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ichibandidisan -
This is nice, but I'll simply say that the Quilted one is better. Overall, this one is too plain, and aside from the logo, it's indistinguishable from any other good leather wallet. Got mine for about half retail, so dun matter to me. But I wouldn't have paid retail for just the O logo.
Chopsticks -
I have the perforated black leather wallet. I do not see it listed under this site's accessories section but, but the "leather wallet small" is the closest thing to it. This perforated one actually has a coin pouch built into the removable ID slot it comes with. The overall leather and construction feels very high quality and and the polished square O looks better than the leather wallet small's dull "O" logo on the front, in my opinion. Inside, you can see an embossed icon of Oakley's headquarters, and it says "OAKLEY GENUINE LEATHER." In addition to the 6 card holder slots and 4 "hidden" ones, there is a bill divider as well. I love my wallet!
If you're an Oakley fan in search of a classic-looking wallet, then look no further. Featuring leather construction, simple yet elegant aesthetics, and multiple storage compartments, this wallet provides more ameneties than one would expect. The embossed metal icon represents the icing on the cake, and lets everyone know what type of wallet stores your ca$h. The only mentionable drawback is that the wallet appears to be a bit bulky, but considering its numerous other advantages it's still well worth acquiring.
vindicator -
This wallet is just awesome. I've had mine for about 2 years now, and it still looks good. I'm just glad they're still widely available here in the Philippines, just so I can get one for myself when the time comes for me to replace my old one. The Metal Icon provides a great look, the leather insert provides that cutting edge look as only the big "O" can. 5 Stars
TSIcon8 -
Gnarley wallet. I love mine and carry it everywhere. The insert ID holder is super sweet too. Just an amazing piece to have and to use.
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