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Dimitri -
The Game -
This money clip served me well for six years. It was perfect for me because I already carry too many things in my pocket. If I could've found a brand new one I would've picked it up without hesitation.
Farlius -
Excellent variation of a normal wallet. I have had the same one for awhile now and besides the icons on the clip detaching (easily fixed with crazy glue) it's been perfect. I have one on display/in reserve for if and when this one fails. The leather is durable and even the mesh screen pocket has never torn. Holds any and everything (cards, money) easily without a large profile and fits easily into front pants pocket. Interestingly, going through airport screening I have had to twice take it out of my bag to confirm the clip is not a weapon or blade--most likely because of it's appearance under the x-ray.
OakleyEric -
Bought several of these at various oakley stores over time. I am up to 6 in reserve when the one im using now fails. Which i have had for about 2 years now and no problems. Was close to sell a couple on ebay but damn cant bring myself to do it. I hate wallets and this is perfect combo.
flippj -
got 2 of these, one on display and one to use, less the money clip as i dont have a wod of notes to carry around! holds 6 cards tops, but super slim and nice leather
mharris -
had one for 3 years now just broke front mesh broke cant hold any more cards in it other than that its the best wallet i ever had and to all you people out there that paid over triple on ebay try calling oakley first i just got a new one from them
yoko -
If you hate a bulky wallet, this is the solution. Small, tight, and flat. The leather use is first class. getting rare and hard to get at this moment. Prices on Ebay is way up to a hundred.
fin7 -
Removable money clip, shiny black leather
Sweet design, very sought after now.

Lost the first one I had, so the new stays in the display case.
Taking no chances.
crmnjst -
I hate carrying wallets because of the bulkiness but this one is great ive got 2 credit cards, atm card, drivers liscence, metro card, work id and about 10 pictures in it and can hardly tell its in my back pocket. the money clip is great but the "O"s tend to fall off due to the cheap glue used so i reccomend to take them off right away and use some super glue to re attach
TekDragon -
Just got one off eBay and payed about triple the list price. God, I need help. The thing is way cool and there's nothing better than pulling a few Benjamins out of here to pay for new Oakley stuff at the O-store.
DisturbedEarth -
Absolutely awesome! Very tough to find at this point but extremely cool and easy to carry around....
o-xide -
I bought another one because this item has become so rare
o-xide -
Color: black
The metal piece comes off easy so you have dual usage. Unfortunately it scratches easy even inside a pocket. I'd still give it a 5 since I can't give it 4.5
Oakleyman -
Color: Black
Great for quick trips when you need only cash, and CC.
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