Family: Time Bomb
Date: November 1999

Icon Small condenses the full Inertial Generator
Polished Titanium
Polished Titanium
Mother of Pearl Lavender
Polished Titanium
Mother of Pearl Pink
Mother of Pearl

ichibandidisan -
Color: Polished Ti/MOP Pink
Serial #: 000169

Got this for my wife in my further attempt to initiate her into the O-cult. Bought used (more like abused), so had band re-polished by jewelry repairwoman, and Oakley replaced the crustal face. Great looks aside, the power storage on this Icon Small actually lives up to the manual's hype of almost 2 weeks. Unlike my two Timebombs, this Icon Small has not stopped running since getting it back from Oakley. Either their maintenance tuned it, or the mechanism on these Smalls is somehow better than the Timebombs. Have sent my TBs in to Oakley, hoping they'll return to me and store a charge as well as these Smalls.
alexithymia -

I'm a have small wrists for a guy, and these look a little small on me (so i have been told a few times). But I absolutely love this watch. I must say the Ti/Ti combo on the Icon small is probably the only option for a guy though. I've heard some people around saying that this watch isn't worth that due to it only being "seiko technology" and not mechanical. But since I only paid a "seiko" price for it, I'd buy this over a seiko anyday.
Casing: X-Metal
Dial: Emerald

Although this watch was marketed as a "women's" timepiece, most colors would still look appropriate for either sex to wear. The Emerald Icon Small represents what was supposedly a prototype color that never made it to mass production. Rare and beautiful, this "Miniture TimeBomb" also represents a crown jewel in an Oakley watch collection. And, as usual... no batteries are required.
DoctorCrip -
Color: Titanium/Titanium
Serial #: 000895

I just added this colorway to my collection and I'm almost speechless. It is by far the most incredible looking timepiece I have ever laid my eyes on and pictures simply do not do it justice. I had been looking for an all-Titanium Icon Small for quite a while, until a Review member across the pond in the United Kingdom told me that he had one that he hardly ever used - thanks Martin! Adding to the allure of this watch is the apparent rarity of it. I also love that the hands glow in the dark. I couldn't be happier with this watch as well as the fact that I finally own this absolutely stunning Oakley masterpiece. It is now - and probably forever - one of the crown jewels of my Oakley collection.
DoctorCrip -
Color: Polished Titanium/Gold
Serial #: 000657

The perfect watch for us men with smaller wrists and hands. This particular color combination goes with pretty much any color jewelery one may wear. But the best part of this line of watches (the Timebomb and both Icons) is that you don't have to worry about replacing the battery every year or two. I don't know if I'd be willing to pay the full retail price for it though, so I'm glad I got mine for a pretty good price on eBay.
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