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Sanclas -
Alguém com esse modelo a venda?
Tyrant Rex -
Its 2019 and I still wear my brushed chrome/ dark bronze Probation shades. The folks at the Oakley store always say something about them when I have them on me. Even when they were new I always got questions about them at different sun glass stores. They really wrap around the face and give complete coverage. They are a bit heavy, but still comfortable. Near impossible to find now. I would love another pair.
rsuarez1982 -
Frame: Brushed Chrome
Lens: Dark Bronze

Somehow I had never noticed this pair. I am a fan of shield glasses having the Antix, Batwolf, and Oil Rig II, so when I found these I was anxious to try a pair. eBay scalpers had these priced horribly high but luckily a fellow Member came through on a trade.

I was no rookie to C5, but I found these a bit heavier holding them than what I had/tried on. I found that over an extended period of time, they left red marks on my bridge. Other than that, I didn't even notice the weight on my face. I have a M-L face, and they only had to be *slightly* adjusted to relieve temple pressure. The overall look is what I expected; they have great coverage and of course no distortion. This pair can easily be used for any dress occasion.
MicahS -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Warm Grey
I picked up a pair of these off eBay for a steal. I had wanted a pair of wire frame/shield lens glasses for a while and most of the existing models are Women's frames such as the Dart, Deception and so on.

These are a fantastic looking pair of glasses. A truly futuristic looking frame that can go with just about anything. It has the same type temples as the Inmate, Felon and others. These things will lock onto your head. I have a small-midsized head and they fit pretty well. If you have a large head they may be tight.

My two biggest complaints about this model are A) The lenses are not used replaceable B) The frame is Chinese. With Oakley's history of quickly discontinuing models, and along with them support, lens replacement will most likely be short lived. I find it hard to justify paying full price for a frame made in China (they are listed here for $150 but my local Vault is selling them for $220). If I knew they were made by Americans in America I wouldn't think twice about it.

I'd give them about a 3½ if we could score half points.
Celicagame -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized

I had been waiting a long time to get these. Every time they came into my store they were on restriction or i didnt have the cash. I love the inmate because they went with anything and when these came out i figured i'd pick up a pair and alternate between the two. Black iridium looks awesome paired with the matte black. Im gonna wear these awhile to break them in,
A-dog -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey
These glasses are reall nice. The frame feels somewhat heavy when wearing then and the frame itself is pretty large, so they aren't really for people with smaller heads. I like the angular look they have, really almost like a futuristic sports shield. The black on grey is subtle, but they still seems to turn some heads when I'm wearing them at the beach. Overall these are definatly worth the purchase.
Richie Hatch -
Frame: Polished Chrome
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

Look great and super fit...! Nuff said
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