Family: Sport / Jackets
Date: July 2000-2005

We raised the bar on Eye Jacket design, creating Oakley's first flush-mount lens orbitals. The innovation was inspired by the crystal of Time Bomb, and the segmented earstems carry the aesthetic of the wristwatch's geometric band links. The timeless design includes the O Matter, Plutonite, Iridium and XYZ Optics you expect in performance eyewear.
Black Chrome
Black Iridium Polarized
Cannon Red
Black Iridium
Black Iridium
Metallic Black
Black Iridium
24K Gold Iridium

Funky-Trixtar -
I wanted to add, there's also an Electric Mustard - Black Iridium pair which, it's believed were given to Reps. Supposed amounts suggested being 7-8 pairs.
O4life -
Frame: cannon red
Lens:black iridium
the design from the origional eye jacket to the 2.0 was pretty drastic but in my opinion AWSOME!
Doodle -
Frame: Midnight
Lens: 24K

Just scored my 2nd pair of these. I love 'em. Slight blindspot when driving with these on but looks and comments make up for it.

Definately look like something out of the future with these baby's on!

Matt SG -
Frame: Midnight (Dark Blue Metallic)
Lens: 24K Gold iRidium

My 2nd pair of Oaks... I actually would give this a 3.5, but the ratings don't allow for half skulls :p Basically a love-hate relationship with this. First thing, build quality is fantastic. I recently got a pair of new Straight Jackets II and thought since it's the top-tier of O-matter wraparounds, it should at least come up to the standard of build quality of this 2002 Eye Jacket model... but no... the EJs 2.0 beat it hands down... :((

Next to build quality, 2nd good thing are the 24k gold iridium lenses. The lenses are a work of art and truly shine brilliantly like 24k gold. But the lens shape was what made me give the EJs a not-so-high rating. I don't really like the BUG-EYED kind of style of the glases. I bought it as it was going cheap at some random sunglass store I walked into. That's what people comment on most of the time - the bug or fly's eyes... and it 'bugs' me, HAHA. Also, the fit on my head is rather loose, not as tight as my Minutes; and as someone also mentioned, the hinges are quite loose and the arms just flap easily any way they want.

However, it's protection is outstanding (I'm not sure if the lenses are polarized, can someone tell me?), and the vision is excellent for all bright light conditions. Point to note is that green grass through the lenses look extra green, like a computer-enhanced sort of bright artificial green, and I think that's cool. I'm really trying to like this pair more, but I'm currently auctioning it off after about 3 years with it... i hope it'll find a good home...
Frame: FMJ+
Lens: Black Polarized

To match the aesthetics of Oakley's first watch, the company created the Eye Jacket 2.0. Sleek and aerodynamic in design, the flush-mounted orbitals and earstems closely resemble the crystal and band of the TimeBomb. A Full Metal Jacket further enhances the strength of the frame, and polarized lenses reduce glare (customized). On the downside, the appearance is a bit bulky and the fit somewhat loose. Overall, however, a solid lineup to the Oakley regimen.

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