Family: Lifestyle / Frogskins
Date: 1985-1990


theflyingtomato -
Frame: Matte Royal Blue
Lens: Orange Iridium
It's cool to have examples of all 3 generations of Frogskins, and look at the differences. 1st Gen is actually my second favorite, behind 2nd Gen, in terms of fit and sturdiness. I also actually like the metal hinges. And obtaining the elusive Royal Blue pair didn't hurt my keenness on them either.
T-zilla -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey

Totally 80's. I had two pairs of these - first one was really early with the metal hinge, which eventually broke at one of the temples. The second was plastic hinge, and they have survived. They probably looked weird on me back in the day, but they were cool nonetheless. My sister had the clear frames, and somehow they worked way better on her. Very cool for a vintage look, but they don't work on everyone.
Ian -
Frame: Black
Lens: Gray

I bought these just for the sake of collecting, and to try them on. I think they look goofy, and they don't fit my head. I like them just because I have them, and I would buy them again if the opportunity arose. With that said, I would never wear them. Oakley has come a long way, and innovation has been a good thing.
chris97 -
Frame: Crystal Clear

Just got these today and they took me back to eighth grade again, I wore them around the office all day even when my coworkers were looking at me like I was an idiot. I love these frames, they do tend to scuff in the middle but if you love them you will wear them until they fall apart or someone calls the funny farm to come get you for wearing them inside your office.....
Dann -
Frame: Wildberry n' Milk
Lens: Grey

Finally tracked down this last color. It cost me a bit, but it's all worth in in the end. Be nice if I could get some mint lenses at some point. Frogskins tend to be a bit front heavy and the bulge in the lens makes them a nice resting spot, which leads to dead center scuffing. But I don't dare wear these for the historical value and color scheme. I just rest know they're all together.
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