1st Annual O Collectors Expo - Auction List - pricedollaz
Now everything is done. My honest assessment in my opinion.

The beginning: when I found out the cost of $125 it felt very high and a lot of that cost was not needed for me but I was committed no matter what and payed within a few days after the cost was posted.

The cancelled event: like many others I was extremely bummed for a chance to meet many forum faces and to see how the event would have looked with everything being set up and the people / auctions.

The online buying/auction: My 125$ credit did go to being used very well along with extra items to make up for any disappointment of the cancelled event which Jeff didn't have to do so he did his best to accommodate people who did sign up and for me I thought that was a great peace offering.

The Weekend: money can buy memories and all I had to do was have an event like this to finally be able to go to Vegas to see a lot of people I been looking forward to seeing and people I didn't know I would be seeing.

Oakley Town Square, Jeff and all the people we met made everything from the beginning to end a wonderful roller coaster ride.

100000% satisfied.

This is my own opinion of it and other views may not be like mine, but it was wonderful.

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1st Annual O Collectors Expo - Auction List - rsuarez1982
I had a good time. Great to finally, properly put some faces to names.
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The Cool Things Thread - Dann
Only plays chants though.
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The Cool Things Thread - Oak
War Relic Replicas is another company that makes bomb statues. The one below is $875 and is nearly 6 feet tall:


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este mode para troca de meu cros wire -fernando marcio de castro
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