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fivesguy -
Frames: Persimmon, Algae, Crystal Black
Lenses: Persimmon, Gold Iridium, Black Iridium

Even though my Fives collection is old and fragile, they're still probably my favorite shape of the active line. Ive been lucky enough to scoop several Fives at pretty decent prices on the Bay and really enjoy wearing them (some more than others)

The full Persimmon pair is probably my favorite of the few that I've found just because of how weird and different they are. Every time I wear them, people compliment them and ask if they can wear them. It happens more with those than any other pair in my collection. They're just badass.

All four of the original Fives in my collection are on the brittle side. So far, it seems like Crystal Black is holding up a little better, although they all have small cracks in the orbitals. I try not to wear the Algae frame as much as I can but the Gold Iri. lens is still in good shape so its hard not to rock them.

I love them and wish there was a modern version with the new O Matter. (and no, I don't mean the Fives Squared)
Kennethekotto -
Frame: Algae / matte black / matte black
Lens: Gold / Jade(custom cut) / grey polarised

Slightly tight but it is now my favourite frame. A persimmon pair is on its way to me thanks to a fellow o-review member.

Looking to eventually complete the entire fives releases!
Johnboy -
Frame: As pictured
Lens: As pictured

Just found this page with the help of Oakley CSR. I still have these sunglasses and I got them in 1997 after working all summer for them! The paint has chipped a bit and the lenses have scratches, but they are still my favorite pair of SG ever. They fit my small head perfectly and have lasted 15 years. Sadly, I may have to take advantage of the trade up program I was offered.
Hunter -
Frame: Algae
Lens: Gold Iridium
These were my first pair of Oakleys. I got them in 1999 when I was in the 4th grade. If anyone knows where I might be able to find a pair to purchase, please let me know asap. I've owned multiple pairs of Oakleys since these, but these will always be my favorite!
b2r -
Frame: Crystal Black
Lens: Black

This was my first pair and what got me addicted to Oakley. I still have it, sadly with some scratches. And it still looks very good and modern. While the Minute, Eye Jacket, old Straight Jacket and so on look a bit 90s, the Five still looks up-to-date.

The Crystal Black is also a very nice frame colour. On the first glance it is just a very versatile black frame that fits to everything and is not too loud. But if you look closer it stays interesting. You see how everything works in the mechanism. It sometimes looks a bit green or blue depending on the light.

I also like the holes on the earstems. Looks very good. The Oakley icon is printed in white onto the frame and it is still there after nearly 15 years.

Black Iridium is THE Oakley lens if you would have to choose only one. It's very neutral to look through, completely mirrored and offers perfect protection.
Danny -
Frame: Tortoise
Lens: Gold Iridium Polarized

Can anybody tell me where I could possibly find these to buy a pair?!?!? I had a pair of these since 1999 and they were the only sunglasses I've ever worn that fit me well. I lost them a few months ago and I finally found out what model they were, now I just can't find them anywhere. Any help is greatly appreciated, these glasses are awesome!
O4life -
Frame: crystal
My very first pair of oakley sunglasses I bought them in 1998 they were the only pair that fit my face at the time and the only pair I could afford (thanks to my bro) I was in 7th grade so my face was pretty small. so now that im in my 20s they look pretty small on me but I will always love them
Fatal Swan -
Frame: Persimmon / FMJ 9mm
Lens: Persimmon / Black iridium

Nice snug-fitting frames, surprisingly good fit for me given the lack of unobtainium. The style might be a little small for some faces - For some reason my FMJ pair feels a bit tighter fit than the Persimmon one. They feel better proportioned than the New Frogskins which are too big. The Persimmon/Persimmon style looks still looks pretty crazy and immediately takes me back to the late 90s. The crystal orange frames look great with the black iridium lenses swapped into them too.
RavenwoodRanch -
Frame: Green Algae
Lens: Emerald Iridium

OK to start lets say these are some of the best non SI glasses ive bought, most i buy for military service but i saw these on the net and liked the way they looked, well all i have to say as that they hold onto the face real well in extreme conditions as much or more than my M Frames or Half Jackets. the overall structure of the frames is simple and well it works, easy to use easy to take off easy to clean, all around a great pair of glasses.

Dwcfastrice -
Frame: Crystal Black
Lens: Persimmon

I got these way back in the day. Got swapped lenses with the lenses from the Persimmon pair. Used these on cloudy days. Very light weight. Good wrap. Works well inside a motorcycle helmet. Small by today's lens size standards, it provided plenty of coverage none the less.
Wookieman -
Frame: Crystal Black
Lens: Black Iridium

My first pair of O's. Saved up and bought them my junior year of High School. I loved them then. Looking back they were probably too small, (now I rock the Monster Dogs) but you never forget your first. A very classic look and very comfortable. The O-matter around the lens everntually broke, probably shouldn't have left them in the car in 100 degree heat. A
BullyVW -
Frame: Root Beer
Lens: Gold Iridium
These are a great, low cost pair...much like the original Frogskins. Suggested by the name, the FIVES are much like smaller versions of the tens. While the lenses and frames appear to be small, they fit well on my larger face, and provide good coverage. The gold lens is a great look, and the translucent nature of the frames is very cool.
DoctorCrip -
Frame: Algae, Black
Lens: Emerald Iridium, Grey

A very solid pair of sunglasses. I had these in high school and they served me quite well - until I lost them like an idiot. Anyway, they were very well made and they had a very good look and feel to them. Even without any Unobtainium, they stayed on my (rather large) head quite well due to the snug fit - but not so snug that they were at all uncomfortable. I also liked the dimples all along the rear two-thirds or so of the ear stems, which might have helped as well. The glasses certainly had that Oakley look to them, but they definitely weren't all that flashy. In retrospect, I wish I had gone with a "nicer" colorway, but like I said I was in high school, so money wasn't something that I had all that much of. However, the difference between mine at $60 and the Crystal Black/Black Iridium at $70 isn't all that much, so I don't know what I was thinking. I guess I'll just chalk it up to inexperience, but more so to me being a cheap moron.
OsmosisJones -
Frame: Persimmon
Lens: Persimmon

Definately a classic. They are still pretty good looking considering the direction the sunglasses world has gone.

My frame color/lense color definately do not offer the appropriate amount of sun protection, but they definately are nice to wear around the house if it's sunny out and your blinds are down.

Sturdy frames and decent coverage are also great on top of the price point.
fin7 -
Frame:SI Matte Black
Lens: Vr28 Polarised
Bought for the lens and an idea to swap at some point, but never did. Dull frame great lens. only worn when there is a chance they may be damaged or lost.
TekDragon -
Frame: Crystal Black
Lens: Black
A more "traditional" type frame. Loved the crystal black color although I always thought the frame material was a bit dodgey, still a great glass though.
Dann -
Frame: White Tiger
Lens: Black Iridium

In my quest to collect the odd colorways that Oakley thought of, I was able to score this White Tiger variant. It's a bit grainy when you look close, but fine otehrwise. The fit is very small, so I can only imagine the Four S's. The Fives 2.0's seem a little bigger and better made, but this pair is a nice piece of O history.
dan-E -
Frame: Tortoise
Lens: Gold Iridium

These Fives seem to be one of the better designed frames for those with small heads. They're a little small for me but they're my friend's and since she's barely 5' tall, they're perfect for her and she looks great in them. She's had them for almost five years and likes them so much that when one of the earstems broke, she had Oakley ship her a new set. So while they're small for me, if she was writing this she'd be writing raves.
Goliath -
Frame: Rootbeer
Lens: Gold Iridium

The only glasses that fit me. Others are much too wide they don't stay close to my face. I just love the lens, it makes the greens comee out so when ever your looking at a park or just your yard it really makes it stand out.Very sober in 5 years they won't look outdated.
banarno -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey
A classic design from Oakley these were a big hit when first released.
There was a huge range of colour options so you could either be conservative, or go for a more cool/funky combination that changed the look of the sunglass.
Lenses are Easily popped in/out so you could buy new lenses, or just customise to change you mood.
Quite a small design, so they released a slightly bigger version (TENS) for larger faces.
oogie -
Frame: Algae
Lens: Gold

Great glasses. Classic styling and plenty of colors to choose from (some crazier than others!). Sadly for me, my noggin is simply too big to really wear this style. But for those with "normal" or small heads, I'm sure you'd look spiffy. I do like the dimple look along the earstems, though.
Nazgul -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey
Fives are so classy! I can wear them any time any day.
Not so good in sports i agree but you still look damn cool!
BrianJ1888 -
Frame: Crystal Blue
Lens: Black Iridium
I was pretty pissed with myself when I left these in a movie theater. I was surprised how much light the frame blocked. But, in bright sun, they will leak in light through the frame. But, like my other pair, they were pretty much indestructable. The iridium lenses improve the rating.
BrianJ1888 -
Frame: Black
Lens: Grey
These were my first Oakley's. Loved em. I would give them a five, but they lacked the features. But, they're cheap and durable, with great clarity and field of vision. I used these when I was a tennis instructor, and they took a beating.
LEX7 -
Frame:White Tiger
Lens:Black Iridium

I loved the look of these glasses and especially the frame colour but I hated the fit, they were tiny so not for those of you with big heads or big faces.
they are are very old skool fit, rigid not a wraparound so not good for sport.
I would love oakley to bring back this frame colour but not the glasses.

Just got another pair of these after having sold my pair last year. the frame colour was just too cool and rare to pass up. i had to add it to my collection.
sparra -
Frame: Crystal Black
Lens: Black Iridium

Fives are possibly the best fitting Oakley's I've worn. I think they are probably an ideal shape if you have a high bridge on your nose, as they have a wide nose gap and hug the forehead closely. The frames look pretty cool and although perhaps not the most innovative or modern of Oakley's designs, they still look great today.
kingphilbert -
Frame: Algae
Lens: Gold

I was mad because I bought the new Frogskins before I heard about these. Cheetah was cool looking but I went with Algae. Basically a crystal green. It was kinda like paying homage to the Fuel Jacket. A great wear for a summer. You could tell you were wearing a smaller frame, catching it in you peripheral every now and then. No breakage though. First style in a while to not periodically break. Boxy arms and very flexible.
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