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North Dakota
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Oakley admirer since '85, Oakley fanatic since '93 Currently own 72 pairs not including the 4 I've lost :^( I'm most proud of my Zero 0.3, 0.6's, & my snow camo trench's. My favorite pair, however, is my Romeo's. I swear the O-fairy swooped in as I slept & designed these glasses around my face! I live in town of 85 people & it''s my dream to own enough Oakley sun-g's to equip everyone in town with a pair... you know, in case that was ever neccesary.

Dungey Stand-up card

EJ Shamrock

Electric Mustard EJ's

Mace Gloves

Leather Square Wire

Luck O' The Eyejackets

Faceshield M Frame

Big ol' M Frame






Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Fantastic spotlight Phil! Your print material collection is the best...I mean, you know your print collection is good when the owner of the company comes looking for stuff. You're definitely one of the reasons this place is so great today.
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
I don't know why they call it the Netherlands because it seems like there's plenty there to enjoy! You're livin the dream dude, great spotlight
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Great spotlight & great write-up! Congrats dude. The pic with the Medusa & your baby, however, is one of the freakiest pics I've ever seen on here
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Holy crap! Do you studder when you order glasses? That is nuts dude. I had no idea. Great spotlight
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Mark, may I say, you're kind of a badass! What a collection! I'd love to stand in that room someday
Sep 29, 2009 5:10 AM
Fuel cell looks nice. I like the smooth more stylized earstems
Aug 15, 2009 10:35 PM
I always loved the Moons but never seen anyone wearing them. Too frail maybe. Also I can't say that I ever sen anyone wearing the 0.3 when it was for sale now it's one of the most sought after pair. Strange how things change
May 1, 2009 9:30 PM
...all of the stippers pile out of the truck & get in line to audition for the cage dancer positions that Yukio is conducting. Dawn spots Trick getting out of the truck and...
Apr 26, 2009 1:49 AM
Wouldn't the fuel stops need to be fairly closely spaced for you to participate Nik?
Apr 18, 2009 8:16 PM
Yukio, thanks for putting in your 2 cents.

My crown jewel; my brand new Blue/ Orange Iridium Eyeshade

Holy Grail; of course, the 0.3P
Apr 16, 2009 2:28 AM
The S/Ns don't matter much to me but I still think it's cool that all the labels are still numbered sequentially. I recently bought some old Nitro Mater stickers & even those labels are individually numbered
Apr 10, 2009 1:20 PM
Damn! Those are so badass! They look like they fit like "The Incredibles" masks. I bet they're fantastic for wind protection too.
6 bills is still steep, how many pints of blood is that????
All of them.
Apr 1, 2009 9:21 PM
I also really like the Acryllic & Shadow head Bobs But the one piece I've always loved & wanted is the giant 3D hanging Icon
Mar 19, 2009 7:57 PM
Grandcheeseball can set you up with some accent switchplates too
Mar 17, 2009 10:32 AM
Check out the opening scene in the T Pain video "Chopped & Skrewed" Awesome product recognition!
Mar 17, 2009 7:52 AM
Today I shall be known as Todd O'Kley. Wear your Favorite green pair today fellas!

*edit* Oops my bad. this should probably be moved to off topic
Mar 16, 2009 7:19 AM
-Romeo /pure magic
-XX Metal
-Why 3
-Romeo 2
-Half X
I was sad to see nobody giving the Why's any love. It's almost as if it's name ponders it's exclusion.
"I'm sorry but you won't be included in the X Metal line"
Mar 6, 2009 6:42 AM
So it begs the question of whether he'll be wearing Oakley. The answer, unfortunately, is it doesn`t look like it.
Pff whatever! His red shit would squirt right out the sides of those cheap-ass aviators
Mar 4, 2009 9:07 PM
That could be the "staging area" for the pairs you intend to wear next
Feb 20, 2009 9:21 AM
Elite is an acrynym for Elite Line Is Totally Expensive. It's true I looked it up, and by "look" I mean "Made".
Feb 20, 2009 9:13 AM
Those vents are so bad ass! Best venting design ever in my opinion
Feb 20, 2009 9:10 AM
Damn I love the Jawbone! That is going to be a popular frame. I hope they price it right so a guy can afford a few different combos or put it on OCE
Feb 14, 2009 9:36 AM
What the hell is the point of a shoe robot? You couldn't wear it because the whole inside would be filled with robot. & what could it possibly do on it's own? I mean the whole point of the Transformers is that they can hide in plain sight. A shoe just sits there & even if it did try to attack...it's the size of a shoe! One quick kick or stomp & it's done. It's very design seems to limit it's abilities also. What about a bustier transformer? Now that I'd like to see
Feb 12, 2009 5:49 AM
That's sort of redundant isn't it?
Feb 6, 2009 7:22 AM
I wouldn't wear any glasses thereby giving Oakley prime real estate on which to place the contest exclusives
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