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hogposh -
Frame: black
Lens: black iridium
Got these back in 1993 or 1994 when I was an undergraduate student. Paid $160 Cdn for them using student loans. My first Oakley sunglasses and I still use them for sports on occasion. Very light and doesn't block your peripheral vision. I have owned many Oakley sunglasses since but I end up giving all the others away after a few uses because they are not as comfortable as the Zero 0.2P. I'm amazed at how durable these are. I've dropped them many times on pavement and there is barely a scratch on them. They've seen action on mountain biking trails and in inline hockey games to name a few.
flippj -
Frame: brush/glitter gulch
Lens: black iridium/bronze
just snagged a pair of these from another o-review member, not quite mint, but almost, love these just like the standard 0.2s, straight in the display tower with the rest of the set.
also got a pair of the glitter gulch/bronze-didint even know this colourway existed-they look just like the colourway of the 0.4/0.6 of the same.
O -
Frame: Black
Lens: Brush

Just got a NIB pair on ebay!! They are really cool, I like them better than the .3p's. But, I will still never wear them, they are a straight cabinet piece
Oak -
Frame and Lenses: Round orbitals with "Prototype" etching on the side

I love these as much as I love the 0.3. They fit great and they're uniquely Oakley. Oakley was certainly ahead of their time when these were introduced.
banarno -
Frame: Brush
Lens: Black Iridium

These have to be the one of the coolest Sunglasses of all time, although hardly anybody can wear them and pull them off(including me!)
very comfortable/lightweight you can easily forget you are wearing them.

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