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Does anyone have a link on where to buy ear sock replacement the Matte Black/Light SKU 12-012? Thank you.
Frame: Olive/Polished Chrome 53o18
Lens: Clear A/R

Got these at Lens Crafters in 2008. I have been overall pleased but they are not as tough as my O-wires. I have bent the hinges but Lens Crafters fixed them. They are stiff and a little heavy but stay on my face great and give a great field of view. The biggest issue I have with Oakley RX is a lot of their glasses have flimsy ear socks. These lasted two years and then started to split. My O-wires where worse, only lasting about a year but if you talk to Oakley Customer Service they will send you your first replacement free otherwise its 6$. Not bad but I would figure I can full on stomp on these and not break the frame why put such flimsy Earsocks/Temple covers on them?
Nakedtoes -
Frame: Socket 4.0 Pewter/Matte Black
Lens: Transition RX

My Firt pair of Oakley and i love it very much. Fit nicely around the head and extremely comfortable. Abit on the heavy side but the frame look nice and cover a full vision as compare to Socket 2.0.
greekzilla -
Frame: Socket 4.0 Polished Brown
Lens: Clear Rx A/R

This is my third pair of Oakley Rx frames. Each pair get better. I had the Chop Top 4.0 & Bottle Rocket 4.0. The temples are plain compared to the Bottle Rocket and the bridge is thicker. Fits round faces very well. As mentioned in the previous review, this is a more aggressive frame.
elpere -
Frame: Socket 4.0 Matte Black / Light
Lens: Clear

Beautiful frame. Fits perfectly my medium face. Bigger than the Straight Line 4.0 that I've worn before. The ear stems look a little aggressive, but I give them 5 points. I where them almost all day, very comfortable.

whitelab -
Frame: Socket 4.0 Pewter/Matte Black
Lens: Oakley RX Clear A/R

My second pair of Oakley RX glasses, these are much heavier than the previous ones (Why 3s), yet thanks to the three point fit, they are just as comfortable to wear, and have no pressure points. The frames look good, with cool sculpting and finish, and seem very durable. All-round vision is as good as you will ever get with a full-rimmed opthamlmic frame, and the Oakley lenses really are worth the money in terms of visual acuity and cutting out glare. Recommended, but as always try them to check they fit your face shape first!

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