Family: X-Metal
Date: March 1998-July 2004

Mass: 42g
A six-ton generator cranks the 425,000 watts that are devoured by X Metal, and five-axis machining maintains 0.0005" precision. Envisioned by the styling eye of Oakley Board Member Michael Jordan, the second generation of X Metal is a sculptural mechanical frame, logcially structured around a circular lens design. Mars is rendered in three configurations, including wrapped leather.
Black Iridium
Emerald Iridium
Ruby Iridium
X-Metal Crater
Black Iridium
X-Metal Crater w/Red Socks
Black Iridium
X-Metal Leather
Gold Iridium
X-Metal Leather
Prizm 24k
X-Metal w/Red Socks
Black Iridium

Steve -
Frame: X-Metal/Leather Bound
Lens: Gold Iridium

I have been wearing these things for years them off ebay after they went out of print many years ago for 182. I am looking at a mint pair going for over 1000 dollars right now. So glad to still have mine. Love the various stares. Funny thing is...I get way more people every year saying how cool they are. Oakley should bring these back. I'd buy another set just to be sure I had at least one set until I die. They are from Mars.
Iggy -
Frame: X Metal
Lens: Black Iridium

Man, these are killer. If it came with larger nosebombs and a more diverse lens range, I'd wear 'em out all the time, but it doesn't so it just sits there along with the rest of my X Metals. I'd say that this pair is the most intimidating of the lot though.

Coverage is great, but you will lose some of your peripheral vision due to the design of the orbitals; you'll be staring at solid X Metal instead of clear Plutonite.

I did wear them for a while despite them resting on my cheeks (Asian Face Syndrome). They're comfortable, but my eyebrows got pinched a few times. A design flaw? Heheh.

If you can stomach the look and don't mind the odd gawk or two, get 'em!
Slow -
I love these bad boys! The design is timeless, and although the first impression is a bit shocking I became acclimated to them quite quickly and wear them often. The fit can be tight on the head, they clamp pretty good. I'd recommend 15 temple shocks or the nose bridge will wear out quick. They can give a headache on a bad day with 25 temple shocks.

The coverage isn't amazing, your peripheral is looking at a titanium frame. But you can do pretty much anything in these glasses due to the light weight, tight fit and indestructible nature. And you'll look sick too!
Dann -
Frame: X-Metal Leather
Lens: Gold Iridium
I stared at the Oakley website for a long time. Two glasses stood out as being totally ridiculous, but still, I had to have them. They were the Overthetops and the Leather Mars. The $315 price tag seemed to keep me in line, but one day I saw them used online, and got them immediately. Yes, they did look silly, but I loved them. The lenses are awesome and very good for bright light into late evening. The hinge where the ear stems meet the frame tend to block your peripheral vision sometime and can be bothersome when driving, but aren't too bad. The leather looked cool, but if you want them to look nice for a long time, don't wear them in the rain. Actually don't wear them at all, since the leather is untreated and will turn an ugly shiny black instead of a fibery tan. Mine is beyond repair, so I continue to enjoy them. It's too bad the frames got so much wear, since the serial number is only #326. Very low considering most X-Metals are in the tens of thousands range.
Dann -
Frame: X-Metal
Lens: Emerald
Another elusive eBay piece of Oakley eyewear, I'm not 100% sure the Emerald Mars exists, but have seen it consistently on eBay enough to gather that it may be authentic. All the props, boxes, paperwork, bags, seem to be present when someone sells them, and the frames look authentic. Fake X-metals are also very hard to fake and the copies are usually plastic anyway.
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