Family: X-Metal
Date: February 1999
Flex couplers allow this 25-piece blend of X Metal® and art to fit naturally around the skull. The adjustable frame includes temple shocks, interchangeable nosebombs, and all the innovations that sculptural physics can offer. Chiseled intake ports bolt the contoured orbitals around pure Plutonite® lenses to retain the precise geometry of XYZ Optics®. Prescription ready.

Pez -
Frame: carbon
Lens: black iridium polarized
OK This website needs another Juliet review like I need another hole in my head, but I just want to really quantify as best I can why I own these and will always measure every other pair of shades against these.

First off I want to talk about the importance I assign to having a frame that is nearly indestructable. I think more than anything a good Oakley fanatic cares for his sunnies like one would care for fine jewelry. The fact that X-metal frames are nearly imprevious to damage is definately a buying point, but ironically one who would spend that much money on a pair of shades really has no intention of putting these in a situation where they would be subject to damage.

This is an interesting paradox. On the one hand you're buying a frame that is strong and durable. On the other hand you care for it as if it is delicate as gold foil. Here is my theory on that. In my opinion few things transcend what I would consider your "day to day" product. One that the individual takes pride in owning. Not as a status symbol, not as a means of keeping up with the Jones, but as something intrisically special in its own right. The product becomes more than what it is functionally designed to be.

Like all of Oakley's products the clarity of the lenses is unsurpassed. As a matter of fact the polarized lenses give one the feeling of "Gosh I can actually see better, clearer, and with better definition with these than with the naked eye" This leads to an almost obsessive need to keep these clean and oil free. So much so that when you do get a smudge it's like having a rock in your shoe, you just have to get rid of it! The only beef I have with this and every other O lense is that they do scratch much easier than I care for.

Getting a scratch on these lenses is heart-breaking. I'm not saying that getting a scratch is unavoidable, I'm saying even the uttmost care does not insure a perfect lense. Yes they are better than most as far as impact resistance is concerned and when it comes down to it that is definately more important than scratch resistance. At any rate indestructable frames do not mean indestructable lenses.

On to style. Yes they are distinct. They stand apart from others, but they are not outlandish. They are edgy, but classic. The earstems just make you think "I wonder how they came up with this". First of all who makes a titanium alloy frame, second these things literally have a suspension system that allows the frame not only a comfortable yet firm fit, but adjusts itself appropriately to your face while maintaining its rigid form. Unbelievably clever. Any way this is my official review of the Juliets. I really doubt that this will change anyone's mind as to why one would want these, but for me they are essential.
Iggy -
Frame: Carbon
Lens: Black Iridium

The legendary Juliet.

Now, these are an absolutely beautiful pair of glasses, in more than one sense of the term. They look and fit great. They don't even fit me properly, which is an emminent problem with X Metals if you have Asian features but I have to say that amongst all the X Metals, these fit me best (and I've worn five out of six of them).

A great thing too is the number of frame and lens options. It's almost like an M-Frame; customise it to your needs! Get a different pair of lenses installed in your favourite frame, it's easy! Just grab a T6 screwdriver and a pair of lenses and you're all set. You're bound to get a combination that suits you.

But how's coverage? Not a problem. Up, down, left and right, you won't have any light leaking in to roast your retina.

If you ever needed to make one sunglass purchase in your life, get a Juliet. Even at retail. I wouldn't be surprised if that's the only sunglass purchase you'd ever have to make!
Jonathan Tung -
Frame: X-metal
Lens: Black Iridium

I love these glasses. I've had mine since 98, and the serial number is 001941, so I consider myself pretty lucky. I first got them from a friend of mine who, at the time, worked at a Sunglass hut at the Mall of America in Minnesota and had overstock of the X-metal frame color. This is about when most people went nuts over the plasma/fire color scheme.

I've sent my Juliet's (these ones, anyhow) back to Oakley twice, both times to get the bridge to orbital sections retightened. They've since not given my any problems. The lenses are still the ones back from 98, though, so they've seen a lot, but are still quite decent.

I've heard a wide range of complaints about these glasses---they're too heavy, too ostentatious, too pricey, etc. I've never noticed the weight too much at all, but I wear a lot of sunglasses--not exclusively Oakley--so I have a pretty good range of experience, and I must be biased. Second, I took care of the ostentatious part by buying the least flashy color combo. And thirdly, I bought mine for 50$.

These are effectively my favorite Oakley sunglasses. I wear them all the time. They might be dethroned by the A-wires, but that's a long shot.

I felt that for many years, the popularity and the immediate recognizability of the Juliet made it the quintiseential Oakley sunglass--basically the sunglass the pride and joy of Oakley much like the Arista/g-15 lens Aviator is the trademark of Ray-Ban.

In closing, the Juliets, as well as being the sunglasses most associated with the Oakley visage today (before it was probably straight jackets, zeros, and M-Frames), they are one of the few sunglasses out there on the market that actually look better in reality than they do in photographs--which is exceedingly rare!

Frame: TiO2
Lens: VR28/Black

The flagship of Oakley sunglasses, the Juliet is truly a sight to behold and an incredible innovation in eyewear. This rendition consisting of a TiO2 frame with VR28/Black Iridium lenses is one of the best. Flex couplers, interchangeble nosebombs and temple shocks enable a customized fit, and the VR28/Black lenses provide protection in bright light - yet prove to be useful in most low-light conditions as well. The two-toned TiO2 frame completes this pair as one of the most visually appealing pairs of Oakleys ever produced.
fullback -
Frame: Polished
Lens: G30

Though pricey, the Juliets are well worth the investment. For the price you're paying, make sure the hinges, flex couplers, and/or orbitals aren't overly tight or loose and that the amount of flex on both sides is balanced. I like the fact that extra temple shocks and nosebombs are supplied for a custom fit, not to mention that there are plenty of replacement lenses to choose from. These are solid glasses and indestructable. I personally like the weight of the glasses.

Initially, I thought I had to take the ear stems off in order to insert new temple shocks. In the process of doing so, one of the clear washers fell out and now I'm unable to put them back in. It doesn't affect the operation of the hinges though. DO NOT TAKE THE EAR STEMS OFFif you don't know what you're doing!!!

I purchased my pair slightly used but for a exceptionally low price. As a result, they're my beater pair. I can chuck them around, leave them in my car in sub-zero weather, etc ... and not worry about them.

The hammerstems are a nice touch though I don't think they serve any function in terms of fit and comfort.

Final thoughts: Purchase a pair and you won't be disappointed.
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