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These fit me very well. They are lightweight and comfortable. Visibility is great and coverage is complete. I like the unobtanium nose bombs and ear socks.

I would like to see more colorways and lens options in the future, especially Ruby Iridium (Ferrari?), Ice Iridium, and Jade Iridium. I wouldn't mind seeing Violet Iridium in the IH line either.

I know these are a departure from the original Valve, but things move forward and Lux is not Jim.

I like the new styles for what they are and I like the older styles for what they are. It isn't one or the other for me; it's all good as long as they fit my face.
These are a nice frame, rather like a new version of Scapel than a whole new design. They are comfy and visibility is the excellent.
DBNInc -
I keep a pair of these in my car. They’re super light, and the unobtainium holds them in place very well. They have nice large lenses, which give excellent coverage, and are inexpensive enough that I don’t have to baby them ($55-$70 at the time of writing, depending on the colorway and site). I bought a bunch of spare parts to future proof myself, but they’ve been holding up incredibly well. Great pairs.
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