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fivesguy -
Frame: Olive Ink, Gray Ink, Black Ink
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polar, Black Polar, Fire Iridium Polar

They're super thin, the frames are slimmer than the non folding sliver.
They have spring loaded arms that fold in the middle so they fit in your pockets and into the custom fitted magnetic case, which is, honestly, one of the coolest features of the pair. While I wear a non folding Sliver as my everyday pair, the Sliver F has the same look, lighter frame and cooler case (that only fit Sliver F).

They were probably overlooked in their time like a lot of Oakley frames, but hold their own with many of the more popular models that sell better today. A really cool frame/case bundle to have in your collection.
The Game -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Violet Iridium Polarized

First thing I have to say about the frame is that other than the denim and dark amber, it looks all matte black. Unless you hold them up to a light you really can't see a difference. The frame definitely takes it's cues from the Holbrook, fits almost the same with the sliver f being a tad bit taller. As for the folding part it's all very tight and clean. The frame snaps into place when it opens and folds. The case is perfect as well, sleek and tough. I've dropped it many times and it's never popped open. The lens is good, never had violet polarized before so when I picked this up I was able to check two things off the list. Is it worth the extra money over the sliver? I'd say it is, the case and convenience of slipping them in your pocket does it for me.
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