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Kill Switch Heritage Bezel... #99 for the moment ;)

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These are great sunglasses. Extremely comfortable to wear due to extreme lightness and a loose grip on the skull. The Sapphire lenses are beautiful, provide excellent coverage and are bright with great contrast.

These are total lifestyle frames. They have a pretty loose fit on my head, and I have a large head. The spring hinges allow for a gentle pinch, but I wouldn't want to run around tossing a football in these things. These are for chilling and looking dapper. I have no doubt that they would suffer some damage if stepped on, so they're not like the old X-metals in that regard.

I don't know how well these will age, because it is a very large lens style that makes the X-squared look small in comparison. But if you can pull it off they're a sweet pair of shades in their own merit. There's not a whole like else like them out there, despite being crafted from "generic" materials like aluminum and plastic. -Slow

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More Fingerprint:

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Very light and comfortable but unfortunately doesn't fit too well for people with bigger heads. The sculpted arms look very nice, but on a bigger head it looks out of proportions as it clamps to your face.

The unobtanium earsocks are very thin and doesn't provide as much grip as it should have. Consequently it tends to slide off my head when I'm active (eg. running for the bus). Can be easily remedied with custom earsocks sourced from other Oakley models. -jdd32
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