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Not a legend that I recall as true, but from time to time we did have athletes grinding their own lens shape to see if we might like it and add to the variety of M Frame lens shapes. I do recall adding Strip mostly show what is possible and to round out the variety of lens shapes that the M Frame had to offer. Heater and Strip being the most extremes. However, there are a couple of stories that could have contributed to the Strip rumor.

One story in particular surrounds a surfer named Tommy Carroll. Back in the day we originally launched the Blade as a "lifestyle" design targeting the surf industry. Tommy was one of our top surfers along with Gary Elkerton, Richie Collins. Tommy was a really small guy with a small face. We really wanted him to not wear Frogskins and switch to Blades. Unfortunately the lens wouldn't clear his cheeks. We had the idea to cut the lens down (narrow the depth) just for Tommy so they would fit him. The lens looked so good Jim decided to add it to the line and Razor Blades were born. Adding Triggers really made them come alive. Later we added the even smaller lens "Slit", but it never sold well.

Another athlete story surrounds Kenny Souza. Kenny was a flashy, flamboyant duathlete at a time when the sport was super hot. Kenny was the rockstar and not afraid to wear anything. During the Blade/Rzr era he wore the Slit lens. He liked the smaller lenses and it made him feel faster (see pic attached) He was also one to stand out so it wouldn't surprise me if he did try to customize his lenses. I remember him racing a couple of times in the Strip. One day Kenny crashed his bike badly. High speed turn and he hit a freshly painted center line, lost his front wheel and went down hard on his face. Luckily he was using the Heater lens that day as the doctor said the size of the fully protected his eye and orbital.

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Oakley Headquarters - Bazooka
Here's another. The customer service and warranty guys. Roughly 1989, 10 Holland bldg.
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Finally got a pair of Holbrook Metals with Prizm Sapphire
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OO9143-05 GasCan Tintin HDO 3D
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OAKLEY x Hincapie jersey
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