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The trusty Deviation and Gearbox

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Gian Doria's/ V2oak 14th DIY: Custom David Flores Art REPLICA skate deck - v2gian
Recently that most of us received a Malto Girl Skate deck for every purchase of $150 and above, fortunately for me I had 3, and im not into skateboarding game and it was just for collection purposes only because it is from oakley and its free. Since I was on leave from work and I had so many stuff going on in my mind on what to do. With all do respect to Mr. Flores I am not claiming that this is my own artwork, I replicate and sketch it on a boring skate deck that I have for free, I just really love David Flores Artwork that he made for oakley and the one that inspires me to do this is when I saw a don pendleton version skate deck, anyway without any further ado here is the result of being bored at home, it is a hand painted David Flores skate deck. I know that this is NOT a sunglass frame but I just want to share that's all.....

 photo IMG_9807_zpspxotlklp.jpg
 photo 2_zpsxdtpimoa.jpg
 photo 1_zpseg8rs1q7.jpg
 photo 4_zps3kyzcnxq.jpg
 photo 3_zpsfgbt67xb.jpg
 photo 6_zpscozzurji.jpg
 photo 5_zpsdnrsunel.jpg
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Oakley Manila Collectors Event 11262015 - Ramzey21
Sharing some pictures when i won the event for Best in Display and Collection...

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Sideshow collectors - Oak
My wallet will start hurting if Hot Toys continue to make life-size statues:

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