Twenty Fifty
Dec 23, 2012 12:25 PM
We're about a little over a week before the new year, so I figure it's time to look back on the previous year and look forward into the next.

For me, 2012 has been an odd, odd year. Oakley's taken a back seat to other hobbies, so it doesn't get as much of my attention as it used to. Because of that, and while I know I bought good stuff this year, I don't actually remember most of it. I think I bought a couple Romeos to round out that collection. I think it was this year that I completed the OTT collection. I completed the Artist Series of sunglasses. Other than that and a couple Frogskins, I forget what else I picked up.

I bought a ton of of stuff from the AFA lineup. Tees impressed me this year and purchases reflected it, as did the Carabiners (both sizes). I like their bottles, so I kept buying the Water Tanks and Fuel Taps. The footwear side was slim, but I did get a few sandals.

Display items and cases were the headliners this year. I think that was my main focus, and I got a lot of my display holy grails this year. As part of my display collection, I started putting more effort into developing my branded sporting equipment collection this year and added a number of good stuff. Looking forward to putting together a doublewide featuring sporting equipment.

I started getting rid of my eyewear doubles this year. For a guy that hates parting with anything, it was a big step. I expect that step to continue through next year.

Many of the good stuff from 2012 couldn't have happened without help from fellow collectors, O Store employees and awesome OPDs. For that, I thank you all.

For 2013, some resolutions include:

1) Continue to focus on display stuff. I think I'm almost out of floor space with my 2012 display case acquisitions, but I'll make room if I need to when the 4.0 displays hit.
2) Continue focus on the branded sporting equipment collection. I gotta get one of those Oakley fishing rods one of these days.
3) Kitchen Sinks. Oakley's got parts numbers lined up for an assload of new KS colours, so I gotta gear up for all of those to keep the collection up-to-date.
4) Get an X-metal/Black Iridium XX to complete the Double-X collection. I know I'm gonna drag my feet on this one, since I'm not exactly a fan of the colourway. Still, I should get on it while they're still available.
5) Refine (though not necessarily trim) the collection. This is a tough one. As mentioned above, I hate parting with my collection, any collection. At the same time, I'm wanting a collection where I find everything to be cool rather than me finding only 2/3s cool and the other 1/3 I'm indifferent to.
6) More meetups with the other Alberta Oakley collectors. Life gets in the way of meeting the local Oakley collector community more often, but I'll certainly try to get out there more.

I think that's it for me. Your turn.
paul jewiss
Dec 23, 2012 2:18 PM
Great insight Oak

My year has been a similar one.
My focus has been on trying to complete big jobs on the continual development/refurb of our home so most our funds have gone on this and to some degree, buying oakley has happened as and when spare cash has become available.

That said, I have focused alot in the later half of this year on trimming down my collection and focusing on collating mint pairs, with boxes where possible, which is tough with vintage.
Ive sold off alot of my double/triple pairs to raise funds to by mint items.
Ive also sold off several display towers, cubes as my collection has thinned.

Its been difficult looking at a collection which is alot smaller than this time last year, but im happy in that quality is ten times better.
Ive picked up some rare items, such as some strip lenses and ive been lucky with lots of NOS pairs.

2013, well, the house renovations continue, but other than a blue iridium strip lense, im not sure i want or am looking for anything in particular. I am however looking more to increasing my watch collection so as and when I have the money ot they become available Im hoping to snag:

Rusty Wallace Time Bomb to go along side my Eddies Jordan TB


Minute Machine

Jordan Leather Mars

Penny with Ruby Lenses (Initial run)

Im going to sell off more of my spares lenses/pairs and lets see what else becomes available for my vintage set up!

Once again, its a pleasure to say its been a good year for aquisisions and chat/help from members on the review and heres to a fruitful 2013 in collecting and health to your all!

Tony England
Dec 23, 2012 8:22 PM
Well I don't usually make resolutions. But I will continue to expand my collection (only been going for about 18 months at the moment). Get my photo's upto date on my collection. Will also look to get a pair of OTT's to add to it seen as I failed this year. That's about it really. So Merry Christmas & a Happy new year to everyone
Dec 23, 2012 9:36 PM
I didn't buy much this year, I saved quite a bit of $$. Only notable acquisitions was one of those giant time bomb watch vaults and a couple of hanging displays. Other than that it was a slow buying year. It feels nice to be at a point that I rarely find something that I really want that I don't have.
Adrian Jimenez
Dec 24, 2012 8:12 AM
For me its been a long year of trying to track things down. I've definitely had more misses than I would have hoped, but the hits have made it worth it (if I have a pic up the collection section, it was a hit). I got a few more things on the way, which if I hit on all of them (never happens) I would have my current list down to like the mid teens. It's definitely been a year where I've put a lot of thought into where I want to go in the overall scheme, changed plans here and there, and I'm still deciding between different routes to take on some things.

For 2013, I'm just going to keep chipping away. I want to hopefully rely less on Ebay than I did this year. My current list is too long to put in this thread, but as far as sets where I'm close to completing:

Does anybody out there have a XX FMJ/Persimmon box or a Straight Jacket 1st gen Electric Mustard/Black box? Come on! Haha.
Nate Long
Dec 24, 2012 10:01 PM
2012 Was a good year for me. I sold off a lot of things that just didnt do it for me anymore and spent that money refining the collection to pairs I cared more about. I had collected the whole artist series. I burned out on it and lost interested and sold nearly all (all but three each kept for a specific reason) right before the robert williams came out. I was really hesitant to do this becuase of the effort that went into getting some of them but I just was not that into them. In the process of selling them, I met a guy through ebay who was working on the art collection. I ended up selling him about half of the artist pairs and then helping him search down a few more that I had already sold. The highlight of my year oakley wise is the continued friendship I have made with him.

As far as purchases go here are some highlights for me

Romeo 1 Plasma/Fire NIB
5 Pairs of Mars
Gen 1 Plasma/Ice Juliet and Gen 1 Plasma/Fire Juliet
Gary Scelzi Romeo 2.0
Gearbox & Transfer Case

And my two highlights are
Aluminum C Six
and I finally got the minute machine I have been wanting for years.

As far as 2013 goes I do not want a lot right now. My purchases have been few and far between for the past 4 months of so. Some things I hope to pick up this year though are

Hollow point- Black Face
Minute Machine - Copper Face
Titanium Gearbox
A Second single wide to finish my case needs
a matte black pit boss

Dann Thombs
Jan 1, 2013 6:17 PM
2012 was a slow but good year. My main purchase was a new house, and up until a few weeks ago, I've been finishing off everything since it came as a blank slate and the builder was a hack, so I had to fix things too.

The year started out with just some apparel purchases. I hadn't bought anything in a while, but it was nice to have something. My wife somehow left with some Jupiter LX, and a Jury II watch though. That sparked some interest though, and I picked up the E Frame MX, which mimicked the original Oakley Goggle. I decided to also get the STPL Radar since I did need at least one radar and they weren't being scalped yet.

Went back to the vault and treated myself to some Fast Jackets, which have been the pair of the year for me. Did some member transations and got a Copper A Wire, and Eye Jacket 2.0, both which were on my list for a while. Then not too much until I got the Inifinite Hero Split Jacket and SI Boots, and now finally the Strip lens.

For 2013, I want to get a proper frame for the Strip, and also get the Multi Camo M Frame 3.0 and Ballistic Goggle 2.0. I hope to get some more vault visits in, but they're not neccesary. I think at this point, I'm collecting things I missed, but aren't immediate needs.

Oh yeah, I should maybe make a Black Iridium Zero 0.5 a priority. My rational sense just won't let me pay the amounts people think they're worth nowadays. Hmm, maybe a Zero 0.6.....oh man now I've started thinking again.
Dann Thombs
Jan 1, 2013 6:19 PM
Site-wise, I'll continue with updates and combing through the document archives. I really would like to make a better mobile version that isn't such a nightmare to use. Minimally allow for the PM system to work since that's broken for some unknown reason.

Also planning for some 2014 stuffs...10 years you know.
andrew h
Jan 2, 2013 12:34 AM
Only new to the site this past year so my resolution for 2014 is to get everything listed in my collection, write up a few reviews on things that haven#t been reviewed as yet and track down a pair of WisdoM Daucati goggles which will complete the the Ducati eyewear collection. Also the one or two watches needed to complete the male watch collection.
Dann Thombs
Jan 2, 2013 4:48 PM
That's always a good goal. I find reviewing my collection from time to time, keeps it fresh and renews the interest.
marcel rijsdijk
Jan 3, 2013 2:27 AM
my resolution is!! re catalog my whole collection, buy some old and new models am missing. and bob heads. since 2012 i have been plessed witth a double wide and more displays..

happy new year bro's
Jordan Heaney
Jan 10, 2013 7:16 AM
2012 was a good year for my collection, I added a TBII and Pit Boss and a big haul of 12 vintage/x-metal pieces while also getting a nice promotion.

2013: Keep getting the pieces that I absolutely want to add to my collection, and being more active on the forum
Francois C
Jan 10, 2013 11:50 AM
2012 : Still bought too much Oakley stuff, but mainly sport stuff.
2013 : Stop compulsive purchases. Start to sell a few items that are not essential to the collection.
Harry in Poland
Harry .
Jan 10, 2013 2:17 PM
2012: bought very few pairs, largely due to my storage/display case being completely full.
2013: try to get a real display case (although finding one of those here is about as likely as me finding a pair of brown Juliets at the local Sunglasses Hut). Possibly sell some glasses to make space for other things which I'd be more likely to wear.

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