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[+] More Posts From December 20th...
The P.W. Club ( A.K.A. - Oakley Selfies ) - pastor.elfstrom

Noomi in a pair of Penny! Feeling sooooo cool!
[+] More Posts From December 19th...
Your latest purchase - Ramzey21
My puchases for the week.... (",)

[+] More Posts From December 18th...
[+] More Posts From December 17th...
Forum Black Bag Holiday Customs - DrChop
Another has been delivered (several are here still because I have multiple pieces going to the buyers)...

Black Bag 2014 #9 Blended Monster Dogs (oakley, you screwed the pooch literally killing this frame)

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[+] More Posts From December 15th...
Fun with Macro - Dann
Some STPL action

[+] More Posts From December 14th...

Your latest purchase - jjoyce213
Not really a new purchase but freshly rehabbed with new lens and ear socks. Was wearing these when I was about 12. Thought I'd share. Sorry if I'm on the wrong thread guys.
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