Family: Men Lifestyle
Date: March 2001-2002

Red (10)
Sand showing

Southernsunlex -
The chain Saw™ Oakley men's casual shoes feature a breathable mesh upper with leather in the abrasion zones for durability. The durable lightweight vulcanized outsole is wrapped and bonded over the midsole for protection and has an aggressive tread design, contoured for full camber traction. A torsion flex arch is incorporated for unrestrained movement, while the molded heel cup helps minimize Achilles slippage..
rolyatnerrad -
Color: Red
Good boot for the snow, nice deep grips, the laces are good to, like intestines, they're ridged so they lock together.
The toe crease can dig into the foot, but not too bad.
They look sweet from the side, but from the top, look like club foot gimp shoes, but they're Oakley, so that's ok...
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