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Chuck -
Just picked up the Hollow Point with the orange face. Absolutely one of the best/coolest watches I've ever had!! My main watch for the past few years has been the Minute Machine (red face/rubber band). I was interested in getting something with a metal band and when the Hillow Point was introduced I knew I had to check it out. Wearing the minuteacjine for so long made it difficult to be satisfied with other watches. Size was fairly large so anything else just felt too small. Tried the holeshot mtn division and returned it. Just too small and light. I ended up getting the crankcase stealth and it has been ok. Not great, but still pretty cool.

First impression of the Hollow Point is simply Wow! It is slightly bigger than the minute machine as far as the width goes. It is significantly larger when comparing the thickness of the watch face. The weight of the watch is spot on. As large as it is, the titanium makes it substantial enough to feel good and solid without feeling like you are carrying a weight around your wrist.

I was second-guessing myself on the color choice. Only for a few seconds though. The white face made the hands virtually disappear making it more difficult to see them. I was also concerned about the watch matching different colors, but quickly got over that. When you purchase an Oakley watch you are buying a timepiece that gets noticed. You can fin large watches with a silver band/white face combo all over the place. The orange is definitely more artistic/stylish/cool. When you spend this much on a watch, you want it to be different than what everyone else has. The orange definitely makes that easier. So like I said, the second-guessing only lasted a short time.

I'm really enjoying this new watch and highly recommend it to anyone thy is considering it. Another awesome watch thanks to Oakley!!
Chuck -
I wrote a review shortly after getting the watch. It has been almost 8 months, and I still love it. I do wish they would make a unobtanium/rubber band for it though. It would make it that much more versatile. I still wear it just about everyday, but will switch it out for my minute machine (rubber band/red face) or my other minute machine with brown leather band. Wasn't too happy when they came out with it in black and red. I like the orange face, but would have probably waited and gone with the black had I known. Live and learn.
tmsorrel1 -
I love this watch. The only draw back is its not an automatic. I love the face and styling of the band itself. I own the orange face but will be picking up the new colorway when it releases in the coming months. I wear this watch as my daily watch. It looks flippin awesome and people constantly ask about it.
Derpitty -
Everything about this watch is amazing. I love the hefty size of the watch. Even though it is a fairly big watch, it's still fairly light when compared to other watches of a similar size. I love the gaps between the band pieces. Nice touch! It's funny how Oakley advises (in the owner's manual) us to take the watch to an Oakley dealer to adjust the band size. Cash grab, perhaps? All you really need is an Allen key and a bit of torque. The watch case is great as well. I love the "Instruments of Time" badge on the top of the case. Thanks for a great watch!
Case: Titanium
Dial: Orange

At first I paid little attention to the Hollow Point, but after acquiring the Full Metal Jacket I decided to add the two available colorways (Orange and White dials) to the collection.

The watch definitely garners attention due to its size, but because of its titanium casing it maintains a relatively lightweight profile.

Featuring three subdials, a chronograph, and a sapphire crystal, Hollow Point delivers both aesthetically and functionally. The titanium bracelet is also a work of art, somewhat resembling the bracelet of the Time Tank, but with "gaps" between the links. These "gaps" result in an overall weight reduction compared to the Time Tank but also provide visual distinction/appeal. Also similar to the Time Tank, a hex wrench may be used to remove links from the band. Unfortunately, however, Oakley uses loctite which renders the adjustment of the bracelet incredibly difficult. Apparently someone at corporate is paranoid that the screws in the band will not be tightened properly and everything will "fall apart" during shipment...

Overall, Hollow Point is a great watch. The Orange dial is a bit flashier than its White counterpart, but because of its unique colorway you'll probably receive more compliments.

ediglenn7786 -
Just grabbed a brand new silver HP that was still, catch this, BRAND NEW. Sure enough it arrived exactly as the eBay add described. Even better, I only paid $1,100 for it. Not bad considering the $1,995 MSRP. This is second in the Oakley luxury line only to the Elite Full Metal Jacket, as it truly really resembles it. This watch would make GQ salivate, as it’s big face and bracelt links that resemble spare ammo, says “Badass” all over the place. I get compliments daily so far. Great job Oakley! Now just start the watch line back up!
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