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Dwcfastrice -
The coolest piece ever. Just got one. High quality leather. Excellent stitching. Comfrotable liner. Not something to wear all the time. Definetely a collectors piece. Cant wait for summer to wear this on a motorcycle. Heheh.
yoko -
Frame: What frame?
Lens: Black Iridium

One of those odd, bizzare, out of this world design by the O.

Made of leather, the helmet or the hat fits nicely to one's cranium. The leather dreads add a touch in making this piece an attention getter (if it's still not).

The goggles that is an optional part connects to the main headpiece using metal snaps. The snaps if not in use have little rubber covers with molded icons.

With it's price tag of $500 for the headpiece and an additional $250 for the optional goggles, this item is not for the common consumer but a must for a collector.

Bottomline, a nice display piece.
allwheelarchive -
Oakley Medusa and Goggles (2002)


Considered by many to be the most extreme item ever released by Oakley, the Medusa immediately makes one think "what on earth is that" upon seeing it for the first time.

The Predator-esque helmet features two large removable bug eyed lenses, 28 leather dreadlocks, a leather chin strap and a metal Oakley Icon logo on the forehead.

With the leather helmet and Plutonite Black Iridium goggles retailing for $500 and $250 USD respectively in 2002, the Medusa was an expensive purchase to justify on release.

Over 20 years later it is now highly sought after by Oakley enthusiasts, with it being the centrepiece of many Oakley collections the world over, including mine. Very happy to have finally acquired one, especially with the goggles given how hard they are to find.
ichibandidisan -
Not the most comfortable thing to wear, but it wasn't advertised as comfort wear to begin with. The L size fits my head, but the side straps don't "hug" my cheeks that closely, leaving gaps on both sides (breathing room?). Design-wise awesome, radical, ridiculous, outrageous, stunning ........... should paralyze all those "mere mortals" out there who dare to stare. Too precious, imo, for regular wear, so more of a display or collector's piece.
TT -
I wear my Medusa headgear while riding my motorcycle. No one dares to cut me off in traffic.

Kids in minivans hide in horror yet peek their heads from the window in disbelief.

Walking down the street, I've encountered kids in storllers scream and cry.. or just point and laugh.

If you want attention, this headgear will surely attract people 100%.

Functionally, this headgear does not have good ventilation, head gets hot and sweaty. Button on glasses are not well positioned for my head and eyes and there is no adjustment to the location of the glasses.

If I could find some buttons to rivet the glasses at different location on the hat, this headgear would work out great for motorcycling.
Rick -
The fact that I want one of these is proof that hanging out at the O-Review is unhealthy. I can't imagine there being a more insane piece of headgear on the planet. I have tried the Medusa on once and can't imagine what amount of courage it would take to hit the town with this thing - but I applaud those that try. A truly amazing product by a company that knows how to push the boundaries.
jumpman73 -
So wierd yet so cool. Gotta give it up to Oakley for coming up with crazy stuff. Can't wait for the Flight Deck.
crmnjst -
Useless! expensive! but oh so beautiful all i need for it now is a bob head to properly dispaly this piece of artistic nonsense. got to love it
Jay_X_Bee -
I got to have me one of these!!!!
They are awesome. Good thing for wearing on my bike.
bong -
this is easily the single most useless item i've ever spent good money on myself (and the most expensive Oakley item to date, yeah... even more than my beloved Timebomb), but yet it's also easily the most intriguing. it will most likely not see too much use, but i'm really happy about owning this unique piece of art. it's absolutely one of the coolest things Oakley put out.
american image -
a totally useless , beyond cool - freezingpoint - hat ( because that's what it is ) that i'm so happy to have it in my personal collection. i'm gonna snowboard with it on my head , and i already laughing inside , if i see people's reaction Only thing; they should have included the goggles
Dann -
Ooohhhhh yeah! Finally at long last, I get this silly thing. It gets extrememly hot, when you put it on, and by the time you snap the goggles on, you're ready to take it off. I'm going to try this on my bike at some point.
o-xide -
Color: Black
Yet another piece of art. This time, it's made out leather. Perfect for snowboarding. Fitting the A Frame or the Wisdom requires the strap to be under the dreadlocks. The large fits perfectly into my head...also sits perfectly into The Shadow Head when displayed in my glass case.
Josiah -
Color: D. Brown

Totally post-apocalyptic. Had to exchange goggles once to get the right fit. And yes, the strap is a pain to get tight. Otherwise the single most unique garment I've ever seen. Thrown together with some NewRock boots and a trenchcoat from Abbyshot and you just might get arrested at the airport!
rolyatnerrad -
Color: Dark Brown

One of the coolest peices of kit ever, reduces vision, reduces hearing, gets uncomfortable after a while, goggles flap about and you can't really see much, strap is a pain to use, dye comes out onto your light coloured clothes, makes you look like a complete twat, it's fantastic, I LOVE IT!!!
nicpistol -
Color: Dark Brown

Great hat worth the price. Perfect for Skiing. A little heavy when doing flips but looks cool enough to make up for it. The goggles aren't good for skiing, they decrease your vision drastically.
Carferpez ( -
Alguem tem para vender..??

someone has to sell?
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