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ucdavisboy -
This is one of Oakley's most underrated post-JJ (Lux) design (along with it's larger, lifestyle cousin the Ten) in large part because they design is daring and unusually Mad Scientist for the era. Luxley basically took this model and made it generic and boring a couple years later with the Valve so the run for this was limited and they are hard to find now 3-4 years post discontinuance. I've owned 3 of the best colorways- the Max Fear, Dark Grey +Red and White Chrome Ice (the last of which was BNIB for just over original retail- a steal considering were these a 2015 release the price wouldn't be $125 but more like $225).

Fit is near perfect with secure three point fit that when combined with rubber would allow this pair to be worn for pretty much any activity should you wish including bicycling. I disagree that this is a large frame however- I'm 6 foot 5, 230 lbs with an athletic build and a lean, angular face and I've found the frame borders on almost being too small (it's probably 10-15% smaller in orbital footprint than the Jawbone which is about as near to a perfect 1-1 fit for my face as will likely ever be found)- I find on face the frame actually looks and fits smaller than pictures might suggest but on the plus there's little to know cheekbone touch or resting and ventilation is excellent.

While the design is definitely less generic than its contemporaries I also disagree with other reviewers that this is even remotely a hard look to pull off- or maybe I'm just really used to boundary pushing designs like Juliets, Oil Rigs etc. because wearing these I don't really feel I stand out due to them.

Overall this design gets a 5 star rating vs. a 4 star as much because of what followed it as anything- it IS a well rounded pair that is more unique looking, well designed and versatile....but it's even more those things when put up against the Made in China near milk jug plastic "O-Matter" models that followed it. If you can get a pair for under $150 in good or excellent condition I advise picking one up.
Janos -
I like the big lens and it is confortable. Rubber stalk destroyed in 2 years
anonymous -
Frame: Dark Grey
Lens: Red Iridium
Fantastic lenses, this is my first oakley, when I went to the store I tried the half jacket but they were too small for my head so I put this on and felt the enormous diference, they are very comfortable. I think theres a oakley for every head, you just have to find yourself. I use them to play tennis and the are the best lenses I have ever had
S T -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: 00 Polarized

Been wearing Oakleys fro a long time. After wearing my old frames for years to the point that I was just bored of them. I decided to go with a new model. I already own the Spike Titanium in Matte Black for more casual not so sunny days. But I wanted something a bit meaner and sportier looking. The scalpels are exactly what I needed and wanted. I'm a tall guy at 6'3" with an average sized head and they fit me wonderfully.

I'm not sure if it'd due to the flexibility of the O-matter and the general design of the frame, but they also fit my brother perfectly and he has a completely differently shaped head than I do, soo I understand completely where "Wookieman" is coming from in his review. This is just a superbly designed frame, very durable. The rubber on the nose and the ear socks make damn sure these glasses don't budge once their on your face.

I also fully agree with "XyesterdayX" about the greatness of the 00 Polarized lenses. Really worth the extra few bucks if you were already going to spring for the standard polarized lenses. Huge difference for not a huge price.

My one complaint which isnt really a complaint more of a warning, is that for me they took a day of wearing to get used to. My Oakley spikes and Fives had much flatter lenses, where the scalpels area bit more concave, I found the change in lens shape a bit off putting at first. But after a few hours of walking in them I don't notice it anymore. Just a warning to anyone who buys these in case you have the same problem I did it will likely not bother you after your first day wearing them.
XyesterdayX -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: OO Black Iridium Polarized

I am a Straight Jacket (2007 model) fan and a Jawbone fan, so the Scalpel fits right in. Think of this frame as a hybrid of the two. Smaller fit like the Straight, but larger/better lens coverage like a Jawbone! It can definitely fit some heads strangely, given it has a slightly wider temple.
The main reason for this review is the OO Polarized lens. If you have the chance... BUY IT!!! Amazing lens family! As a base crossing both G40 and Grey, it gives a very natural and comfortable feel. The slight increase in contrast is like no other (my former favorite lens being a VR28 Black). This lens actually feels clearer than a naked eye! My best comparison is for someone in need of Rx glasses putting on their glasses for the first time. Everything gets clearer, but still neutral/natural on the eye.
cool oaks -
Frame: Dark Grey
Lens: Red Iridium

Fits and wraps very nicely. The only thing you need to worry about is if youre comfortable enough wearing it.I would say if your confident enough to wear not minding the way it yells "oakley!", then by all means go for it. I'm not a big dude but Ive worn other oakleys in the past and by far this has been one of the best when it comes to size/fit factor. I like the new "O" look as well as the cool, modern & sleek design. Its also a good thing Oakley has managed to cut the price down for the Ruby or Red Iridium lenses. I only wish Oakley would come up with replacement lenses. I'm a Filipino and I think the standard fit just suits me well instead of the Asian Fit.

Wookieman -
Frame: White Chrome
Lens: Ice Iridium Polarized

Simply put this is a big frame for big men. Although it may not appear so at first glance the scalpel almost seems like an upgrade to the monster dog. It is big and has a lot of frame, but still maintains a streamlined look. I'm not a small guy I'm about 5'10'' 200 lbs. with a medium large head and I can barely pull these off. While the Monster Dog, Hijinx, and Oil Rig are all big, the shape and contour of this frame make them big in a different way that I can't really explain without showing you. For some reason the scale and contour of this frame looks better on big tall guys with big round heads. These are sharp (no pun intended) but try before you buy.

The fit is very comfortable and the lens coverage is excellent. The addition of ear socks makes the fit that much more secure. The frame feels very durable. The wrap of the lens is nice. You don't much frame when checking blind spots and very little light leaks in from the sides and bottom.

The styling is a new direction for Oakley. The stylized hinges, tilted icon, and new style of earsocks make these look like nothing else. They have some great color combos. The grey with positive red is awesome, but I went with the white chrome and ice because it is polarized.

This is overall a solid frame. I took off points because this frame is not very versatile. The size, shape, and contours make it very hard to pull off.
Mike Jones -
The thin eartems are made out of the same material that flak jackets are, so they're not delicate at all. you can literally bend them however you want and they will spring back into shape.
Frame: Polished Black (Ducati)
Lens: Black Iridium

After finally having the opportunity to experience these glasses incarnate I am a bit disappointed. Although not quite as large as expected, the Scalpel still fared too big for my face, being slightly larger than the New Straight Jacket IIs. While the earstems were certainly noteworthy for their aesthetics (including both the new unobtainium layout as well as the placement of the icon), the real design concern involved the brow (above the orbitals and nosebridge). The "angled" facet (or "horizontal line") over the lenses/nosebridge somehow seemed to make this pair appear "cheap". The earstems also seemed a bit thin and delicate, especially compared to most other Oakleys (i.e., Straight Jacket II, Monster Dog, Flak Jacket, etc.). The positive? Lightweight shades with a new design and overall good coverage for larger faces. Let's hope Oakley can improve on this design for their next endeavor...

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