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Flaiming -
Frame: Rust Oakley Text
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium & RX Black Iridium Polarized

I was itching to get a pair of nice sunglasses, beign tired of the added weight of clip-ons and wanting some protection from the sun.

The frame is a lot darker than what is shown on the website. Once you wear them, they are very dark with faint traces of reddish brown light shining through. The text is mostly invisible once on your head. I prefer this color much more to the Polished Rootbeer which is too brown for my tastes.

The optics are fantastic on both sets of lenses. The VR28 looks like it has better definition, but that might be the contact lenses vs RX lenses difference.

The polarizing effect on the RX Black Iridium is not all that bad. Being used to the effect that you get with good clip-ons, it is a lot more subtle.

The coverage is excellent I have a much larger field of view and no distortion (can be an issue with RX), it's almost if I was not wearing glasses at all. They hold very well on your head, even with lots of sweat.

Seeing the reviews here, I was afraid that the Black Iridium lens might have been too dark but I find it is just right for me. The shape is a lot more subdued than most Oakleys but still have an outstanding design. I like them a lot.
CrazyALee -
Smaller sibling of the monster dogs, these have a more "streamlined" look, yet it still has a organic look to them. I would say design-wise they are in mix between gascan and monster dogs. If X-metal juliets existed in an O-matter form, I'd say these come close demsnion-wise (lens size very similar).

These frames are very under-rated frames IMO. They have a good wrap, are lightweight, and have that oakley touch to them. I have the matte black frames and switch between ruby iridium and grey lenses. They feel like straight jackets minus the unobtanium nose and earstems.

Wish oakley still made these. I wanted sport wrap sunnies without the unobtanium (Already have M frames and radars, and I know those are rimless-bottom frames)....but while I was deciding between flak jackets and the new straight jacket, I did not like having to repalce unobtanium over time, so I wanted sport sunnies without them. These fit what I wanted!
billjohnson11 -
Frame: Rust
Lens: Dark Grey

fits well in my face, but I'm wondering is there a release that has a rust frame with dark grey lens?
billjohnson11 -
Frame: Rust
Lens: Dark Grey

fits well in my face, but I'm wondering is there a release that has a rust frame with dark grey lens?
Jon -
Frame: Rust Oakley Text
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

I bought these because I thought they would fit the Asian Profile, and I was in love with how the frame looked. Well, they were decent but not perfect, so I altered them a little to fit my face perfectly. The frame is very unique. I've never seen anything like it before. The Vr28 is still an all time favorite.

Now here is where I became a little picky. I think that I have a small-medium sized head and these were still actually a little large on my face. To put this in perspective, the Straight Jackets cover my eyebrows and meets the bottom of my cheek level. Overall though, the frame is very comfortable and light weight. I love the clear brown frames (I own a Root Beer pair of Flak Jackets and a Brown Smoke pair of Canteens. The Canteens are actually pretty similar to these in the front. They are aggressive and edgy, but not over the top.
They are great, but for those with a smaller nose, I would recommend trying them on. I wasn't able to...

Jasons75 -
Frame: matte black
Lens: Black iridium
very nice fit and design.
Pure275 -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Grey Polarized & Non-Polarized

The SI line of this model has been discontinued, Oakley is no longer making them...
Frame: Brown smoke/rust text/polished black/matte black
Lens: Tungsten iridium polarized/vr28 black iridium/black iridium polarized/grey polarized

Normally,I wouldn't buy anything with the new squared mentality that oakley has produced.You see,I'm the oakley old fashioned type of collector.I'd rather wear over the tops all the time,than even take a glance at newer models such as the Hijinx,even though every now and then I find myself flirting with the gascans intensively.However,when it comes to the monster pups,I just can say no.Not only because they are the descendants of the monster dog,but because there has never been any other implementation of the squarish style,that is so succesful.They are so,but so agressive.The rest of the square,especially frogskins line,are usually designs that are gentle and smooth,with the exception of the canteen of course.Nice smooth elegant lines,which after a few hours you remember pretty much nothing I say.But these ones,noooooooooooooo!!!!!While the earstems follow the monster dog hammerfang-rounder I should say-,pattern,the orbitals are as square,steep and agreesive as it can be.The nice line of exceeding edges under the lenses,which we find in xx,mag switch,valve etc,is always present,and the orbitals have so much sculpture on them,that even the pit boss,is relative poor in that field compared.
On the fit side,they hold onto the head like crazy,and having the monster dogs as well,I couldn't believe that there is a pair tighter that those,and the dual cam hinges work very well.You see,they've got everything on that issue.One can't believe that this is a lower budget pair of sunglasses.The coverage is unbelievable considering that they are supposed to be a downsized edition of the MD.I may not like the new designs,but I have to admit that their coverage is superior though.As for the colorways,they've got all the classic colours and lenses.One pair that I would like to point out though,is the rust/oakley text.Since I've got the rust edition of the MD,I think that the oakley text is making the frame a lot better.You see the rust color is somewhat mild,considering that the pups have,less than the monster dog,but still enough curves,and just a plain rust color would make them lose their edge.And of course the brown smoke frame is impressive and exotic,although it shines very bright,and sometimes this fact may be bothering.The pups are just great,and no matter how much I miss a new fmj model,these ones were really successful.
O4life -
Frame:brown sugar
Lens: bronze
the color combo wasnt my first choice when I bought them, but now im very happy this is the color I ended up with in the sun it sparkles in a really cool glow, I know thats not cool to say considering im a guy, but its not a girly sparkle.
Ian -
Frame: Matte
Lens: Gold Clear/Pink Iridium

I bought this frame just for the custom lens choices.

The first time I saw this frame, I thought it was a fake. It looks like a Gascan S with the arms of a Monster Dog. Either way, the fit is nice, even with a big head. I may have to get another couple of pairs, just because.
Dwcfastrice -
Frame: matte Black
Lens: Grey

I've never been a big fan of the Monster Dog or the Monster pup. I picked these up on a whim and I'm glad I did. They're super light and have great coverage. I'd like to have unobtanium, but this sit well, none the less.

This is the first grey lens I've worn in a while, and I'm quite impressed. Mid-day winter sun was not an issue.
B3 -
Frame: Rust
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

I really like the Monster Pup as a no-nonsense pair. If I want to wear something with aggressive lines but isn't going to draw much attention, I feel these fit the bill. They are a smaller and more boxed version of the Monster Dog. I have a smaller profile and the fit on these is nearly perfect. I get a slight pinching behind my ears after several hours of wear though.

The VR28 Black Iridium is a great all around lens and the text styling on the frame is a subtle design element that could easily go unnoticed, or start up a conversation.
Dann -
Frame: Rust
Lens: VR28 Black

When these came out, the Monster Dog was not looked on as the larger beast it once was. However smaller versions of common models were becoming popular. The fit is a bit tighter, and coverage is not as full. They are still comfortable, but some additional color choices would have been nice.
Frame: Matte
Lens: Grey, Ruby

You know, I hadn't pulled this pair out in a while, but I have to say that this may be one of my most underrated pairs. I forgot just how good these fit and look on my face. Sure, I'll wear the occasional Gascan or Monster Dog like everyone else, but the Pup is a nice alternative for those of us who don't have huge faces. The lines are smooth, they're a little more "edgy" looking than the MD, and hardly anyone seems to be wearing them. If you have issues with Gascan or Monster Dog looking stupid on you because you have a bit of a smaller face, these may be your pair. Highly functional, highly recommended.
nalong86 -
Frame: matte black
Lens: emerald iridium

really liking this pair a lot. The pups are slightly smaller than the monster dogs but still have the awesome style that is distinctive to the dogs. The smaller frame size fits my medium size head far more comfortably than the monster dog does. They are very comfortable and lightweight. Great pair to wear for long periods of time.
Matt SG -
Frame: Rust Text
Lens: VR28® Black Iridium®

I'm giving my second review of the Monster Pup cos I got a new one (I sold away the previous). I got this for the lenses. The rust text frame matches the VR28 BI lenses perfectly. My eyes are definitely less visible through these lenses than the previous pair with bronze. I wish the icons were of a brighter metal shade though, instead of gunmetal, as they blend in too well with the rust text frame and no one really knows you're wearing an Oakley. A great lightweight frame with a look that's flexible enough for use with almost any attire (except maybe a big suit).

On a side note, I noticed a bit of difference between this and my previous pair of Monster Pups. The previous pair (Pol Rootbeer/Bronze) had the word 'sample' etched into the inside of the left earstem (bought them online, they were authentic though). Not sure if Oakley changed the dimensions along the way by Oakley but I felt the first was more aggressive, and angular, at the lens area; with this version, the hard edges have been softened a little. I prefer the more aggressive hard edges, please, Oakley.
Pander -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Pink Iridium

When the Monster Dog was first released. I really liked the look and feel of the frame. Too bad those were way too big for my head.
Thankfully there came the Monster Pup!
It's a good lightweight frame with a little bit of attitude. The Matte Black makes gives it a stealth look and, because it was possible with OCE, you have to go with Pink Iridium. It just looks so cool! The matte finish of the frame makes the pink lenses pop out of their orbitals!
nalong86 -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Emerald

i love these glasses. For those of you that feel like monster dogs are a little large, the pup is a perfect fit. For me, the dogs would fit me fine, but i feel a little bit goofy wearing them. The pups are very comfortable and it is easy to forget that you are even wearing them. The emerald lens looks awesome in the matte black frame
Matt SG -
Frame: polished rootbeer
Lens: Bronze

Hands down, I give the monster pups a 5 star rating. Fits Asian faces well, very snugly, no need for an Asian fit version. A pair of wraparounds that provide the tightest fit, without being uncomfortable, and just what I need in a pair of sunglasses. It's good for small to medium faces.

The bronze lenses are a tad see-through for me. If mine were a white, with gold icons with blue iridium lenses... it would be perfect....
banarno -
Frame: Rust Oakley Text
Lens: VR28 Black Iridium

Lovely style frame that fits virtually all face types, and a nice substitution if you feel that the Monster Dog design is just too big for your face structure.
It would be nice to finally see some more lens choices in the lineup though.
BullyVW -
Frame: Rust/Text
Lens: Ruby Iridium

I never thought twice about these, thinking they were basically a Monster Dog "S". I was so wrong. These remind me of a great combo of Monster Dogs and Canteens. The lenses, as all fanatics know, are spectacular. While marked as red, they appear blue to look through, and from the outside reflect anything in site.

The frames are translucent, but not as see through as the brown smoke frames. The weight and fit are near perfect. The coverage is excellent...and I highly recommend these as an addition to anyone's collection.
Ed -
Frame: Polished Black
Lens: G30

The love child of a Monster Dog and a Fat Cat, at least in my humble opinion. Scale down the MD just a bit and square off the lenses like FC, and you get Monster Pup. The lenses offer great coverage and the frame, like most O-Matter, is very lightweight. The small-ish icons on the earstems are quite understated compared to the huge ones on MD. It is nice to see Oakley offering more scaled-down versions of popular frames to fit the smaller-faced among us.
cancerman -
Frame: Olive Tortoise
Lens: Dark Grey
I was skeptical about getting the larger glasses, especially since I don't have a very broad face. I was surprised at how well they fit me, though. The green is subtle (much more than the file pictures), but I actually prefer the darker tone of the real product. The lens are nothing special (for Oakley anyway), but still provide crystal clear vision. My only complaint would be that they do allow light to creep in under the bottom of the frames, but overall an enjoyalbe product.
Polymerhead -
Frame: Olive TortShell
Lens: Dark Gray

A fairly large frame, even though it's smaller than the Monster Dogs. I live in a town of 100,000, and the Sunglass Hut is the only place to get Oakleys and they still don't have the Pups, so I had to order online. My only complaint is that the green frame is not very well represented on the website. It's darker than shown online, and the mottled pattern really doesn't show up unless they're off your face and there is a light source behind them. Still, the fit is great, and they don't completely dominate my thin face. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably buy the Five 3.0s in green, but these are still great and very unique.
TSIcon8 -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Grey

I like these a lot. The fit is really comfortable and it's a nice alternative to the Monster Dogs. I like how it's more square than the Dog's, it's kind of nice to mix it up here and there.
Ofan -
Frame: Matte Black
Lens: Grey
I didn't think I was going to like this as much as I did when I tried them on, WOW, it looks great. I wasn't a big fan of the Monster Dogs(They look good as long as I'm not wearing them), but this is one awesome design. I love that it's smaller frame fits really good on my face, it actually hugs around perfectly that there's ZERO light coming in on the sides. It's very light weight, and has a great aggressive look. Needless to say I bought it.
ksgemini -
Frame:Monster Pup Polished Black, Brown Smoke, Polished Rootbeer, Matte Black, Rust Text
Lens: Black Iridium Polarized, Tungsten Iridium Polarized, Bronze, Grey, VR 28 Black Iridium

These are my favorites of all time. Not only for the look but for the fit which is perfect for me...The narrow nose bridge actually helps me where other styles(MD, etc) tend to slip. I rarely write reviews but I recommend these highly and...functionally- I might add, not a drop of sun gets in when I wear them. Loved the Canteens but these are even better (for me,anyway).
Frame: Olive tortoise
Lens: Grey Iridium
I am a huge Monster Dog fan..... These to me are pretty close to just as comfortable..... I kind of like the bigger sunglasses but these fit sooooo nice.. no gaps around the frame/lens... love em!! looking forward to gettin a couple more colors...
EnergyShiftX -
Frame: Rust Oakley Text
Lens: VR28 Blk Irid.

Finally tried al the monster pups on a week ago. They are very similar to the Gascan S, The are a little more squared than the original monster dogs. They fit pretty good. The colors are very nice expecially the Rust Oakley Text frame (very cool). My only drawback is that they once again put the grey lens in the matte black frame, when they shold really put a black iridium lens in it.
kingphilbert -
Frame: Olive Tort
Lens: Dark Grey

A little bit of old. A little bit of new. All fantastic. I was skeptical at first not just wanting an identical scaled down MD, but also not wanting a completely restyled MD. Oakley found the perfect plane for existance in combining the best and most aggressive elements of the MD and the sleekest, smoothest parts of the "Gascan" style taking the MD into the next generation of Oakley styling. The fit is great and coverage reamians top notch. All in all the style is only fractions smaller making a compact force to be reckonded with.
Alexssandro -
My most prized pair is my two ktoishhiswid? Hijinx because of their rarity. However, I am a very big fan of the Oil Rig and love my custom Oil Rigs, I have ten of them. I also am a big fan of my new Eyepatch with violet iridium lenses. It's really hard to say !. The new Jupiter Camo Fuel cell is also awesome LOL!
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