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The Game -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Prizm Black Iridium

Appropriately named, this Crossrange takes its styling cues from previous Dispatch models. The front had the distinct opening from the Dispatch 1 and thin framed from the Dispatch 2 with the oversized look of both. I owned the original and loved the way they looked on me, the only problem was the bottom of the frame rested on my cheek and would leave lines on my face if I wore them too long. If only they put nose pieces on them. Enter the Crossrange Patch which fixes that problem. I was able to acquire the 5 sizes of nose pieces able and fit the right one for me. They look and feel great. Thanks to the unobtainium earsocks of the sports stems they aren’t going anywhere. If I had only one gripe it’s that there are no polarized lenses available
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