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Vintage Oakley Sub Zero #1n Sunglasses

Frame: Carbon Fiber

Lens: Black Iridum

SKU: 05-001

1993 model

Truly a unique piece of eyewear, guaranteed to turn heads thanks to its futuristic design and out of this world lens shape and proportions.
moogy -
Frame: planet x
Lens: blue

I had an original pair of sub zeros, they were a bit too extrovert for me. then i bought the blue iridium...they are amazing!i used them for skiing, they are so light, they cut all the glare but lets you see all the detail. come off the sunny piste and go into a mountain restaurant and not realise you have them on.
my girlfriend wont let me wear them as they are "odd looking" so she dont come skiing any more! its her or my glasses!
get yourself a pair, you wont believe how brilliant they are :()
rich5150 -
Frame: #4 Planet X
Lens: Blue Iridum
These were my fisrt and only pair of sub's. I still have them at my mom's house somewhere. When I first saw them I thought those were the sikkest pair of sunglasses I had ever seen. My girlfriend (wife now) thought that they were to "flashy" and "weird" looking. I didn't care what she thought, I bought them and after a few weeks she loved them too!!! Classic
HACrider -
Frame:Faux Carbon Fiber (#1)
Lens:Black Iridium

I love the look of the Sub-zero! I have had so many people comment on them when I wear them out. Ohh 1992, where have you gone? Sure the rubber on the arms are starting to decay and the nose piece sits funny...but I do enjoy a piece of Oakley history! The best part of it all, my buddy pulled them out a junk drawer and said "here you go, thought you might want these"! P.S. watch out for the replicas out now!
SpeedyJ -
Frame: #3n
Lens: +red

This is were it all began...
This was my first,I think in 1994... I still remeber the day I bought them. I kept them beside my bed for weeks! Everynight before I went tot sleep I lookt at them and wished them goodnight with a big grinn on my face :)

I used them primarily for running. You would even feel you have them on...
The sweat has however influenced the unobtanium pieces in the end and the shades itself has tiny cracks...
I will always treasure this one for the memories.
(howecome the scale only goes up to 5, I still gieve them a 10)

Ian -
Frame: Carbon Fiber
Lens: Black Iridium

My buddy's dad had Sub Zeros. I think they were the #5s. I always used to think they were ugly, but secretly covet them, nonetheless. My buddy's dad died some years back, and I still secretly hope that they're lying around and that my buddy will find them and give them to me. Does that make me a bad person?
flippj -
love all the colours and the shapes. these were the first style i bought, now i have all the sub zeros and all the combos in the 0.6 range. ultra light, ultra crazy looking, but nothing else comes close for uniqueness!-thats oakley all over!
BiGCoB -
Frame: (#2N) Burn brush
Lens: Bronze (Iridium)

I don't like a lot the burn brush color/pattern. On the other hand, it perfectly match the lens color.

The Bronze Iridium lens is a little bit different than Gold Iridium I have on my Romeo 1. It's a little less brown and more ... bronze. Still a really beautiful Iridium.

Once again (see my other review), they are a true collector piece and I couldn't let them go.

Overall, a good 3 skulls for the design and old school touch, but two skulls retired for the bad vision coverage and the shortness of the stems.
BiGCoB -
Frame: (#3N) Planet X
Lens: +Red

I really wanted a sub zero to add to my collection. I found this one and decided that they were the one I needed.
When I received them, I was a little bit disappointed that the +Red is really light and is more blue than red. An other negative point is the shortness of the ear stems.
Finally, they are great as a collector piece, but no more for me.
Schulze -
Frame: 2n burn brush
Lens: Bronze

I love these for exercising far better than my M-frames. They allow the sweat to run down around my eyebrows instead of catching onto the frame and running down the lens into my vision.

Davemeister -
Frame: (#1n) Carbon Fiber
Lens: Black Iridium

These were my first pair of sunglasses, bought just after release in 1993. I've always had prescription glasses, but I wanted these Sub Zeros really bad so I got contacts. That didn't work too well for me, so I had to store the Subs away for over a decade. Finally got Lasik in 2006 and the first thing I did was bring out the Sub Zeros. They still looked great. Currently looking at Ti Polarized Whiskers as the eventual successor should anything happen to my Sub Zeros.
jumpman73 -
Frame: #2n Burn Brush
Lens: Bronze

Very nice and unique pair of Oakleys. The style and design screams Oakley. The fit is very comfortable. The frame really accomodates all different size and shapes of heads. The eye coverage is decent. In my peripheral view, I can see some uncovered parts but not much. The burn brush with the bronze lens is a nice combo.
OsmosisJones -
Frame: #5 Carbon Fiber
Lens: Black Iridium

So vintage and so Oakley. They look absolutely horrid on me, but on the display stand they are a must have.

So lightweight and so OUT THERE. Grab up these vintage zeros while you can. Theyre so much cooler in person.
Dann -
Frame: #3n Planet-X / #2n Burn Brush
Lens: +Red / Bronze

Slight variants of the standard #2 and 3, except the #2 changed to a colorway which would later be standard on the 0.4 and 0.5. The frosted area around the lens is minimal in this variant, and makes a nice collector's piece.
banarno -
Frame:#3n Planet X
These had slightly less frame around the lens than the #1,#2 and #3.
The #3n and #2n were being produced at the same time, but designed and produced with the military in mind.
erol -
Frame: #3 Planet X
Lens: + Red Iridium

Absolutely unique and a milestone for Oakley. The second i saw one i knew i had to have it. Optically superior on one hand and kinda fragile on the other, more akin to jewelery than sunglasses. The Red Iridium changes colour when viewed under the sun. Too short earstems when compared with the later 0.4. More of a casual wear-piece than for active sports, but all in all priceless. If you can find these now at a good price buy `em.

Vintage Oakley at it´s best.
banarno -
Frame:#2n Burn Brush
Lens: Bronze Iridium
These had slightly less frame around the lens than the #1,#2 and #3.
The #2n and #3n were being produced at the same time, but designed and produced with the military in mind.
splatter -
Frame: Carbon fiber
Lens: blue iridium

Really light and such a cool shape for a lens, they are like wearing nohing.
banarno -
Frame:#3 Planet X
Clone of the Sub Zero #1 and #2, only with Positive Red lenses,and Planet X temples and earstems.
banarno -
Frame:#2 Fingerprint
Lens: Black Iridium
Clone of the Sub Zero #1, only with Fingerprint temples and earstems.
american image -
Frame: various
Lens: various
see my personal collection for colordetails.
This model was when it came out a revolution in leightweight, protective, HDO eyewear. seriously different than anything else , i learned to appriciate it more and more as time went by.
today i think that this was one of oakleys cornerstone models
very very very overall good glasses, with unique designs within the model-range
Tick -
Frame: #3 Planet X
Lens: + Red Iridium
These are the first pair I ever bought & they started my sickness. So lightweight they're almost like wearing nothing. Some original Sub-Zeros had a problem with the frames falling off the lenses.
Tick -
Frame: Planet X N2T
Lens: Black Iridium
All I can say is WOW! It took a long time to find these (when I received these from another member it's actually the first time i've ever seen them in real life) But it was worth it. They're no different shapewise from the other Subs but they are unique in that they have parallel lines etched to define the orbitals rather than being frosted. They're very cool & in perfect condition to boot!
Dann -
Frame: Planet X (#3)
Lens: +Red

Again, one of the cooler older models. These look rather silly on me, but they look great for the collection. As weird as they fit, they stay on and you forget your're wearing them. Can't say that for the modern Zero's.
boulderingnorway -
Frame: Planet X
Lens: +Red Iridium

My first meeting with these glasses were in 94'. A older snowboard buddy of mine had them and I was sooo jealous. I was too young to afford them so I had to talk my parents into buying them to me... Unfortunately the shop only carried the 0.4 gold and the fxxxx salesman convinced my parents into buying those instead. I was pleased enough but not quite there. Years passed and other models were coming in... Now in 2005 I got my hands on the exact model I wanted back in the days... Absolutely great!!!

TomCAT -
Frame:#1 Carbon Fiber
Lens:Black Iridium

Coolest sunglasses ever made. First saw them used by the Motorola Cycling Team back in the early 90's. I never cycle or drive without them. The design just exudes speed. Oakley logo starting to wear out, but otherwise, holding up great for its age.
theJackal -
Frame: Planet X
Lens: +Red Iridium

I've had these for years now and much prefer them to my M-frames as they are so light. I had to return them after only a few weeks as they had developed a crack along the etching.

Oakley were great and replaced them straight away with a new pair in a few weeks, and... something that some people may not know is that they were also brought out with extended arms which was better than the original one, particularly for sport which i was using them for. By far the most comfortable sunnies I have owned.

Currently not worn often as I need a prescription now, but after sitting on my prescription glasses I'm enjoying these once again.
oogie -
Frame: Carbon Fiber
Lens: Black

A great style in its own right. Probably outdone over the years by the highly-desired 0.3, but the Sub Zero was the base for all the others to follow and brought some sweet design and extreme comfort to the forefront. A winer!
banarno -
Frame:#1 Carbon Fiber
Lens:Black Iridium

My First pair of Sub Zeros,these were so radical from anything else,with the one piece,2 lens frameless design.
The Sub Zeros started the trademark "zero weight" philosophy, and you can easily forget you are wearing them,or if you had them sitting perched on top of your head!
These were still designed for the sportsman,so not a massive hit,but still really put Oakley on the map.
Dann -
Frame: PlanetX (#4)
Lens: Blue Iridium

A nice pair form years past. Older than I've been collecting, but I'm glad to have finally gotten one of these. It's a very unique and crazy style, but I love it. The ear stems don't seem that long, and I'm afraid they'll fall off, so I don't plan to wear them much.

On a side note, the Blue Iridium seems different than the modern counterpart. The base seems to be the same as used in Fire. The coating seems the same though.
LEX7 -
Frame:#3 Planet X
Lens:+Red Iridium

These look even weirder than my Sub Zero 4's, which I didnt think was possible.
they still look pretty cool but definately not for wearing in public and the lens is extremely pale so not good for bright sun.
Great for the collection though.
njphil -
Frame: (#6) Finger Print
Lens: Blue Iridium

Got these back in like 97 or so. I liked the look reminded me of the M-frame but different. I have used them everyday for about 5 years or so (until i got Romeos). They still look almost as good as the day i bought them. The only thing is on the Oakley stretch logo on the side one little part of it has the color coming off. Otherwise these have held up great.
Nazgul -
Frame: (#1) Carbon Fiber
Lens: Black Iridium

I remember seeing this in a magazine in 1991/92 and for some strange reason i had sleepness nights dreaming of owning one..
I was drawn more to the cool and wierd design.
Weeks late, I manage to scrape up some $ and bought it.
I hardley ever wore it since it looked too wierd just walkin around town:)
Eventually i gave it to my friend who was a dancer cuz he looked so funky with the shades:)
Chris -
Frame: (#6) Finger Print
Lens: Blue Iridium

Got these way back in 1997. Great glasses once you get past the somewhat unconventional look. The eye coverage is great (not as big as the M-frame Heater, thankfully) and the glasses are about as light as the air. I had one of the earpieces come off of the lens about 3 years after I got them, but I superglues it back on. Even now in 2004 I still use them occasionally for softball and biking.
Andy Sparks -
Frame: (#2) Fingerprint
Lens: Black Iridium
Bought in Chamonix FR in 1992. They have 12 yr of skiing, biking running - and some sack time after I did get a bit self conscious with them. Started wearing them again recently. They have just suffered an attack of old age with the hinge element on the left leg collapsing. The lens element is still great. The grey colour lens is very good in high light conditions - and very nicely colour neutral
kingphilbert -
Frame: (#6) all

You need to pay attention on this style. The Sub Zero 6 was Planet X/+Red and had no Fangs on the ear stems. When Sub Zero went away it was replaced with 0.6 of the Zero family. It added fangs (like the 0.4 arms) with Oakley Stretch Logo and then just the "O" on it. Sub Zero had classic Oakley then Stretch Logo. The lens was slightly wider. It came in Blue and +Red to look like the Sub and the Clear, Persimmon and Gold were the 0.6 only. It did carry over N2T with the Sub lens, but I assume that was because it was so unique. There was a gold Sub eventually but the rounder lens. Still remained a great glass compared to the Sub Zero.
kingphilbert -
Frame: (#3) Planet X
Lens: +Red

Talk about running straight to the odd styles. A friend had got the #6 +Red and I liked the #3 with the frost on the lens. When I got it though (about a year after release) it was the #3N and had the outer lens rounded down creating a new lens. Awesome fit and the short ear stems (pre-fang) were great. A lot of flex in the lens. Welcome change from the M-Frame. Planet X was an awesome frame color compared to Fingerprint or Carbon. In one photo I have the Blue pair is shown with Crystal Blue Planet X and if you have held your regular Planet X up to a light it shines through a purple color (just weird facts).
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