Collectors Spotlight - April 2008 - OAKLEYZ
So Cal.

I have been collecting Oakley gear and items since about 1999. I have liked the style for a long time but that is pretty much the year when my addiction started to unravel, and a monster (dog) was created.

At the end of 1998, beginning of 1999 I bought a pair of Oakley snowboard pants at our local store. I wore them in our local mountains for the first time, and it just so happens that when we went up snowboarding it was one of the warmest, spring-like days at the resort. The temperature got up to about 70 degrees that day. The snowboard pants I had on had the inner thigh zippers so I opened them up and stayed cool all day long. A couple weeks after that we had a trip planned to go to Mammoth. The first day we were there we took a trip to the Cornice. For those of you who have never been to Mammoth, the Cornice is 11,053 feet in elevation. The wind chill factor was 2 degrees, and there I was rocking my new Oakley snowboard pants as comfortable as I was two weeks prior when I was in 70 degree weather. That’s how my addiction started.

I remember back in elementary school, my dad came home and told my brother and me that he got us some new grips for our bicycles, to help keep our hands from slipping off. Those were the coolest grips I had ever seen. They were the grey/silver ones.

I have a huge Oakley regret in my eyes; that I did not get either of the David Flores Artist Series Gascans. From a collector’s standpoint, I am very disappointed. But, there is nothing I can do about it now. That is the only thing missing from my Artist Collection and probably will be for a while.

My next Oakley purchase will probably be a new Crowbar Snow Goggle or replacement lens. My wife got me the Text Crowbar Snow Goggles for Christmas (they are sick!). The Pink Iridium works very well in overcast/snowy conditions, but when it’s sunny it’s all about the Fire Iridium.

This is a very tough question. I can’t just pick one. My very first watch; a Polished Timebomb with Carbon Fiber dial and my latest watch; a Diamond Time Tank. My wife loves me. I am also quite fond of my 2006 ‘Winter Olympics’ Shaun White Signature A-Frame Snowboard Goggles, complete with Shaun's autograph on the box. Oakley made six pairs for Shaun & I was fortunate to get one for myself. Obviously, those are pretty special to me.

I have one Doublewide Tower, two Mega Towers, one Stretchline Tower, one Square Tower and a Medicine Cabinet. Luckily for me, I have a great wife who has let me have full reign on the bonus room in our house known as “The Oakley Room”.

Yes I do. Luckily for me, I live in Southern Cali so my favorite retailer is the Oakley HQ in Foothill Ranch. There’s just something about pulling up in the parking lot of that place that just puts you in a whole other element. If you’ve never been there, but you get a chance to go, you’ll see what I mean.

Not a whole lot. I have a couple of OCE pairs, but other than that, not really. I like the configurations they have just as they are.

You name it - if it has an O on it, I’m rocking it. It is against my religion to walk outside the house without rocking all Oakley gear (head to toe). From socks, underwear, shorts, belt, shoes, watch, glasses, hat, wrist band, business card holder, the list is endless. I have been really drawn to their watches within the last couple years. At this point in time I have 91 pairs of Oakley shoes, so footwear is a big part of my collection as well. I have just about all of the die-cast funny cars from when Scotty Cannon was driving for them to the new Gary Scelzi series. I have a full size Chevy truck with 3D icons on the doors (instead of Chevy logos) and my license plate sys “OAKLEYZ”. Oh yeah, I have the Static O tattooed on the top of my back and an Oakley poster (picture) of Ricky Carmichael tattooed on the inside of my right bicep.

I have a couple of hobbies/passions other than Oakley. Passions first. My wife and kids. They are my purpose for living. Without them life would not be for me. Last June was our 10th wedding anniversary, and we just eclipsed our 16th year together. My wife worked her butt off to build a business from home doing weddings and events, and her biggest dream was to get me out of my 10-12 hour a day automotive career to spend more time with our kids and stay home and help her with the business. Now here we are, I have been doing the business with her full time now for almost three years. She gave me a little girl, who is now eight and my baby boy who is now six. I get to walk my kids to school everyday, pick them up, and do their homework with them. Life is good. Every single day I grow closer and closer with them. Both my kids are snowboarding now, and they both ride motorcycles. My son started riding a motorcycle when he was two years old. You’re talking proud papa. As from previous answers you could probably already guess that I love snowboarding but I think that my love for motocross has grown even more in the past three years. We live close to all types of terrain. We also have a boat and go to the river quite frequently during the summer.

My advice would be just to collect what you like and what you want. Don’t just go for things that you think other collectors would like. KEEP A TIGHT GRIP ON THAT WALLET. Lastly, it’s a wild ride, have fun with it.

I get so many compliments on my collection, especially if someone comes to my house and sees my room! They are dumbfounded when they walk through the doors. They say “The sunglass company makes all this stuff?” I love it. Everyone asks the inevitable “Why?” To which my response is “I don’t drink, not even casually, or smoke so Oakley is my alcohol.” I get a tremendous high from everything they are about.

I have two. The first one led into the second. In 2006, I met the Director of Sports Marketing and CEO for Oakley at the 2006 Summer X-GAMES. They were just blown away by all the Oakley stuff I was rocking (and that I was not one of their employees). I talked with them for about ½ hour or so and I was telling them about the Oakley Room I was working on at the time. The CEO asked me to e-mail him pictures when I had it finished, so he could see it. I finished the room about two months after that and e-mailed him. He was just speechless. Well then I get an e-mail about 1½ months later commending me on my Oakley style. He’s worked for Oakley for 19 years and had admiration for people loyal to the brand. Well little did I know, but the CEO forwarded my e-mail through the Oakley HQ and the guy that e-mailed me was the Vice President of Worldwide Marketing. I went down to HQ and met him. He personally took me on a 2½ hour tour of the building and scored some one off goodies. I was like a 10 year old kid on Christmas morning.

I would first like to thank everyone responsible for creating this site. It has given me such enjoyment over the past year. Thanks to all of the awesome members that I have met here that share the same demented, twisted passions for the O that I do. I just can’t say enough about how cool this site is. Oakley is such a sickness, and I will be the first to admit I don’t want the cure. Thanks for everything and KEEP COLLECTING!

posted by Dann
american image
science wrapped in art dealer
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
mark , you are a true to the bone collector, a stand op o-review member, and an example to many of us who want to creat an oakley room ! keep it up, and you are truelly blessed with a wife like you have ! ( let her read this hahahaha )
let the kids have fun , and let them do it while rockin'the O !!!
very nice, and well deserved spotlight !!
Paul Sollenberger
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Great spotlight, Mark you are a great guy, have a great family and that Oakley thing seems to be going well for ya! Congrats!
Bob Russell
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Yet another great spotlight. You have a sweet collection and a very unique story about your email. And Mark, it's great to hear that you're a clean husband and father who has a passion for his family. It seams like that is getting hard to find these days.
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Great insight Mark, thanks for sharing with us. Your entire collection from eyewear to watches to display stuff is amazing. I'm also happy to hear that as much of an Oakley nut you are you're also a family man...that's awesome...I have much respect for that. Good stuff.
male gigolo
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
hey mark, good to read about my long lost brother from another mother!!!!! lol hahaha. you know you are one of the peeps that inpires my collection and room/s (and many other of the peeps here). keep up the good work!!!!!
David Lee
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Your Oakley love has gone well beyond that of your typical collector. It's amazing to me the style and passion you've put into the collection, the room that holds the collection, and the rest of your life that involves the O.
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
ROCK ON MARK!!! Way cool to read up a bit more...Such cool info on a way cool and LOCAL member! It is amazing that you can get so far with just being at the right place at the right time. I felt the same of the Flores pieces, especially since I had the DF2 and got rid of it since I never thought I would get a 1 or the C100, but they will come in due time. Keep it real!
Steve Weinraub
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Mark - a great Spotlight for a great member. Your collection and room serve as inspirations to me and I'm sure many others here as well. Keep up the amazing work and congratulations on receiving this incredible honor.
Now go home and get your shine box.
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Cool collection man great looking family!
Yeah, Member since 2007
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Awesome Mark in every aspect...but I think what's most kewl of all is how proud You are of Your Family and the values you show here, in this day and time these values seem to be lost in too many homes. Most excellent choice indeed, Your O addiction rocks too bro! K U D O S
Rick (The Doctor) Fawcett
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Your passion for the "O" comes through loud and clear through your Spotlight Mark. You do epitomize the Oakley lifestyle to the utmost. Congrats on a great collection and an even greater family.

sees you
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Mark, may I say, you're kind of a badass! What a collection! I'd love to stand in that room someday
18K & FMJ
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
I have a deep respect for a man who puts his wife and family before himself, and it certainly seems that you've done exactly that, Mark. Congrats, bro. Your Oakley collection is truly amazing... but your family is PRICELESS!

Mike Bahr
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Great to read about the man behind the room. To see a family man as well makes it special. It will be real interesting to see this new room thats planned. But will it be The Oakley room or the "boys" room. Since your boys and you share such a passion.
Bryan Fin7
Nov 12, 2013 12:12 AM
Jaw dropping room, Mark. A man who realises the value of family and still has time to collect. Kudos indeed. Thanks for sharing

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