Your latest purchase - pastor.elfstrom
Totally awesome, Chris!
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Got the carbon/Prizm daily polarised version from the O Store in London. They'd only had them in stock for a week or so. I really love this. It's almost Oakley being derivative of themselves, but it still feels new, and provides a much needed injection of weirdness for the 'normal' line of glasses to go with the delicious insanity of the Madman in the new X-metals. This has a wonderful tinge of mad scientist, and I can see echoes of everything from the original E-wires, through to Moon, Mars, styling nods to the projections on the old X-metals which were due to screws holding the orbitals together, even a hint of Madman. They're great. They probably won't suit everyone, but they are light but solid feeling. The spring hinges work nicely, grippy without being too tight. The fit for me (fairly large head) is great. The lenses give pretty good coverage, and the Prizm Daily polarised is very very similar to one of my alltime favourite functional lenses, the OO Black Iridium Polarised. A rose base tint with great polarisation. These have less iridium mirror on the front, meaning eyes are visible, but from a functional point of view the lenses are excellent and from an aesthetic angle the shape is different and unique. A future classic. Now if they only did an emerald polarised version... -PaulT00

Your latest purchase - Dann
Huge thanks to Oakley Ron for helping with this.

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Razrwire prototype lens? - Defenderoftheo
What are you guys talking about?... I think OakleyMaster meant his Gen 1's have eight color within one lens - not eight separate colors of lenses. Right? That would place them right on the timeline to be the multi-base iridium we saw renderings of. Wasn't that like 2003 when someone posted a pic of Dog the Bounty Hunter with them. I bet it's those. Maybe even the ones from that old photo! - B3

Are you talking about he ever elusive Rainbow Iridium?!
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Your latest purchase - PropWash
Tailend has arrived.

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The P.W. Club ( A.K.A. - Oakley Selfies ) - Del518
Wife and I were out earlier today training for our Duathlon. We are both laughing cuz I picked up a new helmet and as she was snapping the pic I commented on how big it looks on me. Anyways I have Cav JawBreakers and she is wearing a OCP Quarter Jacket with Road Prizm Lenses.....I previewed the image and it is appearing upside down no matter what I do.....so you will have to improvise......

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The P.W. Club ( A.K.A. - Oakley Selfies ) - rsuarez1982

Probation - Brushed Chrome/Dark Bronze
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The P.W. Club ( A.K.A. - Oakley Selfies ) - warwagon
He will always jump in a do a pose for me, but getting him to wear his own has been a little harder.

He has a Fives Polished Black/Ghost Text Black Iridium Polarised....... just can't get him to wear them for long periods.

though he can be a bit a BADMAN


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