Family: Wire
Date: April 2006

Our sunglasses take shape in a world that doesn’t exist. Not on paper, anyway. It’s the virtual reality of digital design that lets us achieve things like Reduced Cranial Geometry. That’s how we took the comfort and clarity of our full-size CROSSHAIR™ frame and rendered this unique variant, perfect for smaller faces. The aviator styling comes from fly-by-wire CAD/CAM engineering and it gives you the unbeatable performance of HIGH DEFINITION OPTICS® (HDO®). It also offers superior impact resistance and 100% UV filtering. For extra comfort and a secure fit, the lightweight frame of C-5™ alloy includes soft UNOBTAINIUM® components that increase grip with perspiration. Prescription ready.

All three lens options are engineered to boost visual contrast to improve depth perception. The two gradient lens styles dim the glare of the sky while leaving the rest of your visual field luminous. Choose G40™ Black Gradient for flat/overcast to medium light, Black Violet Gradient for medium light, or VR28® Gold IRIDIUM® for medium to bright light.
G40 Black Gradient
Black Chrome
Black-Violet Gradient
Black Chrome
Warm Grey
Matte Black
Polished Brown
VR28 Black Iridium
Polished Gold
VR28 Gold Iridium

PaulT00 -
Frame/Lens: Black Chrome/Black-Violet Gradient.

These are an interesting combination which works on me but might not work for other males. Although they're supposed to be ladies' sunglasses, the slightly smaller Crosshair with more rounded contours suits some male faces and the black/violet gradient lens, while it's not an out-and-out bright light sunglass lens, is quite nice as a subdued contrast lens in medium light. The construction is pretty solid and they're snug but comfortable, even on me with a medium-large head (Romeos fit me like a glove, for example). Coverage is less than the full-size Crosshairs, but given the lens isn't a full-on sun lens that's not a problem; I regard these as a fashion statement - a bit like my gen 1 C-wires, they're not for everyday but for when I want something a bit different for a change.
Farlius -
Frame: Berry
Lens: G40 Black Gradient

First and only pair of wires my Wife has. Good for her smaller face and they have that modified Aviator look that makes Cross hairs so unique. She has found the nose stem have dug into her face after having them on for long periods of time. I think the color scheme is great on this pair, and I'd be interested to see the frame with other types of lense colors.
Ed -
Frame: Polished Brown
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

I was never a fan of aviator styles, mainly because most of them were too big or just didn't fit me right. This included Warden and the original Crosshair. With Crosshair S, I decided to give it one more try. The smaller lens size and more rounded shape actually work pretty well for smaller faces. I like that the sculpted earstems with the hole in the center of the icon were carried over from the original. Like most of Oakley's full-rim wire frames, these feel very solid without being too heavy. I'm very happy I tried these out, and I would certainly recommend them to anyone who hasn't had luck with aviators in the past.
Trusader -
Frame: Berry
Lens: G40 Black Gradient

I have been eyeing on this pair of glasses for a year before 1 bought it. I'm glad that I bought because I simply LOVE it! it fits perfectly on my Asian face & the lenses do not distort my vision. one thing that bothers me is that my sis & I have 2 pairs but only one pair has serial number on the frame while the other pair do not have. Bought both from the same store at different time
B3 -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Grey

When I was considering the Men's Crosshair, I zeroed in on the matte black pair. After trying them on in the store though, they didn't look right. I decided to try on the Crosshair S just in case, and they fit me much better. Not only do they have a smaller profile, but the straighter stems follow my head's shape smoothly. If you need a smaller option for the Crosshair, try these out. You don't get near as many options to choose from, but it was an easy decision for me after comparing the two models in the mirror.
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