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50 Shades of O -
Brushed/Sunburst White.

This watch perfectly captures elegant bad-ass - and the ladies love it. Worth every penny!
MarcioRS -
Model:Stealth Black/ Rubber Strap

I love watches all my life, i have Timex, Festina, Tissot, Bulova, but this one is the most confortable and good looking of them all, the design defines brilliantly the "mad science" concept.Have a good movement by Ronda A.G
sharperone -
Model: Brushed/Carbon Fibre black
Love it! Fits like a glove. Very good quality build. Pictures don't do it justice, looks twice as good in real life. It's not too heavy as some other might suggest. Lots of compliments from people. Now I gotta find myself a Sunburst Blue model.....
VJ Ferrari Ocampo -
Oakley Blade II: Sunburst Blue

I'm still 2 weeks away from buying this watch. Would you believe how crazy I am reading all your comments about how great this watch is...Oakley just nailed it with this watch...absolutely stunning! Perfect compliment for my Oakley Romeo 1!
Farlius -
Brushed/Carbon Fiber

Snagged it from Oakley Vault online awhile ago. Great compliment to my Stealth/Stealth Black Blade. The Carbon Fiber face is 3D-ish in ways that are hard to describe unless you an look at it in person. The unobtanium band is a very different feel than stainless steel version and I find it very gripping, even in comparison to my Cuban Holeshot. It has a lot of that fresh unobtanium smell still, which I'm guessing is from the big ass strap of unbobtanium. It's both a great piece for display and to wear.
Celicagame -
Stealth Black/Stealth Black

Got this as for a gift for my dad and I almost didn't give it to him. I wanted to keep it. A very striking watch, my dads jaw dropped when saw it. I've worn it a few times and the weight difference is great compared to my time tank but a small price to pay for such a beautiful watch.
Ostermann -
Keep in mind the overall look of the watch will be changed dramaticly when you switch from eg. Carbon Fiber to Sunburst Blue. Of course will some people say "yeah duh?!". But when you actually have it on your wrist and combine two different colors the overall look of the watch will be very different.

When I use my Stealth Black one and change to my Sunburst Blue one I get more compliments on the blue one, due to the more distinct colors.
I have had the Blade II Stealth for about 3 months now and fricken love this thing. Everything about it is top quality. Because it is stainless steel it is much heavier than the minute machine, but i feel is much more practical and perfect size. Straight up its MURDERED OUT!!!!
Streamline -
Model: Brushed/Sunburst Blue

I had been drooling over this line of watches for quite some time. Finially managed to pick one up. Excellent design, and sturdy with the stainless steel band. Unfortunatly the body scuffs quite easily, and I already have a pretty noticable blemish on mine. Still, excellent piece of technology.
Bigeric -
Frame/face stealth black.

Love the hell out of this watch. This is my second blade watch and the blade 2 feels a tad lighter to me. The stealth black is off the hook. Everyone comments on how black and shiny the watch is. They love almost as much as i do. Again oaklley unique styling how could you not love it.
New -
I just purchaced a Blade II Stealth and absolutely LOVE IT!!! The micro adjustment link stainless steel band offers plenty of room to fine-tune the band to your wrist. It is a good size watch with subsantial weight to it due to the stainless steel construction. Not a watch you would want to wear around all the time if you are picky about having a weight on your wrist, however it is still amazing to just look at.
O -
Very cool looking watch, I get comments on it all the time. It is very easy to read the face and it isn't too cluttered. One big minus is the weight. Stainless steel is quite heavy.
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