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Farlius -
Scored one at the Michigan Ave O-Store in Chicago. According to the Store Manager since it's Limited Edition he had the only two Gearbox Automatics available for purchase in the Midwest. The Bronze has a rose-gold tint to it. The second hand is white-red not white-black like the catalog picture--I like the contrast the red gives on the dial. The catalog pictures don't do the watch justice, it looks so much better in real time. It shares a Titanium Casing and Carbon Fiber style face with it's Titanium Cousin but the Bronze addition makes it heftier. This is a pretty impressive timepiece (pics in my gallery if you're interested). I can't wait to see what they come up with next.
Rob -
I have the Gearbox Automatic Unobtanium band but am trying to purchase a Titanium band, can anyone suggest how I can purchase one ?
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