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Ian -
Frame: Polished Black 512mb
Lens: Gray

I finally had a chance to pick up a pair at a more than reasonable price. They look and fit much like the Hijinx. With that said, the only thing I've taken issue with on the Hijinx was the size. The Split Thump is slightly smaller, and the design fixes the only "flaw" in the frame of the Hijinx.

The MP3 portion is what makes these even more badass. Granted, 512mb isn't much, but I was able to put a pretty decent playlist on them with room to spare. Sound is excellent. I was surprised to hear details in songs that I regularly miss in my car and through my surround sound system. I highly recommend them.
chris -
Frame: crystal black
Lens: black iridium

I won these along with a pair of thump pros in an oakley polarized sales contest. i love both of these glasses, i do like the split thumps a lot more. not are the removable headphones one of the coolest things oakley has ever put out, they also transform your thumps into hijinxs. they are a little smaller than hijinx but basically the same shape. another thing that impressed me about the split thumps is how light they are, they dont feel much heavier than a normal pair of O matter frames. i did not expect the sound quality to be much, but it actually is not bad at all, it sounds really good. making the O into the controls also sets the split thumps above the thump pros. the crystal black is cool because you can see the electronics from the inside but not from the outside. i do agree with storm aniamls that they are a bit pricey, however you are buying somthing that most people do even know exist and everywhere you go it will turn heads. and its great to have oakleys superior lens in an mp3 player. i used these everywhere from sitting on the beach to going on runs. definately a great product worth checking out, glad to add them to my collection
flyer -
Radically opposite the original Thump, the ST has a smooth and conservative style.
The orbitals are "just right" sized, between "too small" Gascan and "too big" Fuel Cell.
Sound quality is fine, even with 128kb files, so 512mb gives you plenty of music.
The removeable earpieces are a nice touch.
The icon controls are stealthy, but lack of tactile feedback makes them frustrating in use.
Dwcfastrice -
Frame: White
Lens: Black Ir

Picked up the "white hot" version for a steal. Cool concept but a bit low on space IMHO. It's nice to be able to NOT have to carry around an MP3 player and have a dangling wire.

Could use unobtanium as the only time I use these is times when I'm sweating. thus, running with these on isn't great as they do tend to slide. I found that I had to constantly push up the glasses when I wore these running.

The controls are nicely hidden within the Square O icons on the earstems. They look great and functionally they work well.
Ian -

I really like this frame. It is stylish, functional, and the MP3 portion is very discrete. My only real complaints are the relative lack of colorways, lack of memory, and how the top of the orbital has the extra little "strip" of plastic covering for the wires. On a side note, I hate the fact that if these have a warranty issue, they have to be sent in to Motorola, not Oakley, even if the issue is with the lens...
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: Warm Grey

Wandering into a local Sunglass Hut this past weekend, I had to try on a few Oakleys that I would otherwise never look at. One of those pairs happened to be the Split Thump.

At first glance I thought I had no interest in them, but since Sunglass Hut allows "easy access" to glasses and there was no need to ask an employee to "bring them out of the case" I checked them out. The fit was almost literally like a glove, with the inside electronics (in the earstems) comfortably close to my temples, and the field of view (lens coverage) was excellent as well.

What was most impressive about the glasses was the fact that the (music) earpieces were detachable, and even moreso that the electronic controls were built into the Square Icons. Kudos to the designers on those points.

The only drawback IMO was that the glasses seemed a bit large, maybe because I have a small noggin. Perhaps the style could have been a bit more "sporty" as well. But overall it was very difficult NOT to be impressed with this pair of shades.

Storm Animals -
Frame: Crystal Black
Lens: Black Iridium

MUCH MUCH more comfortable than my Thump. It fits nicely (both with and without earphones) on my average sized head. Sound quality is average but the removable earphones is definitely a plus. So you can take them off when you're not listening to music and it'll look like a normal Oakley sunnies (my Thump was a head turner everywhere). Plus I really like the idea of incorporating the controls into the Oakley square O icon.

Definitely go for the Crystal Black frame, it has that unique look where you can kind of see the electrical circuits within the frame. Looks really cool in my opinion.

Only downside: price, VERY VERY pricey for just a 1Gb mp3 player. Also expandable memory would be a good idea.
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