Sutro [OO9406-2437]
Matte White Concept/Prizm Road

Side Swept
Side Swept
Side Swept
Side Swept
EVZero Blades
Radar EV Path
Portal X
Matte Black & Matte Black
Prizm 24k Gold Polarized Iridium & Prizm snow Black

I agree with Dullisc, the frame is quite reminiscent of Subzero/Zero series. It’s a comfortable build with the blinders attached, which for my preferences I’ll be leaving attached, fortunately if you do want to remove them, then snap out, and in respectively. I may attach the leash that comes with the frame.

It’s worth noting that the 24k is also polarized too, and at 11% VLT this make for good use in numerous conditions. Lux/Oakley were very creative with the Clifden. Additionally the blinders themselves are made from unobtanium.

It is worth noting and being mindful that the lenses can fog up while you have the blinders attached, if this happens I recommend not wearing the frame flush against one’s face and space it out a millimeter or two out. Or one could remove the unobtanium bridge blocker the wraps around the back of the nose bridge, to allow for some ventilation; though it’s worth noting that with the removal of the blocker, it will allow for light/sunlight in.

At 6% vlt, which designates the snow black as class 4 uv protection lenses.
Factory Glove 2.0
Gearbox Automatic
Warden (Square O)
Monster Dog
Split Thump
Limit Switch
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