Flight Jacket [OO9401-1337]
Polished Black / Red/Prizm Road Black

RadarLock Path (AF)
EVZero Swift (AF)
Wind Jacket 2.0
Wind Jacket 2.0
Flak 2.0 XL
Radar EV Path
Flight Jacket
Wind Jacket 2.0
fivesguy -
Frame: Olive Ink, Gray Ink, Black Ink
Lens: Tungsten Iridium Polar, Black Polar, Fire Iridium Polar

They're made of Nano Matter, which is lighter than O Matter and has a cool matte finish.
They're super thin, the frames are slimmer than the non folding sliver.
They have spring loaded arms that fold in the middle so they fit in your pockets and into the custom fitted magnetic case, which is, honestly, one of the coolest features of the pair. While I wear a non folding Sliver as my everyday pair, the Sliver F has the same look, lighter frame and cooler case (that only fit Sliver F).

They were probably overlooked in their time like a lot of Oakley frames, but hold their own with many of the more popular models that sell better today. A really cool frame/case bundle to have in your collection.
Latch SQ
Fives 3.0
Carbon Blade
New Frogskins
Christmas Ornament
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