, feel free to correct me by leaving criticism, a comment or a snide remark if you think I’ve missed the mark. Please explain why, as I am a logical person, and would like this guide to be as helpful as possible.

Best regards for the coming year!

X-Metal LIST
(9/10 condition overall without box shipped to CONUSA (in USD and by PayPal G & S)

HALF-X - 0.6-1.0. They are lower priced because of the "Hinge problem" and because there IS no nose hinge like the other X-metals!! That's why they're called a "half" X rather than a "full" X!!

JULIET (carbon, carbon polished, Ti02, X-metal) - 1.0
Blue - ??
Blue-Green - ??
Brown - 3.2-4.8 (List of owners)
Corvette - 2.0-2.4 (List of owners)
Ducati (carbon frame) - 1.6-1.8 (thanks to O-Bro @Cdgann for reminding me to include these!!)
Ducati (X-metal frame) - 2.1-2.2
Finito - 2.0-2.8 (List of owners)
Ichiro - 2.4-4.4 (with box)
Infinite Hero - 1.8-2.0 (lenses and rubbers huge part of value)
Purple - ??
X-metal with deep ruby/purple lenses (variable colouring). Has X serial number (5000 pieces) - 1.6-2.4
24k (750 numbered pairs only, including box) - 5.6-6.4 (list of owners)
24k sample (no box) - 3.6-4.8. Gold Coin alone can be over $200.

Normal (no perforations in orbitals) - 1.6-2.0
Craters - 1.8-2.2
Jordans - 2.4-3.2

Copper - 4.0-4.8
Polished - 1.0-1.3
Titanium - 1.0-1.2
X-metal - 1.6-1.8

ROMEO 1 - 2.4-2.8 (finish and lenses can affect prices in a big way). Please note that there are only Black, Gold and Fire Iridium lenses ie. there are NO polarized lenses.
Jordan - 3.2-3.7 P.S. For the inside story, as per @onz check here! Here is the list of owners
Jordan with supersize box (first 100 (corrected @Jmgarcia)) - ??> 12.0 (for super low productions, very difficult to estimate. They sell for what they sell for). Recently #002 and #025 got sold, but who knows how much they sold for?)
Ti - 2.0-2.6
Plasma - 2.6-2.8 (most desirable)
X-metal - 2.2-2.6

ROMEO 2 - 1.1-1.4 (finish and lenses can affect prices in a big way)
1.4-1.6 for complete with box and mint.
Romeo 2 coins - 0.4-0.52

X—SQUARED - 1.2-1.8
Custom Black (stealth) - 1.8-2.0
Carbon - 1.2-1.4
Ducati - 1.6-2.0
Plasma - 1.4-1.6
Polished - 1.5-1.7
Polished Carbon - 1.5-1.6
"Unicorn" - 1.8-2.0. What is it? Check it out here.
X-metal - 1.5-1.7
24k (750 numbered pairs only complete with box) - 5.6-6.4 (list of owners)
24k sample - 2.8-4.4 without box (thanks @Dallas O Hog)

XX - 1.3-2.8
Plasma - 3.2-3.6 (most desirable)
TiO2 - 1.6-1.8
X-metal - 1.4-1.6 (@Litos)
24K - 1.4-1.8

Suggested prices for Beaters (2017) (thanks to @X-Metal Beast)
Beater regular stem Juliet - 0.6-0.8
Beater polished (haammerstem) Juliet - 0.7-0.9
Beater regular Mars - 0.8
Beater Crater - 1.2
Beater Mars Jordan - 1.4-1.6
Beater XX, XS - 0.8-1.2
Beater R1 - 1.3-1.6


BADMAN - 0.52-0.6 (usually boxed)
Badman Ferrari (corrected @onz) - 0.6-0.68 (usually boxed)

MADMAN - 0.48-0.56 (usually boxed)
Madman Ferrari (corrected @onz) - 0.6-0.72 (usually boxed)
Madman RAW (150 numbered pairs only (corrected @supersharp)) - 4.0-5.6 (usually boxed)

Information About Serial Numbers and SKUs
As per @discostu... X Metals up to 2004 had a serial number. From here until 2009 frames had no markings and from there to the end of production - approx 2012 they were given an SKU number.

#1 Price high, expect lowballs, negotiate down to your real number
#2 If you priced it low to move it fast, expect the same treatment as if you posted full price
#3 Everything you put in your ad will need to be repeated
#4 It's not sold until you have the cash
#5 Honour your word and sell to whoever shows up to pay asking price if you've committed to a deal

After taking into account the below footnotes, suggested minimum price should always be at least 50% of the values quoted above.

Brand New in Box? Add 25% premium
Box + Coin? - Add 0.2-0.48 (depending on whether limited edition)
Lenses trashed? - minus 0.2-0.4 unless limited edition (can pay up to 1.0!!). Affects pricing more than a damaged frame.
Has Dillon Lenses? Add 1.0
Frame poorer quality? - minus 10% for every point below 9/10 to a maximum of 35%
If one hasn’t been seen for 3 months and you want it - Add 0.2 or 15% (whichever is greater)
Missing piece which completes your set/collection - Add 0.4 or 10% (whichever is greater)
Needs a tune, but you can do it yourself? Subtract 0.14
Needs a tune, but you have to send it away? Subtract 0.32
Needs refinishing? Add $80 (price of refinish probably is reflected more by overall condition than coating per se). P.S. Some guys take longer than others.
Want Cerakote? Add $80
Copper electroplated? Add $120
Found on eBay? - expect to add 20-30% to cost (but sometimes you can find bargains)
Found on Craigslist? - Subtract 10% (often you will find bargains)
Overpaid initially for your x-metal? Calculate difference between upper guideline price and price you paid. Halve that number and add to upper guideline price. Start from there! GLWS!!! (@Medusa50)
You’re a stingy buyer? - Subtract 30% (but you probably won't be buying too many this next year)
You are an impulsive buyer? - Add 30% (start looking for a new triple wide case)
You’re a profiteer? - Add 15%

You’re a scammer? - Simply describe product better than it really is.
Have a wife? - Pay in cash wherever you can. If not, subtract 10% if you’re the buyer so you can say you got a good deal.
@Kronin23 's method - Forget above information. Contact @dingo ate my baby for price. Add $50.
Are you @OakleyFrankFMJ? Buy price $27,000. No sell price.
@SiRacer420 second-hand O socks? Buy price is minus $200 (ie. he pays you to take socks due to cost of biohazard disposal with incineration)

Who gives a flying turd about the back story? Well, that’s why this paragraph is after the good stuff.

As a newbie, one doesn’t know the relative worth of x-metals. You don’t know that a half X is worth less than a Romeo 1. Or that a beat up Mars Jordan can fetch higher prices than a mint looking Juliet with aftermarket lenses and rubbers with the wrong box. It literally takes years to get a “feel” for what an X-metal is possibly worth. It’s more critical for most people because usually, X-metals are the most expensive part of one’s collection.

Checking the x-metal exchange forum obviously was the first place I went to.

But I found it nearly useless, because most sellers, replace the price with something like $OLD or delete the price altogether once they sell their item. I’m told they do this to protect the buyer, but I suspect it’s also to protect future pricing requests. After all, who wants to have a buyer writing to you, “Hey, this was sold 2 years ago for $XXXX and now you’re asking $XXXX + $YYYY?” (I’ll admit, I’ve adopted the convention myself).

I PMed a few people for the price of items that they either bought or sold, and while, in the main, they often obliged with a ballpark figure, it does waste their time and you’re using up “demerit points” because you’re asking them a favour. Also you risk having people tell you to “Rack off” and that’s always unpleasant particularly if you’re a greenhorn.

Of course, there's the "Value Thread". For specific items that you get a genuine answer for, it's absolutely brilliant. But there were some drawbacks, which I hope this post may help address. I found difficult to navigate the prices because eggs weren't being compared to eggs. Also, not all the requests for help were answered. And occasionally, there is deliberate lowballing which makes it difficult to determine what the truth is, particularly for newbies.

So I thought I’d write to a few of the people I knew were “regulars” and also those who I respect and ask their advice for this guide.

Thank you for your help.
Mar 14, 2018 9:43 PM
Last updated 22nd February, 2018 by cacatman.

I'm interested to know about Ruby Lenses. If you have any information about them, please post below.

What's the big fuss about Ruby lenses? Why are they so desired?
- For some, it re-ignites their attraction to the X-Men hero Cyclops's visor and blinkered sunglasses he wears, to prevent the rays from his eyes burning through all they cast their gaze on. Others, just love the deep, rich red (aided by blue.....) and it's almost mesmerising 'shimmer' of different elements of minute it appears to be red, then a purple....then a deeper red, a pink and so on.... (@Funky-Trixtar)

Spectrum of Ruby Lenses (in Order)
+Red, early Ruby, OO RIP, Prizm Baseball, Ruby, early Fire, Fruby, late Fire, 24k (thanks @Carrera1963)

What are the difference between colours, Ruby, Fruby, +ive Red, OO Red, Torch, Baseball Prizm, New Prizm Ruby?
@Funky-Trixtar - You wrote, "as far I know the Ruby only has a blue inner coating". Vision through the lens will look bluish when looking at a bright light source.
@kronin323 explains it this way - The base coat without the iridium is actually grey but it is the iridium coating that makes it look blue when looking through the lens.
- Earliest generation Fire has a brutal red with deep brown tones (@Funky-Trixtar)

Variations Are Expected
- a true Ruby lens, should never consist of yellow or orange, within the centre or the mid lens, possibly on the periphery (the very edges of the lens). (@Funky-Trixtar)
- Some fire look almost like 24k, some like rubies and others like, well, fire (@Carrera1963)
- That the early lenses were all good is a bit of a myth, there was variability even back then. The chances of them being a better hue were higher but some later batches are very good ruby too - I have some OEM replacement lenses made in 2015 that are a strong red. I have seen speculation here that the process was shortened for ruby, which led to them becoming more inconsistent. (@Carrera1963)
- Many Oakley lenses can vary from batch to batch, but this does seem to plague ruby more than any other. (@Carrera1963)
- You can’t really discuss early ruby without mentioning early fire either. Those lenses tended to be more orange than today, but sometimes with a lot of red in too and less yellow than today. The strongest fires can be redder than the worst of today’s rubies. The blues, on the other hand, seemed to be consistent right from the word go, with the exception of the green/blue and purple/blue Ichiro lenses off the top of my head. (@Carrera1963)
- Fruby refers to Ruby that looks like Fire, not Fire that looks like Ruby (@kronin323)

X-Men Juliets
What is so special about the ruby lenses in the X-man released X-metal coloured Juliets serialled 1-4,999?

Were the "good" ruby lenses only found in those numbers? Or can you "get lucky"?

Availability as Aftermarket OEM Lens Kits?
Juliet replacement Ruby lenses were only available non-polar. My Ruby polar in my Mars were cut from Big Taco (@kronin323). There were others also.

Other OEM Fruby Lenses
I know there were OTT Ruby lenses but were ruby lenses released in other (cuttable) lens shapes?
Ruby OTT lens from @Funky-Trixtar's collection
Ruby Lenses 101 - 2562-1416521764-5c1088534d612213b77073e57e6af4c0.jpg

How can I tell a genuine Ruby lens when I see one in the wild?
- Go OUT in the sunlight with no or as few objects surrounding the lens as possible. You really don't want any obstructions to change/hinder the final colours reflected by the lenses (@Funky-Trixtar)

Different Other Ruby-ish Lenses and How to Tell the Difference
- Ikon lenses that are ruby have a grey base tint (@NuttyOAK13Y, @Jon the Don)
- OEM Fire lenses have a contrast base; some describe it a greenish but it's more brownish IMO (@kronin323)
- OEM Torch lenses have a lighter blue base tint (@kronin323) and have a grey base (@NoFair)
- Fuse Lenses are thinner (@SolarOracle)
- Premium red linegear lenses have an etch on the edge of the lens (@Linegear Japan)
- OEM Fruby also has a blue base tint but looks like fire from the outside (@Funky-Trixtar)
- The difference between old Ruby and old Fire lenses are the tones of colour used. For Fire, mainly Red with a minor Brown base tint and for Ruby, mainly Red with a minor Blue base.
- Prizm Ruby has more purple in the lens like the older Ruby lenses everyone likes. The Ruby Polarized has more orange in it or as we call it "Fruby" because it looks like a mix of Fire and Ruby lenses with less purple and more orange (@Jontoad) (see his picture below)
Ruby Lenses 101 - 20170602_164703.jpg Ruby Lenses 101 - 20170602_164453.jpg

Picture stolen from @jdd32
Ruby Lenses 101 - PhotoGrid_1504061530088.jpg

Iridium Coating - Can it Affect the Base Tint? (@kronin323)
Can the iridium coating affect the base tint appearance?

Ruby Lenses in Films
- X-Men
- Black Hawk Down - Eric Bana's character, Hoot (@Funky-Trixtar)

Best Way To Photograph Ruby Lenses (When Buying/Selling) (@Funky-Trixtar)
When looking to buy a Ruby pair, always, always insist on seeing them out in natural light. Because electric light(no matter how much daylight simulation they're claimed to be)can and will hide tones/distort the end perception. When they are taken, ask to have them free of as much surrounding matter as possible: have them photograph them on a white or grey neutral back ground, probably best with grey, there'll be less glare.
The shape of the frame can dictate the tone of Ruby which is seen also. The larger the size of the lens, the less likely the end colours will be like Ruby.
Mar 14, 2018 9:42 PM
Last updated 8th March, 2018

If you have links to information about Asia Fit Oakleys, please leave a link/comment.

If you're Asian, then you may find that Asia Fit versions of the Oakley models will be more comfortable for you because of your high cheekbones, flattish nose and the shorter distance between the nose and ears (as compared to the typical Caucasian). Asia Fit versions are less likely to "sit on your cheeks" (unless you're like @Skyler and doesn't mind it so much!!)!!

I'm going to make a start on this and try to gather any useful information and links that may help people looking into Asia Fit Oakleys.

According to Oakley, the term is "Asia Fit" and NOT "Asian Fit", although IMHO, I think that they got it wrong because you wouldn't say "America Fit". You'd say "American Fit".

General Information
Some of the older Asia Fit styles actually have a different frame geometry, so beware if swapping lenses without checking! (@Markman69)
If the frame angles are slightly different, it requires different lenses due to the XYZ positioning (arab_pete,
Ruben Suarez (rsuarez1982, suggests that the lighter lens colours of Asia Fit appears because in Asia, it's disrespectful to not be able to see one's eyes.
Usually, difference is just different sized nose-bombs (@flyer). Different sized sport nosebombs were released after 2005 (Dann, O-review).

Asia Fit Oakleys Which Have Exclusive Differences (besides Nosepieces)
A-Frame has different frame geometry at bridge (EastCoast,
Badman has a different geometry and Lenses are not interchangeable (@Skyler)
Fives Squared Asia Fit lenses will fit in normal frames (albeit slightly looser) (@nofair), but not vice versa (@SMman, @NoFair, @Zax). They have a different frame geometry (@Zax)
Fives Squared 3.0 frame is different (@Zax)
Flak 1.0 frame is flatter (@the piper)
Flak 2.0 frame is different (@Zax)
Flak Draft frame is different (@Zax). The Asia Fit lenses are longer where it fits into the frame. Meaning Asia fit lenses won't fit into a regular Flak Draft, and regular lenses are loose in a Flak Draft Asia Fit. (@DKO)
Flak Jackets have different colourways (dann, O-review)
Frogskins Difference is slightly deeper nose bridge and different colour combos (@SoulFulFrog). Ear stems also shorter (@Trucker360)
Garage Rock has different frame geometry (rsuarez1982, o-review)
Gascans have different frame geometry (@Zax, Paul MCJ, Lenses are have a different Base Curve (@kingphilbert, The lenses are much shorter than standard gascans (aLAthing, so they won't fit (BronzeT, Nosepiece is deeper and flatter. Some of the different models were - brown smoke/gold clear, dark olive/black clear gradient, polished white/warm grey (jbigelow,
Goggles have an extra pad at the nose region
Photo of Standard Grape on left, Asia Fit on the right (stolen from @classicURGE)
Asia Fit/Asian Fit Differences? - with Links (Work in Progress) - DF99059B-08C3-4BBF-8CD0-59FF652C18E8.jpg
Grapevine has different frame geometry (cycling-pablo, Asia Fit lenses are smaller so can't be swapped (O-Whores,
Hatchet Wires had different colourways and a different nosepiece (Harry in Poland,
Holbrooks lenses are interchangeable (@SoulFulFrog) but note that the frame sizes were different across generations. They also had different colour combos as per @mercbezerk's exhaustive list here. Holbrooks has a different frame geometry (rsuarez1982, o-review)
Jupiter has different frame geometry (rsuarez1982, o-review)
Jupiter Squared difference is just the larger nosepiece (@Zax)
M2 has higher cut edge of lens (eddyc,
PitBoss II Asia Fit (@Linegear Japan) - Nosepads different and can substitute on the Badman/Madman frames too! Quick tip - Nosebombs can be flipped upside down on the normal pairs to make them "Asia Fit"! (@SiRacer420)
Pit Bull has thicker moulded irremovable nosepiece (Oak, Eddyc,
Radars are slightly wider (@echav23, @MarcelN)
Radar EV Asia Fit lenses are SHORTER than normal fit lenses (@Markman69). They also sit WIDER on the head as well as having the larger nosepiece and lenses are not as tall(@Rcga32)
Riddle has different frame geometry (cycling-pablo, Lenses are not interchangeable. AF Riddle lenses are smaller (tony2win,
Straight Jacket has thicker moulded irremovable nosepiece (@the piper, eddyc,
Unknowns have different colourways (Dan, but lenses are interchangeable (Icon208,
Wisdom has different frame geometry at bridge (EastCoast,

Asia Fit Oakleys Which are the Same, but Just have the Larger Nosepiece(s)
EV Zero(@MicahS)
Fast Jackets (@MaukaRunner)
Flak 2.0 (@Lexkempo) with pictures (@Jf2oo6)
Half Jacket (EastCoast,
Jawbreaker (@oakleyrider)
Pitbull (@da_nige)
Racing Jacket (new) (@cacatman)
Radarlock (@Rcga32). Confirmed to use the same lenses (@Ventruck)
Romeo 2 (@cacatman)
Scalpels (@Meh)
Script (O-Whores,
Spike has a thicker pad with a longer adjustment wire (unchangeable) (RubyMars,
Split Jacket (@cacatman)
Splice (lenses are interchangeable) (Icon208,
Straight Jackets, New (eddyc,
Wind Jacket (@cacatman)

Fits For Asian Faces?
Good: Big Square Wire, Crosshair, Half Jacket, Dartboard, Mainlink (with Triggerman Asia Fit nosepieces) (@DKO), Minute, Monster dog, (Pro) M-frame, Racing Jacket, Juliet, Penny Straight Jacket (It's good for a wide head), Twenty (XX), Unknown (Asia Fit), and Warden

Bad: Frogskins (normal), Gascan, Mars, Penny, Plate, Riddle (Asia Fit) Teaspoon, most Wires

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