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Dann -
Got this as a pre-release, and I'm pleasantly surprised. As one of the more standard releases, one sometimes forgets that Oakley just makes good sunglasses sometimes, and they don't have to be fancy or over the top. Fit is very comfortable and the tight wrap is much needed after many non-sports glasses started leaning more to the lifestyle side of things. Being an Icon marked pair rather than Square O, it fits into the every-day pair quite nicely. Lack of nose pieces is compensated by the earsocks which for the first time do not break before the tip of the ear stem. I wonder how replacing them will be, and if air flow might impede the process, but they are sturdy enough that I may think they should last quite a while before needing a change. As an improvement to a twitch or topcoat, I have been happy to call them my daily pair for the moment. At least until the Half Jackets call me back.
Ian -
These are a pair that I would not have noticed, had I not been implored to try them on. They have one of the better areas of coverage, falling somewhere between a Two-Face and a Fuel Cell, but with more wrap/base curve than either.

I'm surprised that they're called the Canteen, as they have neither the Square O nor the angular design that set the original Canteen apart from the rest. Instead, they have the ellipse icon, which would have placed them squarely in the sports category, rather than the lifestyle subset.

The earstems curve up and then down towards the ears, rather than the straight earstems most pieces have had recently. These stems seem to be a definite but subtle nod to the Topcoat. In fact, had these been called the New Topcoat, I would not have thought twice about the naming convention.

As an update to the Canteen, Twitch, or Topcoat, these are a very solid choice. The fit is similar, but the added base curve makes these a much more useable pair in most conditions.

I would not have looked twice at this pair while it was on the shelf, but after acquiring one, they have been the only pair that I've worn in the past four days that I've had them, even though much more "interesting" frames have been available.

Pick these up, try them on, and buy yourself a new pair of glasses that you won't be upset about wearing and abusing. I'm planning on picking up a couple more pairs, and they're so good that I wouldn't think twice about paying retail price at Sunglass Hut.

GardenTech -
I've had these for about 5 years for going to the beach while wearing contact lenses. The salt and sweat have started to scuff the plastic slightly, nothing very noticeable. The lenses have microscratches all over and some of the coating of the lenses on the eye side has worn spots on the edges.
The fit is good, it seals against the wind well enough. So much that I get a bit of fog on top. The sides still let a little air in.
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