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Dullisc -
Frame: Sleet
Lens: Black Iridium

The 0.4 lens is a bit bigger than I thought it would be but that is a good thing. The lens coverage is great with a great light fit. Leave them on for a few minutes and you can forget your even wearing them.
The design is more subdued and does not get as much attention as the the others can but you still get that nostalgic feeling when wearing them. A great pair to get into if you looking to start a collection of the Zero lineup as there seem to be plenty of 0.4 in good condition available
A worthy pickup for sure.
Winfried -
Just signed up today looking for parts for mine. Broke the left ear piece today taking 'em off after a bicycle ride. Really bummed - kept them pristine in metal Vault I bought back in "93 in Dallas. Going to superglue for now - after all, they ARE worn in the open position.

Have other Oakley's - these are my favorite for biking and roller blading though.

Still bummed, though. Love those glasses!
BriP -
Frame: Glitter Gulch
Lens: Gold Iridium

Light, full coverage, and unique. Vintage Unobtanium just seems more sticky than the newer stuff, and these dont budge on my head at all. The Gold lens increses contrast so is perfect for driving - even in mid to low lighting. Just managed to pick these up for a song at $90 in really great condition, and just puts a smile on my face. There's nothing like classic Zeros (0.1-0.6). I used to have 0.7's but the fit was just awkward and was too loose for me. 4 out of 5 for non-swappable lens, which means if you scratch it, they're done for. Probably te reason they're getting increasingly rare nowadays!
bearoak -
Lens: Black Irridium
I do miss these Zero's.Light weight great llok and feel exceptional clearaty in all areas of view. Loved em!!
flippj -
Frame: all
Lens: all
slightly bigger than expected, but still ultra light, good coverage and i love the gold iridium and cobalt/+red combos
Dwcfastrice -
Frame: GLitter
Lens: GOld

Picked this up off ebay recently. I always wanted to get a pair of these, but I was stuck on M Frames back in the day. These have a great, simple design. ONly downfall would be the non-swappable lens. Glitter Gulch frames remind of the old splatter M frames. Nice light weight and beautiful design
StealthWJ -
Frame: Sleet
Lens: Black

I miss these! This was my first set of oakleys, i had them for a year or so before they were damaged on a trail while MTBing, if it were not for them i would have lost an eye that day due to a low hanging branch. As stated, they were just the lightest glasses i have ever had. I would buy them again if i could find them.
Pat -
Frame: Sleet
Lens: Black Iridium

My very first pair.
I feel so damn old now. ;)
Great glasses, still have 'm, but don't use 'm anymore.
It was time to retire them even tho they are one of my faves. Simple design, easily identifiable as oakley.
I did have a little accident and sat on them and one of the ear stems came off, but I was able to fix that with a little superglue.
It still amazes me how light they are. Even some of the new ones don't come close.
I have to get me some new ones...
DoctorCrip -
Frame: Sleet
Lens: Black Iridium

I recently reacquired (for a very good price) my all-time favorite Oakley sunglasses - the Zero 0.4. I first had a pair of these back when I was a teenager, but due to the fact that I was a teenager, they got destroyed. However, with the help of a fellow Review member (thanks, Bill) along with a last second eBay bid, I finally have these beauties back in my possession - and they came in near-mint condition along with the original box, bag and papers. I couldn't be happier because these are one of Oakley's finest specimens of sheer genius and revolutionary design. In my opinion, of all the different Zero styles, these look the best - on and off the face. As others have mentioned, they are extremely light and comfortable, but they are also rather fragile. So if you are lucky enough to own a pair of these, be extremely careful with them - especially when cleaning the lenses.
Fezzik1071 -
Frame: Sleet/Cobalt
Lens: Black/+Red

Really cool and interesting pair of glasses, and my first pair of Zeros. Like everyone else has said, they are very light with great visibility. I feel like the "bug eye" look looks good on bigger guys (which I am). I ebayed mine, and the pictures on the auction were poor, but I got a good deal. Besides some loose earstems, they are in great shape. They feel a little fragile, so they haven't gotten much wear, but I am very happy with them.
xMetal280 -
Frame: Sleet
Lens: Black

These are the oldest glasses that I have from Oakley now. The main things that strike me about this model is extreme light weight and the unmistakable Oakley "bugeye" looks. The very soft nose piece makes these glasses very comfortable to wear. The lens is somewhat small, so coverage isn't the best. I don't wear these too often, but really have to pull them out to get my retro Oakley on.
erol -
Frame: Glitter Gulch
Lens: Gold Iridium

Bought a pair used back in -93. Used them for mtb:ing and put them in my pocket where they snapped right in the middle of the frame. Fast forward 12 years. I snap up a pair on eBay from banarno an relive this classic Oakley-design. Timeless styling and subdued colours, very lightweight and comfortable. A bit fragile but still usable as day-to-day eyewear.
Dann -
Frame: Sleet, Glitter Gulch
Lens: Black, Gold

Another one of the original greats. The modern version smoothed out the stems, but the original stayed similar to the 0.1-0.5's of the day. A nice light pair, that is sitting safe in my collection.
banarno -
Frame: Glitter Gulch
Lens: Gold Iridium

My First pair of Zeros and one of the first Oakleys to offer Gold Iridium.
All the Zero range have the trademark "zero weight" philosophy, and you can easily forget you are wearing them,or if you had them sitting perched on top of your head!
The Glitter Gulch design was pretty radical and cool when it was released, but still very wearable,with the Gold Iridium lens making everything brighter/sharper it was a winning combination.
Tick -
Frame: Glitter Gulch
Lens: Gold Iridium
Super lightweight, Great field of view, & sooo comfortable. At first I was turned off by these because the styling was so plain compared to earlier ones but now they're really starting to grow on me.
J-Mac -
Frame: Planet X-Blue/Sleet Black/Glitter Gulch
Lens: Red Iridium/Black Iridium/Gold Iridium

I had 3 pairs, loved them all. The Planet-X/Red Iridium got the most comments because they were pretty hard to find. I had them stored in an Oakley Vault case for safe keeping and took them out because a pair of Square Wires I had got stolen. Ended up leaving them in a rental car after returning it. When I called back an hour later, they said they hadn't seen them. SO mad!
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