Family: Lifestyle / Frogskins
Date: Spring 2003

Mass: 34g
Durable O Matter® frame material forms massive fangs around the skull, combining with pure Plutonite® lenses to beat ANSI Industrial Standards for impact protection. Patented XYZ Optics® maximizes peripheral vision while retaining critical clarity at all angles of view. Tagged with true metal icons, this bulldog of art and technology can be augmented with polarized lenses or Iridium® lens coating for precisely tuned transmission. Prescription ready.

EastCoast -
Frame: Ducati, Night Camo, Amber
Lens: Black Iridium, Grey, Bronze Polarized
Tried these on. I was very wary given they have no unobtanium. I was very much surprised; the first thing I noticed was how robust they felt. They also fit well, which is a rarity given my fat nose bridge. Excellent coverage and aesthetics. The Camo frames at $150 CAN are a relative steal - the Dogs are an 'entry-level' pair that is right up with the best of them.

I would like to see more Iridium options. All in all, my picks are the Night Camos; the Bronze / Ti; and the Dukes. Definitely on my wishlist.
Martin -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Grey Polarized

Great looking frames, very imposing. They also fit very well, but I have a wide head. That said, I never had a pair of sunglasses that fit this well before.

I picked this colour mainly because I don't like to wear something that stands out too much, like shiny or bright colours. I tried on the Ducati version, nice, but very dark and very shiny, they basically made my (quite pale) face light up like a christmas tree. I much prefer these as they are definitely present but also a bit more subtle. They make you look quite imposing, but in a "covert action" sort of way because of the matte effect.

People with smaller heads/faces, may want to pick another model, as these easily cover your brows and are quite wide. As a guide, my head has a circumfence of 57cm, measured around just above the ears, over the base of back of skull and across my brows.

There is practically no light leaking in from the edges, something I find important when driving. The lenses are great, read my in depth review of those in the lenses section under "Grey Polarized".

If you need a hard case for carrying these around, it can be a problem because of their size, I lucked out and found a black suede "Gucci" (yes yes I know;-) case that seems sturdy and house the Monster Dogs quite snugly when they are in the micro bag.
Dullisc -
Frame: Cinder Red / Crystal Black / Matte Black
Lens: Black Iridium / Black Iridium / Ruby Iridium

Great looking frames, aggressive lines, stands out as an Iconic frame from Oakley. Light weight perfect fit for large to medium heads.

Great coverage and the fit of the frames are perfect even without the unobtainium.

dj.MLYT -
Frame: Polished Black, Navy
Lens: Titanium Clear, Grey

These have a nice snug fit on me, and they seem pretty light compared to my usual juliets. They have a great look to them, might look a little goofy on me, but I still like them.

Polished Black/Ti Clear is a Japanese Exclusive, and while I'm really happy I was able to track them down, I really wish the Ti Clear lens was a little clearer. They actually have a half decent titanium mirror on them and especially indoors, even though any blocking of light is pretty much unnoticeable on your side of the lenses, anyone looking at you would definitely label them as sunglasses rather than clear lenses, which is what I hoped they were. Still really cool looking though.

The Navy frame from the navy / pink / blue fluoro camo pack is really cool, its a dark translucent blue, and the pink camo icon looks great. Grey lens actually isn't quite as boring as I thought, it seems to increase contrast a bit rather than being completely neutral...
Frame: Dark Amber
Lens: Bronze polarized

I always considered the monster dog to be the older brother of the splice,but they're so much more than that.Their shape is so aggressive and dominant,that looks almost like a fist,being smooth and elegant at the same time.It's muscular,sharp because of the hammerfang pattern which was first relased in 2003,but also smooth because of the shape of the lenses,definitely courtesy of the splice,which is so dynamic.It's got to be the best lens shape ever,and although I do like the teardropped lenses,this one is a very hard competitor.But the good stuff,just doesn't end there.The monster dog has huge coverage.Forget everything you knew,from the smaller framed glasses such as the minute,you've got all the coverage you can need here.And the fit is as if it was made for me.Although there is no unobtainium at all,these things grip on your head and just become one,without any squeeze whatsoever.It's no coincidence that the monster dogs are around for over than 9 years,and I would really like to see some new colorways.Full five stars without a question at all!
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